Spoilers for the following animes:

Annie (Shingeki No Kyojin)
Death Gun (SAO II)
Jason (Tokyo Ghoul)
Noumi/Dusk Taker (Accel World)
Kamui (Psycho Pass II)

The blonde, its always the blonde...

5.Annie Leonhardt
From: Shingeki No Kyojin

Almost everybody knows who she is. Today taking 5th place on our villains list is Annie from "Shingeki No Kyojin", or as everybody likes to call her in her alternate form, the Female Titan.

Its quite hard to see this one coming (as it is for most of the human disguised titans in the series), because there was almost no indication that Annie was a titan. You would have never seen it coming, and it would have been one hell of a surprise if her titan form didn't resemble her so much. If you saw her in her titan form and saw how she treated Armin, the jig was up, that's Annie alright. She was already quite the young woman as a trainee, possessing great athletic prowess and skill, but as a titan, she cranks it up big time.

As a special titan, she knows all of her weaknesses. She covers the nape of her neck at all times, and incorporates a lot of unique techniques to take down the pesky soldiers and their 3D maneuver gears, such as flinging them around from their wires or jumping on top of them. She can even embed her limbs with hard crystal, making her defense almost impenetrable. Also, since she can incorporate her fighting style as when she was a human, she has the upper hand in a titan battle...unless you're Eren and doesn't give a f**k. Since her transformation in the inner walls, she's caused enough havoc to inflict massive wreckage upon the city, and also instilling fear in the people, that there are now more titans hiding within the walls.

Darth Vader lookalikes are always awesome.

4. Death Gun
From: Sword Art Online II

Another guy that most anime people would know. 4th place today on our list is Death Gun from the oh-so-popular "Sword Art Online II". Who would've known?

Death Gun nails it down hard in the looks department. This asshole looks so badass that you can't help but ask yourself, "When is this guy showing up again?". From the moment he was revealed, I kept wanting to see more of him, get to know him and find out what he's up to. Death Gun goes around GGO shooting people with an in-game pistol, and the owner of that avatar who was shot, DIES in real life. Now that's some crazy shit right there. How does he do it, why does it do it? Well, the mystery behind Death Gun is an interesting and intriguing one.

Death Gun was an SAO survivor, not only that, he was part of the Laughing Coffin guild, making him a killer. Apparently he's in GGO to relive his days of killing people. Death Gun's tactic involves him shooting someone in game, then having an accomplice in real life ending the life of the player whose avatar was just shot in game. This requires a lot of team work between the 2 criminals, and its only natural that behind Death Gun is a pair of brothers. He's also got a ton of really powerful items in game, making him a menace to take down, even for an experienced MMO player like Kirito.

Jason? Jason indeed.

3. Jason
From: Tokyo Ghoul

10000, 9993, 9986, 9979, 9972...oh right. Taking 3rd place today on our villains list is Jason from "Tokyo Ghoul". This big guy is one hell of a screwed up mother f**ker, nobody can convince me otherwise.

Jason used to be a prisoner that was tortured to hell by his prison warden. Back then, this struck so much fear into him that it completely broke his mind and turned him into one of the most psychopathic murderers, EVER. To make things worst, yeah...he's a ghoul, so that just makes things so much more interesting. He is well known to torture his victims endlessly, making them cry out in pain and using his signature torture technique that he adapted from his previous prison warden. He would continuously hurt them, and have them count down 7 with each count. Poor Kaneki...who knows how many toes he lost?

Jason wants nothing but utterly f**king shit up. His combat prowess are top notch, as an S class wanted ghoul, it was almost impossible to take him down. With a Kagune so powerful that it makes doves look like pussies, he can crush almost anything. Along with his warped personality, most of his victims loose their will before they even decide to fight him. His full blown Kagune covers him in a black armor, though he lost to an awakened Kaneki, he still left enough of an impression as the crazed, berserker mad man.

THE Gargoyle man.

2. Noumi/Dusk Taker
From: Accel World

2nd place today on our list goes to Noumi, aka the owner of the Dusk Taker avatar. In the world of burst linking where assholes exist everywhere, how does Noumi stack up against the rest?

For one, Noumi is one of the few that uses Brain Burst as a means to climb up the social standings in the real world. In other words, he was just like Takumi. He's a top scorer in exams, he's good looking, and to top it off, he is a god at kendo. Some might just brush him off as a hard working person...until he appears out of nowhere, trashes the hell out of Haruyuki, defeats him in-game, TAKES his wings, which were such an important part of his avatar, and then proceeds to blackmail him in real life. For his entire school life, Haruyuki would be feeding Noumi his burst points, and he even puts Chifuyu in a bind as well by threatening her, going even as far as to using sexuality in real life.

Oh no, this f**king kid isn't quite done yet. Despite all of this, Haruyuki could not do a damn thing for himself OR Chifuyu BECAUSE of the blackmail. In game, the famous silver crow became nothing more of a shell of his former self without his wings. It took the combined efforts of Haruyuki, Chifuyu, Takumi AND Kuroyukihime to finally put an end to Noumi's scheme, as they do battle with the sudden death rule, the loser will lose all of their burst points. Struggling to the end to keep Brain Burst, Noumi is finished off by Haruyuki, but he sure put up a hell of a fight, and made Haruyuki go on a long, self searching journey to constantly improve himself.

What color? 

1. Kamui Kirito
From: Psycho Pass II

Thumbs up for one of the nicest looking villains of all time. Kamui Kirito from "Psycho Pass II" is the holder for number one today in our list. Don't lump him together with SAO's Kirito, because this guy is leagues ahead.

He may be a nice guy, but you know what they say, the nicest guy might turn out to be the most f**ked up guy underneath his fake appearance. Like Makishima before him, Kamui's purpose for rebelling against the likes of the Sibyl system is to reform it. He feels like Sibyl is a flawed system, and wants to change it. Apparently, everyone he speaks to becomes "enlightened", and they'll be free from the clutches of the dominator Psycho Pass scan. Their hue will be clear as day, even if they commit murder in broad daylight. As long as you've spoken to Kamui, your hue is never clouded, no matter what screwed up nonsense you do, it won't affect you.

It hurts even more that Kamui himself is NOT EVEN RECOGNIZED by Sibyl, that's right, he cannot be scanned by the dominator. While Makishima could be scanned by the dominator (though his psycho pass value is always low as hell), Kamui was not even in the Sibyl's database. He goes around, enlightening a bunch of inidviduals, hoping that they would cause enough trouble, which to him means "cleansing the Sibyl system". Seriously, the question that he poses to the team all the time really raises some morality issues. "WC?". Indeed, what color?