Opening Songs
OP 1 - Koko (Pan Tamura)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Shissou Ginga (TEPPAN)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 10

So, "Kyousogiga" was something that I put off for a LONG time. I knew that it looked like an interesting show from the various short ONA episodes that I've seen god knows how long ago, but I left the full TV series on the sides for way too long. Fortunately, even after seeing it in 2015, I think that "Kyousogiga" maintains its high standards. A brilliant visual/animation style immediately keeps you hooked, and a fantastic setting just serves to further enhance the experience even further. There's quite a lot to like in "Kyousogiga", no matter what kind of person you are, its just one of those shows that can appeal to the general audience. Then again, while the series is one of the stronger ones that I've seen, its also one of the most confusing things that an anime could ever hope for. I like it, and I think many people will, but understanding it completely is a completely different matter. If you just want to watch something for the sake of watching it, "Kyousogiga" is a great choice. If you want a full breakdown after, you'll need some researching. Nonetheless, this is one for the books.

Happy, happy family

I never expected the songs in "Kyousogiga" to be any good, but I'm proven wrong yet again. "Koko" is the opening theme, and while I usually do detest cute-sy opening themes...this one really isn't. It reminded me of "Synchromanica", "Galilei Donna"'s opening theme, which I really liked, and "Koko" gives off a feel of transience and tranquility...its a cool song. The ending theme however, "Shissou Ginga" by TEPPAN, is a completely different feeling overall. Its rock-ish theme just sets it up to be one hell of a badass song, and for an ending theme, that says alot. Reminds me of old "Grandrodeo" songs.

Rating: 8.0/10

"Kyousogiga" is one of those shows that'll get you right from the start. Its charming, its different, and its certainly interesting. However, as interesting, weird, or as cool as things get, "Kyousogiga" remains confusing for a good part of the show. That's one thing that always got me. The series never did explain things in order, nor did it explain the lore behind most of the things in the show. There's A LOT to digest in "Kyousogiga" and honestly, it might not be for everyone, but lore aside, there is a lot to offer here. The animation and visual style is honestly one of the best things that the show has to offer, even as a 2013 anime, it looks very stylish, with its vibrant color palettes and varied character designs. The action scenes (no matter how scarce they are) are pretty good, and character interaction is pretty awesome, Koto is a pretty likable protagonist, and so are a majority of the characters in this one. The world and lore behind "Kyousogiga" is a pretty interesting one, though there isn't a lot of effort put into fully explaining everything efficiently. Still, a fair share of the anime's screen time is split into explaining the various different characters, making sure everyone gets a turn. That's always good.

Koto just doesn't give enough f**ks to care.

There once existed a high priest in a distant shrine secluded in the mountains. He was powerful, and because of his unique gift, he was shunned by the other priests. He had an amazing ability to make everything that he drew, come to life. He had been experimenting with this ability, he had created all sorts of things with his paintings. One of his paintings though, a black rabbit named Koto, started to grew to like the high priest. Alas, she was but a rabbit that came out of a painting, her love would go unrequited...would it? A god gave Koto her form and she materialized into a human female. Koto then lived with the high priest, madly in love with him. Together they started a family. They had a male son named Myoue, and to make sure that he wasn't lonely, the priest created a pair of siblings for him. Kurama, a smarter elder brother, and Yase, a demonic elder sister. Together the family lived a life of happiness and peace. until the order decided to banish the high priest from the world. The high priest had a secret weapon though, a world that he created in paintings, called the mirror capital of Kyoto. Him, Koto, Myoue, Kurama and Yase made for the painted world, where they reigned supreme as the leaders. However, one day, the high priest and Koto just upped and disappeared, leaving the 3 children behind. Many years later, the 3 grown up siblings grew to become the 3 heads of Kyoto, still awaiting for their parents to return. Someone did come into Kyoto though, a young girl wielding a massive hammer and two familiars. She introduced herself as Koto, much to the surprise of the 3 siblings.

"Kyousogiga" is a show that constantly showers its viewers with surprises. Its a unique anime with a nice sense of style, wonderful world and varied characters. Its only 10 episodes long, which is a shame. Compared to the small ONA episodes before, this comprehensive series does the franchise a good job, so I can't really complain.