Opening Songs
OP 1 - Kenzen Robo Daimidaler (Endoh-Kai)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Suki Suki//Links (Ayaka Ohashi, Ibuki Kido, Azusa Tadokoro)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Okay before anyone blows me to bits I'll admit it: I watched this one because it looked...pretty damn kinky. I mean come on, it looked like a mix of mecha and the erotica elements in "High School DxD"! And it has penguins. On paper, "Daimidaler" sounds like an absolutely ridiculous show. Hi-ERO particles? Generating energy via erotic interactions involving the pilot? Fondling BOOBS for power? Yeah, this is pretty damn insane, and that's what it SHOULD be for you. Go into "Daimidaler" knowing that its pretty much a fan service anime that's blown out of proportion, if that's not for you, then walk away, because honestly, "Daimidaler" provides little more than just that. If you want the fan service, I'll admit, it IS QUITE GOOD, but then again, THAT'S ALMOST ALL YOU'RE IN FOR! Story? Comedy? Mecha Action? They're all in there, but they are easily overshadowed and you can easily tell that these are just excuses for them to show some TITTIES. So yeah, that's about it, anybody still here? No? Yes? Anyway, let's just get on with it.

Yoko Hikasa has it rough...either that or she enjoys making
sexy moaning noises on sexy girls

The opening theme is "Kenzen Robo Daimidaler" by Endoh-Kai, which is, not surprisingly, the name of the anime itself. Its a very shounen esque song that sounds really powerful and has a lot of impact, honestly, it fits the anime but the lyrics are too god damn ridiculous for my tastes. The ending theme is "Suki Suki//Links" by the seiyuus of the 3 "professors" in the anime. Once again, not much to see here, typical attempt to make a cutesy/catchy song. Might appeal to some, but not to me unfortunately.

Rating: 7.0/10

Honestly, not many people like it because its morally quite stupid, but in my opinion, its one of those shows that's "So bad its good". Really, I'm serious. "Daimidaler" is actually BETTER than many shows I've watched before...those I can easily condemn, but "Daimidaler"...I guess it DOES have its charms. For one: the fan service, I think that its good. I do enjoy my softcore hentais like "High School DxD" and the uncensored gems like "Hyakka Ryouran" or "Hagure Yusha", you can't stop me, that's just the kind of guy I am. The fan service is the highlight of this anime, let's all be serious here. The story is ridiculous. Its not horrendous, its just so bad to the point that its kind of good. Its the kind of thing that's hard to take seriously. The mecha battles..they're not horrendous, they're just, once again, kind of ridiculous. Notice the theme here? Everything's bat shit insane here, and all you get is fan service in every, single episode. At least we have variety in characters, not just the boob grabbing Mandanbachi.

Yes, listen to the girl broadcasting her panties to the world!

Koichi is a high school senior student that hates to follow the rules. He ruins the school dress code and all he cares about is doing pervertic things to satisfy his youthful urges. He picks on everyone, his female school mates, and even his hot teacher. As for everything else, he just doesn't give much f**ks. One day, he is approached by a SEXY lady known as Sonan Kyoko, who mentions that he has an adept gift for producing Hi-Ero particles, something required to save the world from...human penguins with their fabulous dic-no, their fabulous front tails. Not buying it initially, they are attacked by these penguins, and after Koichi gropes Kyoko, he gains a surge in power and defeats the penguins. Later, the odds are stacked against them as a giant penguin robot attacks the town. Kyoko calls upon Daimidaler, a robot made to combat the horrors of the penguin empire, and Koichi pilots it. Knowing that he cannot do so without Hi-Ero particles, he does the only thing he knows to generate them:grope the living shit out of Kyoko. And thus he is accepted into the secret organization charged with the duty to do battle against the penguins, with Kyoko by his side as a "catalyst" to instill his urges upon.

"Daimidaler" starts off pretty damn ridiculous and ends off on quite a good note. It has a variety of different characters that end up thriving over the same thing, and honestly, if you're not the overly serious kind of person, you might be able to stand "Daimidaler". Seriously, if you don't go into this one not knowing what you're going to expect, then don't watch it in the first place. For a fan service show, "Daimidaler" is decent, and that's that.