Saturday, 7 February 2015

Top 5 Badass Villains (Anime) 07/02/2015

Spoilers for the following games:

Metal gear rising revengance
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Child Of Light
Shovel Knight 

Another day, another badass general.

5. Dahau
From: Valkyria Chronicles 3

So for 5th place on or list today is Dahau, the hardy Darcsen commander from the Calamity Raven squad in "Valkyria Chronicles 3". Let's see how he stacks up against the odds.

Dahau is what we like to call a "good" villain. What he does is not necessarily the most evil thing in the world, but its just that the way he goes around doing it isn't quite right. Because of his Darcsen heritage, he is commonly being targeted by others as an object for prejudice action, especially since he was in the imperial territory. After witnessing all sorts of f**ked up shit in his life and losing the love of his life, his wife, he began to think for the future. From that point on, his goal was to create an independent Darcsen nation, one where Darcsens can live in and maintain their rights as human beings.

Its because Dahau's purpose is so right that you feel for him. I mean, come on, the man just wants Darcsens to live properly as humans without being the object of constant persecution by the other people. Every time you fight him, you just know that its an inevitable clash of wills. He needs his nation, and Kurt needs to fight to survive. And he isn't a douche about it, he fights fair and square without using underhanded strategies. His will to live and fight is so strong that in the last level, you CANNOT kill him, AT ALL. He thinks for his comrades, he weeps for them, he thinks about his enemies as well. He respects Kurt as a fellow commander in a difficult situation, and chooses to fight to the death, instead of fleeing or begging for his life like a coward. Dahau, is a true commander, a great antagonist, and is most definitely, a badass that should not be taken lightly.

Malificent 2.0

4.The Enchantress
From: Shovel Knight

And for 4th place for today's list we have Malifi-no wait, its The Enchantress from "Shovel Knight". Who is this again? Well, really, she blew my socks off when she made her first appearence.

In "Shovel Knight", you're trying to rescue the love of your life for the entire game, Shield Knight. You're under the impression for the entire game that your enemy is The Enchantress, who commands the Knights Of No Order, and impede on your progress towards the tower of Fate, where Shield Knight is presumably being held at. You spend the whole damn game fighting the Knights Of No Order, thinking that you're about the rescue Shield Knight at the end. All for her, right?! Well, not really. You're even given hints that your journey was for naught, by many other characters, like Black Knight and Polar Knight.

Well, too bad, in the end, it turns out that the freaking Enchantress IS Shield Knight. WHAT THE FUQ?! Talk about a huge slap to the face. This hit me harder than any other part in the game. As if it wasn't bad enough, she rubs it into your face that she has no intention of doing anything good to you, and just proceeds to kill you! Apparently, The Enchantress was the Shield Knight AFTER she had been possessed by the evil that had been inhabiting the tower. After a hard fought battle, she returns to normal, and assists you in fighting the "True" Enchantress. A true mindf**k indeed.

Don't fall for the innocent look.

From: Child Of Light

For number 3 on our list we've got Norah from "Child Of Light", Aurora's bitch sister that probably deserves to die 10 times worse than how she did.

If you've played the game, then I can just stop right here. This bitch probably just cheated my (and probably almost everyone who played this game) feelings, making me feel like a naive little f**k. I gave her dust enhancements like I did everyone else, I gave her BRILLIANT level jewels. After acting so nice to Aurora, after putting up that nice big sister front, she managed to fool her and EVERYONE else, pushing Aurora to go back to her own world, straying her away from everyone else. When they finally made it back, she revealed herself to be Nox, one of the Umbra sisters and ultimately one of the big baddies in the game. Oh boy.

So the time you spent with her was all for naught. No big deal. So she turned from one of the most trustworthy characters in the game into a complete villain bitch who wants to kill your ass. No big deal! You kill her sister Cordelia, then you go back into the mirror world to find the sun, which happens to be under the sea....and there, you find Norah, or rather, Nox, again. Here, she reveals her true form, a dragon known as the Kraken, flaying her wheely tentacles around. Then you kill her, and she's gone for good, without any other comeback from us. I mean, I wanted to strangle the living f**k out of her! For a dreadful beauty that turned into a beast, she got an end that was TOO nice for her, IMO.

Let's f**king dance!

2.Jetstream Sam
From: Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance

Number 2 for today's list goes to Jetstream Sam from "Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance". I mean, come on, you all saw this one coming.

Sam is just a sexy, mexican, cyborg bastard. Right as the game starts he faces off against Raiden in a clash of wills. Raiden trying to protect the Prime Minister, Sam trying to kill him. Of course, Raiden is defeated by Sam, and the Prime Minister is killed. His defeat did not come off as a small one, as Sam sliced off Raiden's arm and took one of his eyes. Before landing the killing blow, Raiden is saved as his PMC comes to the rescue, and Sam retreats with a smile on his face, knowing that he dealt a massive blow to Raiden's pride and ego.

Being the one who ushered his first defeat, Raiden takes note of Sam as his biggest threat. After going through everything in the game, Sam constantly pelts at Raiden, saying how he still has a long way to go. Still, even on different sides, Sam RESPECTS Raiden, and is a very likable character when compared to the rest of the Desparado members. He fights fair, he isn't a complete douche bag in terms of personality, and he wants nothing but a good, old fashioned fight. He faces off against Raiden one last time as he goes to stop the Senator, and valiantly goes down, as Wolf watches the 2 people that he respect the most fight to the death.

The queen of despair!

1.Junko Enoshima
From: Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc

The top villain for today is going to be none other than the erotic and utterly insane Junko Enoshima, from "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc". There is no question, this girl is crazy and I love her, I'm sure many of you do as well.

Junko's emergence as a villain comes SO unexpectedly, especially in a mystery/problem solving game where her "existence" was removed so early on, as she was the first one to "die". You would NEVER expect her to come back, I mean, she was dead, right?! Nope, after a massive series of mind f**king events, the crew managed to uncover the mystery of the unknown 16th student, Ikusaba Mukuro, and her connection to the dead student, Junko Enoshima. After realizing that the tracks that she covered so well so long ago were started to get dug up again, she revealed herself behind the guise of Monokuma, and properly introduced herself as the REAL Junko Enoshima, the "Super High School Level Despair".

When debating against Junko, you can tell right off the bat, this bitch isn't all there! Constantly yapping off about how the world is super screwed up and that everything that Naegi and crew are going through is nothing but a video show! I mean, they are getting TORTURED in here, it cannot be that no one is coming to rescue them....right? Actually, wrong, the world is incredibly screwed up on the outside, and how Junko reveals everything and tries to temp our heroes into actually STAYING in the academy is remarkable. Her personality also changes from time to time, showing off how bat shit insane of a person she actually is. Her level of obession over despair is over the top, nobody can deny that. Even when she goes, she goes out with a bang, putting herself through ALL the punishments that the previous dead students went through...before finally getting snuffed out.