Opening Songs
OP 1 - Sidonia (Angela)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Tenohira - Snow- (Eri Kitamura)

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Wacky wacky wacky. To me, the time has not come for anime to transition into the 3D CG era just yet, just because most of these just don't look AS good as the traditional 2D animations that has gotten to damn good nowadays. Maybe that was why I couldn't get into stuff like "Blue Steel". Which made you wonder, how did I stomach through "Knights Of Sidonia"? A change of heart, really, nothing much else. I decided to give "Sidonia" a chance, and I honestly liked it quite a fair bit. There was an interesting world beneath everything that didn't impress, and its easy to find lots of stuff to like here. Especially if you're a mecha fan, oh yes, I can't leave you guys out (like FFS, I'm sure you guys already watched it already, you mecha fans are a crazy bunch). Action, love, high school students, everything in one serving...seems like a very common trend nowadays. Mecha fans should definitely stay, as for the rest, there's something to like here if you favor the standard high school students trying to save the world trope.

I need me one of these.

The opening song is "Sidonia" by Angela. Its usual Angela stuff, really, they like to do slow, powerful songs with strong vocals. "Sidonia" is not much different from their usual works, though for this piece alone, its takes quite a while to ramp up to the good parts, at least to me anyways. Those who love their songs would still love "Sidonia" anyway. The ending theme is "Tenohira-Snow" by Eri Kitamura, which is another one of those slow as hell ending themes without too much rhyme or sprite. Its not my cup of tea, as most of you should know by now.

Rating: 7.5/10

There were some things that weren't to my liking, other than those, the show was pretty solid. I somehow got past the CG that pretty much made up the entire anime, and at times, I had to admit that it DID look pretty. There's especially a lot of nice moments for you mech heads, because the fight scenes look absolutely gorgeous, and they feel exciting too. Why do people watch mech animes? For the freaking mechs of course, everything else is just an excuse leading up to the mech-y awesomeness, and I can say that without a doubt, the mech fights in this anime live up to expectations. The story, for the most part, is fairly average. There's a lot going on in the world of "Sidonia", but then again, there wasn't much incentive to give a sh*t about most of its lore if you can't get invested into the characters. Yeah, there seems to be things going on for its story, but the characters...not so much. There were a ton of characters in the anime, but you'll only end up caring about some of them, because there was so little time to develop (I only ended up liking Isana and that scientist chick that was introduced halfway through the series). Plus, it sequel baits. Its not as hard as some of the other animes that sequel bait, but its there, so its worth talking about.

Hey, who opened overused the clone machine?!

The anime starts Nagato Tanikaze as its main protagonist, a young man living in the underground sectors of Sidonia, a giant floating space colony that houses an entire population's worth of people. In the future where people can be genetically modified to photosynthesize by taking in sunlight, OR can take on a gender opposite to the one of his/her love interest, a floating space colony is nothing to be surprised about. Where people have been living in the streets for their lives, Nagato was raised in the underground by his grandfather, training to become a pilot through simulators, in hopes of learning to protect Sidonia against the alien threat known as the Gauna. One day, he ran out of supplies and rna to the surface, in hopes of stealing something that he can eat. Of course, he fails, he is caught by the authorities, and is scouted by Sidonia's current running captain to become a pilot at the local academy. Why? Apparently his grandfather was a great man, but to Nagato, he doesn't know anything, and just obediently agrees. Little did he know, he would be soon placed in the front lines against the Gauna

"Knights Of Sidonia" does a pretty good job with its first season in introducing us what life on the run from aliens in space is all about. The story was okay, and the characters could use some work, but the mecha action is really something else. Let's hope there's more character development in the second season, because there really are characters that I want to see shine.