You all know Mao. He's overpowered, no doubt about it. I mean, when you put the demon lord Satan himself as the main protagonist of an anime, you know he's going to kick ass. This is one of those cases where you KNOW the main character is going to rock, right from the first episode. But yeah, he's the demon lord Satan, after coming to our world, he lost most of his magic and became nothing but a meager employee at a local fast food restaurant. Still, losing his magic does not make him weak. In fact, its easy for Mao to get back his true power. All he needs to do is feed on the despair of those nearby, and he becomes a freaking beast. And let's face it, when Mao reverts back to his Demon Lord body, he is unstoppable.

Growing easily twice in size, Mao as a demon lord looks freaking menacing compared to his weak, scrawny human self. He has shown feats of being able to stop an entire high way from falling with just his strength alone. His magic enhanced punch was strong, and his windup was seen stretching across the entire continent before giving Lucifer the big punch across the face, which we can all assume, did a hell lot of damage. He had power to the extent where he even made Sariel, whose specialty was drawing power from the moon, look like nothing but a pussy during A FULL MOON PHASE, where he was presumably the strongest. Using his broom as a medium he summoned a massive sword of energy which pulverized his foe. Too bad though, Mao is overpowered as hell, but he is very limited to when he can transform. Because if he's always at his best, there would be nothing left.


Akatsuki is one character that makes no sense. He's an amazing guy, but he makes no freaking sense. How did he get so powerful? What drives him to do what he does? We don't know, and we probably never will. We know one thing though, this guy loves the hell out of his pervertic habits. Akatsuki is one hell of a powerhouse, but he's also a massive pervert, which plays into a huge part of his character. This guy loves to screw around with all types of girls, even using his power against them if necessary. If he just wants to mess around with a girl, he will, no matter who they are. Of course, as much as he loves to toy around with his women, Akatsuki is a man that will never stand to someone ELSE touching them.

This is a man that is strong enough to toss people around with his bare hands. With the ability to manipulate the energy of everyone around him, he can simply power himself up to no end. While everyone else needs 1 of those bands to materialize their weapons, Akatsuki himself needs a whole bunch of it to call out his sword, which is one heck of a weapon. So far, he seems like he's the strongest fellow out of the entire "Hagura Yusha" universe, save for Motoharu, which we've not seen much off.


This guy is a badass. I'm generally not a fan of the kuudere character archetype, but I'll make an exception for Tatsuya and embrace my inner shounen soul. Tatsuya is just too awesome not to like. If we're talking about overpowered main characters, Tatsuya is probably one of the strongest ones out there. From the start of the anime to the very end, Tatsuya has never lost a battle. Never, once, not at all. This mother f**ker goes hard, and he manages to beat all of his foes in style. Scratch that, he wins all of his opponents and makes it look EASY. Miyuki is already incredibly broken, but Tatsuya can probably take on 3-4 Miyukis at once and still have more to go. I'm not even joking.

Tatsuya is what we like to call a genetic experiment. Because of his magic implantation into his mind, he lacks all sorts of emotion whatsoever, making him a cardboard character emotionally. But who need emotions when you can disintegrate ANYTHING with a single shot. Counter all sorts of magic by dismantling the spell with a single shot. He can catch bullets point blank, he can snipe someone dozens of kilometers away with a PISTOL, and he can still pull off complex magic spells with tons of anti magic interference all around him. Tatsuya can pul ANYTHING out of his ass and make it look overpowered, like when he was protecting Mayumi from Liu, he just projected out some sort of magical blue fart gas that immobilized the fellow...that was easily twice his size. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of what Tatsuya can do. I mean, he shot a nuke out of a single sniper shot, that's something.


Kenshi Kenshi Kenshi... A very simple way to get all the whores ALL over you in a harem is to simply just be impressive, powerful, and good looking. Kenshi has all 3 of these in his pocket, period. For someone his size, Kenshi is a freaking beast. For an anime like "Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar", nobody has superpowers. Everybody depends on the Seikijin to actually become powerful, outside of that, they're all just humans with guns and swords. In other words, primitive people. Even though Kenshi isn't from this world originally, he can kick everyone's ass with just his bare hands. Outmaneuvering even the most elite of the elf guards, Kenshi is a freaking martial arts monster.

That's not even all. More than 3/4 of the anime Kenshi is kicking ass WITHOUT a Seikijin, then when he finally gets on one...shit gets real. With everyone in the academy looking as as their beloved Kenshi moves around so fluidly in the chosen machine, taking out the terrorists one by one with no effort at all, like a predator stalking his prey. His robot is fast, its strong, and best of all, Kenshi utilizes it to its full extent, going so far as to using his tail AND horn to pulverize his enemies. He even manages to maneuver around the school coloseum maze like its nothing special, luring all the enemies into it like luring insects into a spider web. When you f**k with Kenshi, you f**k with yourself.