Opening Songs
OP 1 - Kyumei No True Force (Hitomi Harada)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Blade Dance (Knee Socks)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 12

We've all seen the standard harem troupe before. Seriously, I was pretty into it when I first (personally) saw it in "Infinite Stratos". An entire academy of girls with special talents/abilities that only females are capable of, then out of nowhere, this dude pops up, he can do whatever is so special that the girls do. Suddenly, he is enrolled into the academy, and now he's the lone guy in an army of never ending fan girls (or sometimes, hater girls). He becomes the center of attention, and without fail, there will be a group of girls who are constantly hanging around him. These girls will later be classified as his harem, and they will fight against each other for said Protagonist's attention. Insert some fan service here and there...boom, you've got yourself one heck of a harem. At least, that's what they want you to think, I've seen this premise so much that it doesn't even surprise me anymore. "Blade Dance Of Elementalers" is a story based off what I just said, and while its not the most horrible thing around, it does a serviceable enough job and ends up being a very "average" harem series.

Bow down to me, dog!

Admittedly, "Blade Dance Of Elementalers" has a pretty kickass opening theme, with the courtesy of Hitomi Harada. Its "Kyumei No True Force", and as mentioned, its a very powerful song that plows right into your face. You honestly won't think that its for a harem anime if you listen to it. Since "Blade Dance Of Elementalers" isn't a very action heavy anime (despite its title), this doesn't quite fit, but it doesn't really matter. The ending theme is "Blade Dance" by Knee Socks (probably consisting of some of the seiyuus of the anime), and despite its name, its a pretty weak ass, generic, cutesy ending theme. I don't know why I expected something else.

Rating: 7.0/10

It could have been better in SO many ways, but since the production quality for this one was kind of iffy, its hard for me to give it something higher. Yep, I said it, for a show called, "Blade Dance Of Elementalers", it has a ton of really unpolished battle scenes. Either that or they're just plain old lazy, simple as that. It was the ONE thing that they had to get right...but, oh well. Other than the lazily done battle segments though, the rest of the anime holds up fairly well. While Claire is RIDICULOUSLY annoying to me, the rest of the girls are pretty great in terms of personality. The rich ojou-sama Linslet, the honorable yet somewhat cute on the inside Elis, or the seductive Fianna. Claire is just the annoying tsundere brat, but we've seen that character archetype 100 times by now so there's nothing to be surprised about. Then there's the dreadfully alluring and super cute Est, who's easily the most likable of the bunch. Some of the interactions between the characters are rather uninspired, but most aren't too bad. Seriously though, everyone is fine except for Claire, she needs to lighten the f**k up. Fan service comedy is done fairly well without going TOO overboard (some scenes can get a bit ridiculous, but no nudity), which can be considered a plus, I guess.

Is he now? You sure he doesn't just share Touma's  misfortune?

Elementalers are sacred female warriors that were raised to tame the familiars and master the art of summoning. This art is EXCLUSIVE to females, and no male has been able to harness the power of a spirit since the fall of the demon king thousands of years ago. Young elementaler Claire Rogue was taking a bath in a nearby spring to "purify" herself, and she is seen by a man, who introduces himself as Kazehaya Kamito. Out of embarrassment, Claire attacks Kamito by summoning her familiar, Scarlet, a flaming cat. In her rampage, she knocked down a tree on herself but is saved by Kamito. By giving him a second chance, Claire lets Kamito in on her plan, after realizing that he was to be seen by Greysworth, the academy headmaster for elementalers. Claire wants to get a stronger familiar by taming the legendary demon slayer sword. She fails, and is almost killed by the sword itself, until Kamito tames it. After realizing that Kamito is a male that is able to tame the legendary demon slayer sword, Claire knows that he is no normal man, since no male has been able to do so for a VERY long time. Kamito is later enrolled into the academy as the only male student, where his life is turned upside down.

"Blade Dance Of Elementalers" has its moments, but more often than not, its just an average harem experience throughout. I'd say its slightly better than "Seikoku No Dragonar", which also dropped this year, but that isn't saying much. Its definitely watchable, and there are some good moments for harem fans. But if you haven't watched some of the better harems that dropped by in these few years, you can skip this one to go for those.