Friday, 28 March 2014

Great Game OSTs (Part 1)

Music is very important in games. It makes the very experience of gaming orgasmic to the ears. Whether it means an awesome piece of music playing during a normal battle, a boss fight, or just walking around in dungeons and towns. Music in games can be downright badass, or just brilliant to listen to overall, and you know it. This is a new series of posts dedicated to the very amazing pieces of music scattered across the many genres of games that I love to play, and holy hell, some of these can be really ear orgasmic, so get ready to feel like a complete kingpin. 

Take note that I won't be including songs from music games.

Fighting Game Music

Music has to be good in fighting games, because well, you'll be listening to character and stage themes for a very long time when you're actually fighting against your opponent. The music can really get your blood going at times and fighting game music really has a whole lot of amazing themes that can be pleasing to the ear, or just want to make you go all out against your opponent. Here are some songs that make the bill just right.

Song: Rebellion II (Ragna's Theme)
From: Blazblue:Chrono Phantasma
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Daisuke Ishiwatari is a f**king god. He makes some of the most amazing themes of all time, and the "Blazblue" games are enough of a testimony for that...I can just place the entire "Blazblue" ost here. Ragna's theme has always been a staple for the "Blazblue" games, and its a common theme because you'll either be playing as Ragna or against Ragna most of the time. His theme, "Rebellion", is really catchy and badass as hell, its the very mark of an anti-hero's theme. This goes without saying, the theme fits Ragna really well, and listening to it during a fight is just great. The recent "Chrono Phantasma" remake of this theme made it even more badass....I mean dear god, listen to those f**king rifts!

Song: Endless Despair II (Yuki Terumi, Unlimited Hazama's Theme)
From: Blazblue:Chrono Phantasma
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

If we need a protagonist's theme in here, we'll need a villain, and by god, Terumi's theme is just beast. The theme itself being beast is self explanatory, because Terumi is a f**king beast....a villain that just doesn't know how to stop. "Endless Despair II" is the overhaul to Unlimited Hazama's theme in "Continuum Shift", and honestly, its a lot better than it was before. It now really gives the feel of total despair, just as you should feel when fighting against him. Its got moments of pure badassery and moments that tell you "you're f**ked". Oh yes, and of course, who can forget badass guitar rifts, this song has plenty, especially that first few 20 seconds.

Song: Volcanic Rim Theme
From: Street Fighter IV
Artist: Hideyuki Fukasawa

I am honestly not a huge fan of "Street Fighter", but one cannot deny the epicness of the "Volcanic Rim Theme" of "Street Fighter IV". This has got to be one of the best stage themes ever created in a fighting just makes you want to beat your opponent off the face of the Earth in front of a raging...volcano, all before having an epic final push to finally defeat him. When you hear this theme, you cannot help but scream "SHINKUUUU.....HADOKEN!!!!!!!" off into the setting sun. Yes, this theme is that good.

Song: Dormammu's Theme
From: Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Artist: Hideyuki Fukasawa

When you want to talk about badass themes, you can't miss out Dormammu from "Marvel Vs Capcom 3", because this guy has possibly the best theme in the entire game, beating out the likes of Deadpool and Zero. It makes him feel like a badass boss character, which he sadly isn't....but it still fits him well, just because he's got that look of a badass boss character indeed. As you know from "Blazblue" themes, I love guitar rifts, and Dormammu's theme has plenty. Imagine this f**king theme playing and you're staring up to this colossal'll shit your pants.

RPG Music

RPG music can mean anything. Be it battle themes or boss themes....or even town themes and dungeon themes, all of this count. Music in RPG means a whole lot too, because well, you'll be listening to the same damn battle themes and boss themes all day long, so these have to be really good. Thankfully, most of them are.

Song: On The Verge Of Assault
From: Final Fantasy VII -Crisis Core-
Artist: Takeru Ishimoto

To be perfectly chill, I thought that "Final Fantasy VII" had an amazing OST. But in all honestly, "Crisis Core" takes the cake for having the better soundtrack. I mean, COME ON, everything that "Final Fantasy VII" had, "Crisis Core" had it, and it was better....WAY better. "On The Verge Of Assault" was an alternate take on the FF7 battle theme, and lets just be real here, this is a f**king epic battle theme, as far as it goes. Nothing beats this on the scale of a FF battle theme, the only one that comes close is probably "Last Hunter" from "Final Fantasy XIII-2".

Song: Pinch Battle
From: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Artist: Takami Asano

One of the many reasons why you should own a NDS, "SMT: Devil Survivor" has a kickass set of tunes, and so does its successor, "Devil Survivor 2". However, let's start with one of the songs that set everything on the right foot...."Devil Survivor"'s battle theme. "Pinch Battle" was BAD-ASS, that's all I can say about it. For a SRPG, a theme like "Pinch Battle" really sets you on edge, as you scan the field for enemies and decide on your next move...this song playing in the background just keeps you jumpy as hell all the way throughout the battle, whether its a difficult battle or not.

Song: Class A Alien "Mysterio"
From: Black Rock Shooter:The Game
Artist: Manabu Namiki

Its hard to consider "Black Rock Shooter:The Game" to be a proper RPG, because it has shooter elements mixed in. But it doesn't change the fact that the game had a subpar OST for the most part....until you meet the bosses. The boss themes in this game are absolutely phenomenal, there's no way around it. Every single one of the boss themes are freaking amazing, and "Class A Alien "Mysterio"" is just one of the 4 amazing boss themes in the game. This one features the fights against SZZU and LLWO...its probably my favorite out of the 3 starting boss themes. Its synthy and full of moments that make you go "I can win this".

Song: Irregular Hunt 1
From: Megaman X Command Mission
Aritst: Shinya Okada, Yuko Komiyama, and Seiko Kobuchi

Bet you didn't see this one coming. The "Megaman X Command Mission" RPG certainly wasn't the best out there, but 2 things still remain. One, its still Megaman, and two, we all know that Megaman has f**king awesome as shit music. "Megaman X Command Mission"'s first battle theme, "Irregular Hunt 1", proves to be so. If Megaman X were to make an RPG and have a battle theme, this would be the perfect song to put it in. It sounds freaking futuristic, its full of synths and groovy beats....this song makes your blood boil for an epic battle. Too bad this is only for normal enemies though.

Song: Nefertiti
From: Mana Khemia:Student Alliance
Artist: Ken Nakagawa

This one was obvious. "Nerfititi" was one of the most iconic boss themes in JRPG history...just because. If you've listened to it before, you should know how f**king awesome it sounds! It even got a remix in "Atelier Meruru Plus", to make it even better, but I still do prefer the original. This is pretty much a boss theme that plays only against Isolde, and damn, they did it so well. SO WELL! Its probably the most viewed song out of the soundtrack of "Mana Khemia", nothing came close to "Nefertiti'. If you want to feel f**king badass, "Nerfertiti" can run make your imagination run wild in your mind.


Here are some songs in other types of games that make you go wack as hell. Fighting games and RPGs are great, but other types of games have memorable soundtracks as well.

Name: Forza Del Destino
From: Devil May Cry 4
Artist: Tetsuya Shibata

"Devil May Cry" has a nice history of having heavy metal music as their battle themes. Most of these sound especially good, especially during boss battles and regular enemy encounters. While "Devil May Cry 4" was regarded as one of the weaker entries of the series, no one can deny the epicness of its soundtrack, and especially "Forza Del Destino", the best song in the soundtrack IMO. This plays in the second battle against Dante, and hell was it epic as heck to listen to while battling against the man. This is how you hype up a boss battle against someone as awesome as Dante.

Name: Flight Of The Coward
From: Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin
Artist: Yoshito Hirano

If anybody played "Days Of Ruin", you'll know this f**ker. This is the one SOB that I could never forget, not only because of what he did in the story, but because his battle was the absolute most ridiculous fight in the game (yes, Clauder's fight wasn't as bad as this). But also because he has the most wicked sounding theme in the game. You'd think him for a fool, but his theme is begs to differ, and in the odd defying battle against him, you'll be listening to the full awesomeness of his theme while dying to his troops. Waylon may be an asshole, but his theme is great.

There are tons of great video game music, so don't worry, there will be more to come!