Daybreak Illusion

She loves money...who can say?

In an entire anime of cute little girls, "Daybreak Illusion" doesn't really have a lot to choose out from in my opinion. The cast as a whole may have been pretty good, but to pick out a single girl can be a little tough at times. That's why Ginka takes the cake here, because out of all the girls in Sefiro Fiore, she has the most likable personality. A girl who fawns over money? That's not something you can fish out of in the midst of girls like Seira and Luna.

First of all, her fighting style is easily the most captivating out of the entire cast.  Fighting with a humongous spear obviously fits her more for offense, and she can create a giant shield out of coins! This further amplifies her priorities over money, like in the story. While I do think that her appearance when in tarot form is only the second best (Akari takes the cake for best designed outfit when fighting), its good enough considering all of her other positives traits.

She is the most cheerful out of the 4 girls, and honestly, her "don't give a f**k" attitude really makes her more likable than the other girls. She just wants to do what she wants to do, without much of a sense of duty in mind, and because of this it ends in her inevitable sacrifice for the team. She does come back at the end with a really halfhearted reason though...I hoped for a better explanation.

Kyoukai No Kanata

Noted for coolest shade hunter!

You'd never expect such an epic concept in "Kyoukai NO Kanata", and that is further backed up some pretty epic characters. Not that I hate the main characters, but Izumi Nase is just too cool of a character to pass up, and she is easily my pick for the best character in "Kyoukai No Kanata". There's a lot to her that we don't know, but from what we can see, she's as badass as they come.

She may not be the most well fleshed out or well developed character in the works, but in terms of outer appearances and impressions, nothing beats Izumi in "Kyoukai No Kanata". She's calm, collected, cool, pretty and a complete badass overall. The ice queen? Yes please. Her powers to reign over ice is something to behold in the anime, where everyone else is pretty much small fry compared to her.

As said previously, we know nothing much about her other than her being an extremely potent shade hunter. During the lull, she practically decimates a massive amount of shades at once, and its proven that she wasn't even fighting seriously at the time. She seems to have some deal with the shades, as the anime stated, and maybe we'll get to see that when the time comes. She's still pretty damn awesome in my book though.

Galilei Donna

Funky steam punk space pirate ass mother f**ker!

Well, there's not much I can say here. He's the closest character we have in "Galilei Donna" that's a badass pimp. Honestly, we don't see enough of him, not at all, considering how freaking pimpish and likable he is, he doesn't really appear all that much in the anime. How is he cool? Imagine Hiroshi Kamiya voicing a space pirate with a mischievous womanizing personality. Well, that's Cicinho for you.

He first comes off as quite a douche bag in the first episode, and continues to be so as he constantly goes after the 3 Galilei sisters. But it soon becomes apparent that he has feelings for Hazuki, constantly harrassing her as they meet. Even so, she looks out for her safety and constantly comes into protection of the 3 sisters when they are being pursued.

Not only that, but in an episode's explanation of his back story, its said that when he was young, he took up a bunch of tortured kids and orphans. He brought them into his care to form the group that he commands today...he gets mad respect for that. It's unfortunate that we won't get to see Cicinho and Hazuki come together, but I suppose we can always assume that they came together, because in a particular episode, Hazuki pretty much relied on Cicinho for emotional support.