Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cosfest 2012 ~Day 2~

Sorry for the delay, but I was pretty tired yesterday after coming back and all I did was play games before I went to sleep. Well for the follow up here we are, pictures from Cosfest day 2. No more delaying, lets get right to the pictures.

Also, do note, while some pictures will still be blur (I'm a bad photographer), these were all taken via camera, so the quality isn't too bad.....

Starting off day 2, a bunch of call of duty guys! I was suprised to not see them yesterday, because these kinds of cosplayers always show up in these events. Well here they are in day 2, and they are looking damn good.

Vocaloid? Well, not one that I know off. One thing's for sure, she's looking pretty good, and I don't mind that one bit.

Moar Miku x Luka! Well, I have seen this duo countless times, and in these exact costumes at that! I wonder what song this is...

Can it be?! 3 mikus?!?!! Ah well, I have once again no idea whats going on, and that getup is just weird. But well, thats cosplaying for you :). Not a bad trio IMO.

Moar vocaloids! This time its matroshika I think. I heard the song before, but didnt see the MV. But this looks accurate, good cosplay.

If you don't know who they are, you deserve a good smack. Well, we saw a haruhi and nagato yesterday as well, but this is a better duo.

Another random maid girl from another anime I don't know. Ah well, at least she looks legit. Not too bad.

I'm assuming one piece, but then again, I don't know. Lots of one piece love this year, much more than previous events especially.

The entire ao no exorcist team. Pretty awesome actually, even if some of them don't actually look the part. As a group, they are pretty awesome.

Index eating takoyaki. Its nice to see index, but her eating was not part of the plan. Lol. Still, it was actually part of her pose, when we took up our cameras she took up her fork.

Kamen rider! Sup bro, haven't seen you in awhile. As usual, kamen rider costumes are pretty damn well made in my opinion, and this is not different.

Its the genocide gang from AFA! Nth else to say, they still kick major ass with their costume and props. Love it!

The madoka magica crew. Yes indeed, this was quite an awesome trio, with tons of people snapping pictures of them. Love that madoka.

I guess a couple of priest from maybe D.grayman or 07-ghost.....or some other anime. Not bad I would say.

Nero! Its alright actually, just that I would picture a slimer and sligher taller nero. That sword looks big and badass though.

The crew from D.gray man! Lenalee, lavi and Allen. Now it just makes me wonder why they didn't start showing a season 2, after taking this picture.

You want the force? You get the force! A malevolent duo, the sith and jedi are ready to cut down all in thier path! Great cosplay.

More Madoka love. I don't know the name of the characters, but it just seems Madoka magica is getting all sorts of love right now.

Very blur take (my bad), but its the fking ghost busters! Its nice to see a change of pace, and these guys did a good job.

Vongola power! Hibari with the little bird and a little primo power. Not bad, the hibari looks better than the primo IMO.

Street fighters! Damn they all look really funky, but at least they got the spirit! A really energetic group we have here.

Miku again, something to be expected from cosplay events everywhere. This one is alright. I always found vocaloids sitting down to have a better impact.

A good attempt at a weird trio. No idea who the 2 at the sides are but the center of the trio is definetely yui from angel beats.

Erm this is....that tissue hime person I guess? Alot of appearances recently so theres not really much to comment about since the costume is the same :).

Rorona!! I have been dieing to play her fking game and I just ordered it but it hasn't come yet....and it has been 2 weeks! Man this is good cosplay and I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!

Another classic Luka. We need more of these around IMO. I don't its the same one as the one I took for day 1 though.

More digimon? I don't know, that there can't be a random cat plushie now can it?.....I don't know. Pretty cute though.

Miku again! This looks like popipo or something, I don't know. Still, she is cute, and she is doing a cute pose. Good job on this one.

Once again I am clueless to the character. Everytime I see this I think of digimon. Lol. Not bad overall.

Refilia I think? From touhou. Not too bad, the costume is actually pretty good, with them plastic wings or something. Good stuff.

Noel vermillion! Pretty naise stuff we got going on here, and its great to see blazblue love as always. This is actually the 1st legit Noel I have seen in any cosplay event.

Another random kimono girl? To me all girls wearing kimonos look almost the same so its pretty damn hard to differentiate them. This looks good though.

Shizuo and Kida from durarara. Pretty good stuff though, and that shizuo looks quite menacing! It would've helped if he was a smite taller though.

BAM! Konata Izumi in the house! I haven't seen much legit Konata cosplayers in any cosplay events so this is as close as it gets. Still wanting to see a short and cute konata though.

Erm....more vocaloids? The one on the right definetely isn't a vocaloid though. A weird trio nonetheless, but not too bad.

WOYEAH. Ragna and guess who. TSUBAKI! Rare stuff my friends rare stuff, and definetely good too. That tsubaki is legit as hell.

Hmm...I don't really know. If I gotta guess it should either be vampire knight or 07 ghost. Oh well........

The vocaloid family! We have Miku, Luka, Len, Kaito and Kaiko. Together they look good as a "family". Nice group.

Just Len. If its a guy I guess this is ckise enough to what you call a "bishounen". If its a girl, then I have nothing to say. Good stuff.

Lightning with a weird hairdo. The costume at least looks the part though, but this is definetely not lightning's hair.

Good lord, this is one pretty girl! Not really have I had a thing for blonds but this one is pretty good looking. Two thumbs up!

A one piece gang? As a group, these are easily some pretty badass people. They were gathering lots of attention too.

Wassup troller man! Hazama isn't a rare appearance in the cosplay events, and here he is again, looking sleek like he should be. Not bad, but needs ouroborous XD.

I would say pokemon/digimon because of the little creature she's holding, but meh, I don't know. Overall she's alright I guess.

School girl with headband, book and swervy hair. Once again I have no idea which anime she's from, further showing my lack of knowledge XD.

Sweet! More Blazblue love, lots of it going around this year, which is good! The trios amigos, 3 main characters of blazblue are here, which is great.

Another one piece cosplayer? Not really sure but at least shes looking pretty cute. And that stuffed otter just adds more points to her costume overall.

We know this dude already. Same old same old, not that its a bad thing. Storm trooper costumes always manage to look alright.

Cute kimono girl. Some pretty good stuff going on here. If I had to guess its another one of them vocaloid songs.

YOU GONNA DIE AND GET SPRAYED TO DEATH. Army guys are cool, but starting to become a little generic.

A little Guan yu love I can see. For an old man, he's pretty awesome! Still, its weird to see something like that at cosfest.

Nuraihyon no mago...or something. Its super hard to do that cockroach hairstyle so yeah, props for having the right costume and hair.

Gumi? I don't know but she looks like it. Looking good I would say, thats a cute dress and overall her figure is quite solid.

Here we have a pretty slender and good looking Mio. Most Mio cosplayers like to cosplay as her in that costume, which is fine. Still I have yet to see one wearing the "Listen" attire. We'll see.

Wut, you again. Well no need for descriptions, the awesomeness speaks for itself :).

It looks like Rinoa from final fantasy 8 and Stella from final fantasy 13 versus. Very good stuff, both look quite pretty.

Death the kid and that geko girl from soul eater. Nice to see soul eater getting some love here, love those cannons.

More miku, many of which flock to these events like birds of a feather. This one is pretty good, can't complain on that.

Not sure about the character, but at least she looks neat! Probably one of those samurai anime that I never ever got to watch :p.

Shura! Those are....ahem...some big "assets" there...nice job. The costume is well made too, with the sword and stuff. Not sure why she wears that headband though.

Some vocaloids again? Gakupo and Gumi maybe? Having no shoes just means you put more effort into the cosplaying :).

Not sure...chobits? Or maybe another vocaloid (gotta stop assuming everything I don't know is a vocaloid...). Ah well, at least she looks alright.

Shit damn you Gakupo getting all the love. The girl on the right (looking alot like luka), seems to be pretty hot.

Taiga from toradora. Much better than the one from day one, and she looks quite cute too. I would say this is one of the better pics of the day.

Finally we have mephisto just chilling! Lying down in that relaxed pose sure got him tons of attention. Overall I'd say the costume is well made.

Now then, as usual, my top 5!

First up is a character I don't know at all. But who cares, you know a hot girl when you see one, and believe me, this girl is hot stuff! Nice curves, a great body, a cute pose and that costume is just great. No complaints here at all, this is easily one of the hottest girls I have seen that day.

Yup! As a huge index fan, this should have been seen coming. As a bigger Accelerator fan, how can I say no to this? Accelerator and Last order make a great couple, and this picture just emphasises on that point even more. Accelerator looks good, and last order (though not really a little girl in this picture)looks cute. My faith in index cosplayers just went higher :D.

Believe me I have never watched one piece, but this scene in the picture makes me want to do so. Both cosplayers are great, and the scene they potray just screams badass all over!  Now this is how you cosplay a fight, get it right people! Awesome stuff from both cosplayers.

*Slurp* Lulu is so smexy, and this proves it. I haven't seen a single Lulu cosplayer, and while this one is a little flat, she makes an amazing Lulu. With the little cactoid dude as her stuffed toy, she looks like an alluring figure. And that amazing hair is just icing on the cake :).

Yeap, hands down the best picture of the day. Whats better than individual blazblue characters showing up in a convention? Thats right, all of them, together, in an amazing group shot. FUCK YEAH. While individually they may not be perfect, as a group they immediately stand out and look great. Those little kids just want a piece of the action :). Too good to be true bros, too good to be true.

Yawwwn......thats it for now people. This post took 3 days because of the immense amount of filtering I had to do. I had over 70 pictures and filtering them out and sorting them is tough work. Sorry for the late post, but I hoped you enjoyed the pictures. Cosfest is the shit, just like my impression of it last year, I'll say the same thing.

I can't wait to go again.

Peace out!