Salutions, my fellow viewers! School means lesser posts, please bear with the lack of posts for awhile. For today, we're doing another "Tiers in fighting games" post. Last time we did one with MVC 3, the top AND bottom tiers. Today's fighting game of choice is Blazblue:Continuum shift II, the current newest iteration of the blazblue franchise. Unlike with MVC 3, we're doing things a little differently with BB:CSII. MVC 3 CLEARLY had its laregly unbalanced roster with many overpowered characters and underpowered ones as well.

To me, and I think to most of you who actaully play BB, blazblue has a very balanced cast. Since the cast is relatively small, there isn't much room for any superbly strong or extremely weak character. Well, I will be covering the 3 characters that I think are the current top of the food chain today (all my opinion, I looked up a tier list, I didn't agree with it).

Without further ado, let me tell you the 3 characters whom I think are the best as of now (No order whatsoever).


First up is Haks. I think hakumen is pretty strong. Too strong in fact. He has the highest damage dealing normals in the game, and they all have some godly range, some reaching half screen. He lacks in mobility, but he has a good air dash, and the ability to counter almost any move in the game with his drive. His combos are easy to pull off, and they do a ton of damage. Who let this badass in here? And, to make things worse, he is one of the highest healthed characters in the game.

Ima poke your ass with mah normals.
 I was always one to like Hakumen's design, but man, did they have to make him so strong? I mean, I use Hakumen from time to time (I use majority of the BB cast), and he was the character whom I spent the leaast time on and was able to find combos that do the most damage (7K without a DD, wtf?). Evo 2011's BB champion was a Hakumen user, I wasn't suprised. He had some sick combos and loops, and boy this only made me think higher of this white armored bastard. My bro mains hakumen, him and my Hazama have been going head to head with each other all the damn time, and our results are always equal, since his haks always does such fked up damage.


Yes, I main him. Yes, my friends and brother think he is OP. Yes I see him high up in dustloop tier lists. So, Im just gonna put hazama in here. I don't have much to say here, I don't know how Hazama is OP, but I gotta say he does have some slick moves that give him a good advantage in a match. His normals are rather slow, but in BBCS 2 they made his H OTG, which is cool. He has crap mobility, but is compenstated by ouroborous, which allows him to zip across the field. This alone gives him some crazy opportunity and mixups, and allows him to engage his opponents at a safe distance without putting himself in danger, since you can always ouroborous your opponent until it hit confirms, then fly in for the kill.

You can't run from the ouroborous.
 Hazama is the ultimate troll in the BB story, and is quite the troll in gameplay as well. He can play keep away and poke you until you die. If you refuse to come to him, he will poke you over and over until time runs out, and he wins by life advantage. If you get too greedy and go to him, he'll ainti air grab you, send you flying across the screen, and OTG with eternal coils of the dragon serpent for easy damage. His combos may not hurt alot, but they hit alot of times, allowing him to build meter really fast. I always manage to build 50 meter in 1 combo, yes thats how sick this guy is. Hazama is pretty popular in the tournament scene as well, but sadly he didn't make it far for Evo in 2011. He may have some below average life, but his crazy moves make Hazama one strong character.


I fking hate this guy. Jin kisaragi is a complete douchebag. Go online, and all you see are ice cars. Ice cars ice cars ice cars, FCK THIS SHIT. High level jin play is great, nonetheless, but I think jin has a little too much priority. Everything drive related for jin FREEZES you, and sets you up for a free combo for him. All his ice moves are so spammable it makes me sick. Hands down jin is one of the most annoying characters in the game to face. Plus, his japanese voice actor sounds so gay.

I nicknamed jin the 'spammy mcspam no.1' of blazblue. He spams everything ice related at you so damn much that its sick. And the moment he even CATCHES you with something ice related, its a free combo, guranteed. Any of his moves combined with D costs 25 meter, but who needs that when the H version is almost the same. He has good mobility, some OK normals and average-below average health. Thats a great deal considering how retarded his ice moves are, so sick. Jin is a very beginner friendly character, and thats what makes him so sick. See a random 1st time player pick jin and spam ice car, then see the ice car go through anything that opposes it. Sick, dat priority.

There we are, the 3 strongest characters in the game as of now for BB:CS my opinion. Now don't go hating, is it so bad to have opinions now? Anyway, here are shououts to some other really strong characters that could have made it.

Makoto (once you get in its free damage all the way)
Noel (Miss spammy mcspam No.2)
Valkenhyne (You kidding? This old man hits HARD)
Arakune (Bees!!! So many BEEES)
Bang (And people say hes low tier, fck all y'all)

And here are those characters that I think need just a littlleeeeee more to be better.

Carl (Don't get me wrong, he's damn good, but he needs a lot of effort to be good)
Taokaka (She got nerfed bad from BBCT, I used to user her, but not anymore)

I won't be doing a low tier list, since BBCS 2 has a very balanced character list. Those 3 I listed may not be fantastic, but they are STILL viable in tournaments, and are seen quite a lot. Not like in MVC 3, where you hardly see thors or arthurs in tourneys cause they are so painfully bad, BB tourneys have us seeing all 17 characters used multiple times. Props.