Okay people, big news. I'm a little late because of school, but here I am, and heres the shit. It just got announced this morning, but I think many of you guys know about it already.

Yep, thats right, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Stupid, I know, but hey, board the hype train! Capcom has been known for shit like this, just look at mother fking street fighter! Anyway, heres whats going down, the game is going to be totally revamped, starting with character tweaks and balances. Theres footage of ryu's shinku hadoken bouncing off walls and spencer being able to do an air stomp. But screw all that, heres the thing, theres gonna be a total of 12 new characters, bringing the roster to a whooping amount of 50.

Everything has been redone, check out eventhubs...or any website that keeps up to date about fighting game news. There are new maps, new modes, and the health and super bars have been redone (but yeah, they look ugly). But we all know the reason for this post....is the new characters. Capcom announced 4 today, strider, firebrand, hawkeye and ghost rider. Its too bad for them though, that the other 8 totally got leaked online. Annnnd....off we goooo!

For our 1st character we have hawkeye. Heres my opinion, hes crap. He's costume is retarded, he has a cocky voice and whats more, gameplay wise, he fights like taskmaster with just the bow. He just flies around the screen shooting arrows and flinging his bow for melee, whats up with that? His lvl 1 hyper too, he just fires a gold flowing arrow that doesnt do impressive damage at all. His lvl 3 is total nonsense, he shoots out an arrow with a tiny guy on it, and when the arrow connects, the tiny guy becomes huge and does a 3 hit combo on the target. Shit, total crap. But I can see him working for a great zoning character, and his other lvl 1 hyper, full screen OTG? Good stuff. Still, I dont see myself using him, AT ALL.

Ahh, here we go, my boy strider actually made it into the game! Strider looks...GREAT. Out of the 4 revealed today, I would place him out on top. He plays much like his MVC 2 counterpart, he has crappy health, but to back him up he has sick teleports and crossups. He seems like he has even more tools than he had in MVC 2, he can call out his leopards and hawks like usual, and his lvl 1 hyper which involves a herd of animals stomping in is OTG, great stuff. His level 3 looks abit hard to connect, and is ouroborus a level 3 now? Cause if it is, it would kind of suck. Anyway, sick character, cant wait to play him.

Ohh yeah, and the goodness just keeps coming. Ghost rider is another badass fellow. He even says it himself in one of his win quotes, hell doesnt have a badass flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle...or something like that. Either way, ghost rider is kickass, both in looks and combat. He incorporates his chain and uses it as a tool to attack enemies from far away and drag them to him, in which he will then perform sick combos using his hell fire. His basic damage is good, and his hypers are great. The one where he swings his fire chain and his motorcycle one...both do great damage and dont look like they will have problems connecting. His level 3 kinda needs some work, it looks pretty plain, but still badass at the same time (they actually made use of his penance stare). Like strider, cant wait to play him.

Erm, red areemer? Firebrand is the last of the revealed characters today. Heres the deal, hes a normal enemy in ghosts and goblins. I dont like playing as normal enemies, and yep, based on his design, he totally looks like a normal cannon fodder demon. Gameplay wise however, he isnt bad. Hes another midget character like zero/arthur/VJ, but he looks far better to play than VJ and arthur. He's quick, can fly and drag his foes from one end of the screen to another, which will lead to a wall bounce which will allow him to keep comboing. Not bad, but his level ones can use work. His fire breath can OTG, which is good, but his other level one, where he turns silver..is still unknown to me, I have no idea what it does. His level 3 looks annoying as hell to deal with. Overall, hes alright, better than hawkeye at least.

Now onto the leaked characters, there's no footage on them now, but I can still speculate about them, these are all just opinions though.

First off we have another doctor, doctor strange. Doctor strange is an alright addition to me, he's kind of appealed to me as a character I wanna see what he can do, since I heard he is pretty OP with magicks. Waiting to see what he can do, for now Im pretty okay with him.

Franky! In my opinion, I would have prefered chuck, as a dead rising 2 player. But meh, frank is good, at least we have a dead rising rep. Plus, frank has been speculated and anticipated for almost 8 months when MVC 3 was 1st announced. Now that hes in, lets see what he can do! I hope he plays around with combo weapons and stuff, that would be way cool.

Hmm, Iron fist eh? I have heard about this guy, but never really got to see what he could do, and honestly, Im not really interested. If hes just another punchy characters with uppercuts, fancy kicks and judo flips, then I'll pass. Not really looking foward to him as of now.

Nemesis? Seriously? Dude we already have 3 RE characters, why put a forth? And a ZOMBIE at that. Sure Nemesis was a boss, was really? We would just be another big hulking character like hulk or sentinel. We dont have much of those, but I can only think of big punches from this guy. Okay, since he has an RL, I assume he has weaponary for a ranged game, but other than that, I dont expect greatness from him. Could have used this spot for another character IMO.

Okay, now I have never ever heard of nova. I have very limited knowledge about the marvel universe, but I have at least HEARD about some characters, like iron fist, scarlet witch etc. By god's name I even heard of characters named howard the duck and rocket racoon! Now, never hearing about nova's name means that this guy is FKED unpopular....at least thats what I think. I have never seen his name in forums for character requests. But other than that..design wise he looks like a capeless magneto, not something that I like. Not really looking foward to a character I havent even heard of.

Yeahh!!!! My boy phoenix finally made it! After all that DLC petition shit, MR WRIGHT IS FINALLY IN THE GAME. Get ready to objection some faggots to kingdom come! I have no freaking idea how wright is gonna play, but BOY am I hyped as hell! I have nothing against what capcom would do with him, go wild capcom! Make him as awesome as you can. But for the love of GOD, please, no floating objection speech bubbles as projectiles, that would suck terribly.

See? Look at this here idiot, rocket racoon! I have heard about this idiot, but who knew that he would look even more idiotic than his name sounded! I see no damn rockets, just a fking racoon with a pistol. What the fck? Is capcom trying to pull off another modok? Ugh, I dont even want to think about it, not looking foward to this fker at all!

Last guy on our list is probably the coolest one of the leaked characters. Vergil's art looks SICK. Here he is people, vergil in all his might and glory, he looks badass, and hes probably going to play as badass. If they give him over 40 moves like dante, dear god, things are gonna be hectic. They BETTER NOT screw vergil up, I have high hopes for him. Keep rocking vergil, we love you, now go join your brother, then we can make the ulltimate DMC team.

Thats all for now, as videos and more info get released, expect more crap from me, for now, peace out people!