Opening songs
OP 1-Loosey (The stripes)

Genre:Action, comedy, science fiction


Bring out the gunz, cause its time for the review of bakuretsu tenshi a.k.a burst angel. Bakuretsu tenshi is an old show, but definetely one that I wanted to watch for a long time, and for some reason I could only bring myself to watch it recently. My 1st impression was this, 4 hot chicks, taking on crime and beating up baddies in big robots, this show gotta be some hentai shit. Well that was the mindset I had back then, 3 or 4 years ago. After watching it, meh, none of that was in it, kinda disappointed. Still, bakuretsu tenshi isnt bad, its good in its own way, and while it may not have straight out nudity, there is fanservice. Good thing they didnt make it the main focus though, bakuretsu  tenshi has substance, and its good enough to please the viewers.

Now the opening song, loosey, is kind of a mixed feeling song. If you listen to it once or twice, or just in the openings, it will suck, terribly. Of course, this is my opinion. But if you bear with it the entire season, and actually give it time, it will become something really addicting. Some crazy old dudes with old school music and crazy japanese rapping....can get addicting real quick.


Even with the pretty old visual style, watching the show in 2011 still proved that visuals arent everything. Comparing such an old show like bakuretsu tenshi with some modern day still holds its own. Bakuretsu tenshi speaks of a common "harem" theme anime, with a guy as the main character, surrounded by 4 young women. Even if thats the case though, bakuretsu tenshi kinda suffers in a case such that the main character doesnt get too much attention. While the anime basically states that hes the main character, he doesnt get half the attention the 4 other girls. Even in the ending, it isnt really clear what happened to him (wont spoil). Its sad, if they focused on him more, things would definetely be more interesting. Other than that, bakuretsu tenshi is just your basic all gal anime with hot chicks kicking burly dudes' asses.

Come on, don't scare the new kid.
 Bakuretsu tenshi's main character is your basic, run-of-mill high school kid named kyohei. Kyohei is your basic high school kid, just that hes learning to be a world class chef. So one day, like any other, kyohei gets hired for a job to be a cook. But little does he know that hes being hired into a group of 4 young ladies that are doing undercover dangerous stuff. Being as clueless as can be, he just accepts the job, but upon doing so, he gets captured by a bunch of suited baddies. The 4 girls are then threatened for a ransom, as the men mistake kyohei for an important friend of thiers. The 4 girls, joe, a cool headed and rash girl who is the team's main powerhouse, meg, the secondary powerhouse who always gets into trouble, amy, the computer whiz in charge of all the technology stuff and sei, the group leader who plans everything, decide to save him. They manage to do so, but meg in the end, gets captured. Since meg got caught trying to save kyohei, he is in the end dragged along in the rescue mission. Kyohei doesnt know what nonsense hes getting into.

Closing up, I would just say that bakuretsu tenshi is a good show, just that it needs more focus on the main man kyohei. With the show as it is now, they should just dub either meg or joe the main character, they get the most screentime. Overall though, the show isnt bad. The charms of bakuretsu tenshi lies in its character interaction and sweet scenerios. Oh and yeah, if you like big bad robots and evil looking monsters, bakuretsu tenshi is definetely for you.