Opening songs
OP 1-motto☆派手にね!(Haruka tomatsu)



Alright I know people, you are probably sick of these harem shows. If you are, too bad, thats the way of the anime industry. Out of 10 released serieses, expect at least 5 or 6 to be harem shows. Kannagi is one of them. If you are going to turn a blind eye to it, dont, I will say this, kannagi is one of the better animes out there, when comparing to other harem animes. It is by no means the best, but its quite worth the watch, Im pretty sure. If you are one of those guys that would watch anything that is funny, go ahead, this is for you.

Opening song! Motto☆派手にね! is great for an opening song tied to a show such as kannagi. Its cheerful and catchy as hell, making for one of haruka tomatsu's best songs. It used to be my favourite song from her (until I met monochrome). The opening animations are funny, and kind of cool to an extent. Definetely a great song.


As said earlier, if comedy is what you are looking for, you will find plenty of it in kannagi. The show doesnt really drag, since it only has 13 episodes. The characters are quirky and funky, your time with the show will surely please you. Set in a modern day japan in a quiet town, with the main character and his friends hanging out at a local high school.... its your typical harem setting. Still, if you overlook its simple surface, you will find a cast of crazy characters, funnier and more interesting than characters in most other harem animes that will make you laugh hard.

Lets see whats in this here room....wait...WHAT?!@#

Kannagi features a main character as your everyday highschool kid with a boring life, with the name of jin. Jin goes to a high school, attends an art club and has quite a passion for art...though he isnt quite good at it compared to his other friends. One day, while working on a sculpture of the local goddess, the sculpture suddenly comes to life, bringing about a young lady with huge resemblance to the goddess. The girl's name is nagi, and she tries to convince jin that she really is a goddess, and that she needs to cleanse impurities among the land. Jin is sceptical and doesnt really belive her, even after buying her a toy wand to use as her "cleansing staff". Jin however decides to help her and ends up having nagi stay at his house and even going to his school. Thus...things start getting complicated when longtime childhood friend mugi finds out and when nagi's sister zange appears and starts seducing jin. Thus, the harem starts.

Kannagi may not seem like anything special. Its not actually, but its definetely a tad better than some of the many comedy and harem shows. A second season seems like an impossibility as of now, but its really isnt needed, the show is pretty much fine as it is. Recommended to those looking for a good laugh.