Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.3

(+)Pros:-Superb fighting engine,-amazing visuals that look flashy and impressive,-mind blowing soundtrack,- great character roster,-online play rarely lags and plays quite smoothly,-well suited for both beginners and veterans alike

(-)Cons:-Story mode is non-existant,-game feels half-finished

gameplay time:50 hours+

Been awhile since marvel 3 made its debut in stores, and its been awhile since I posted my review on gamefaqs. Im tempted to just copy and paste the whole chunk of text here but...meh, its all good. I'll write the review anew, but I won't state as many facts as I did in the gamefaqs since that was a whole fk load of text ( I think over 2000 words?). Anyway, back to the game, marvel 2 was always one of the most competitive games in the fighting game community, with marvel 3 out, many will expect alot out of it, being the successor to the 10 year old monster which was marvel 2. Does it live up to the name, hell yeah it does, but for a game that took so long to develop, we sure are missing a damn lot of stuff.

Story wise.....theres nothing to talk about. We were promised a good story from capcom, and that it would even be written by frank tieri(I think?), one of the genuises behind the marvel comics. But what we ended up getting was no way close a story....Anyway, the gist of it is that wesker teams up with doom, who recruits some of marvel's most sinister minds to join the worlds of marvel and capcom in an attempt to conquer them. Mind you, none of this was even mentioned in the game, this was the wiki explanation. In the game, all we get are the 4 cool ass episodic trailers that explain more than the game's main story endings. Each and every character gets an ending, 2 comic planel illustrations with text. Cool huh? I know right. And the thing is, those illustrations hardly explain anything related to the story, its just random stuff like meeting with other character cameos and talking about some random crap.

Yep, sorry everyone, sent's back, and theres nothing you can do about it.

Despite the very pathetic excuse for a story, marvel 3 excels in its fighting engine. Yep, its one of the best out there, it takes the marvel 2 engine and improves upon it to make it a superb fighting game. There are a total of 38 characters, inclusive of 2 DLC characters (yea its capcom, deal with it). Of the 36 character roster there are quite alot of familiar faces. Wolverine, Ryu, Morrigan, Hulk, Doctor doom, magneto, chun-li and some others should be no strangers to the MVC players. There also also new added characters, some of which are realy cool. Among the newcomers we get cool characters like dante, zero, wesker, deadpool and others. Of course, we have the weirder new comers, such as M.O.D.O.K, she-hulk, amaterasu and others. Even the infamous MSS team makes thier comeback! But nonetheless, the roster is good, and all 38 characters have distinctive play styles and assists.

You can mix and match around to make the perfect team, you have alot of choices, the assists especially, all characters have 3 assists each, and you can work out which assist is best to hook up with your team. Add all these up with the fighting system, you get a fighting game with alot of depth. Theres alot you can have, air comboing with your point character, using assists to OTG for longer combos is one popular choice. Or theres also using assists to either help put pressure on your enemies or make it easier for your point character to get in. Theres alot of depth, and each individual character has long and impressive looking combos of thier own, provided you learn them.

Spencer gives magneto a tase of the bionic arm.
 Marvel 3's fighting system doesnt end there. Theres alot to the game, snap backs, aerial exchange, team counters, DHC, blah blah blah...Throw them all in and you got one complex game, though the button scheme is relatively simple. 3 attack buttons and 1 special button. Its really simple, noobs can easily jump and get the hang of the game real quick. But veterans wont feel left out, since the in-depth fighting will keep them occupied. Still, capcom even threw in simple mode, which is....stupid. The game is simple enough, simple mode simplifies the game even more for babies to play. Its an okay addition...but its not needed. Theres training mode (self explanatory) to test combos, and mission mode to discover new combos. Mission mode is boring but its a good place to learn bnbs. After you get your combos and bearings straight, you can have a go at the online mode, which may I add, runs smoothly.

Button input lags may still be bad, but the net code isnt as bad as lets say, tekken. You will rarely run into matches that give you 2-3 second button input lags, provided you search matches in your own region. You will spend most of your time in online mode, so this makes your experience alot better. There are both ranked and player matches, ranked of course, affects your win/lose record, while player matches are matches you play for fun. Player matches are of course, more recommended, since everyone plays for fun. Ranked matches are filled with spammers and tier whoring faggots (such as myself), its play to win here, so dont be suprised seeing same teams of overpowered characters over and over. All in all, its a great experience.

Poor deadpool, having to eat darkness illusion head on.

Flaw wise, I can name quite alot. The game is practically half finished. The story mode is bad, as I said, its practically non existant.  Whats more, theres too little single player content. Just arcade, versus, training and mission mode wont cut it. Theres alot of stuff that could be here are missing, and thats just sad. Survival and time attack, just to name a few, altough there are people who dont play these, there are always casuals who dont want to play online to get thier asses kicked, and when they turn to offline and theres nothing to do, its a sad case. Online mode has only one flaw, but its a critical one. The lobbies, they have lack of spectator mode. Now this is ridiculously stupid, all fighting games with online functions up to today have spectator modes, MVC 3 doesnt have one. Thats just nonsense. If you join lobbies, while waiting for your turn, you see other players' liscense cards bang each other and a bunch of life bars going down, sure, thats exciting. And if you happen to join an 8 player lobby match...god help you.

Marvel vs capcom 3 is a half finished package that could have been alot better. The gameplay is top notch, definetely, IMO it easily beats games like blazblue or tekken, easily. The fighting is flashy and the visuals are awesome, its too bad that theres so much missing for it to be one of the best fighting games of all times. Word is that there is a super MVC 3 coming out, thats just dumb, we'll see how that goes.

Happy gaming!