Friday, 6 May 2011

Yugioh 5Ds tag force 5

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:-same great gameplay,-character portraits are given a good new overhaul,-more accessable areas than tag  force 4,-much larger variety of characters to choose from to be partners with,-good sountrack.

(-)Cons:-almost nothing new,-tag duels are overshadowed,-tag duel AI is still terrible.

gameplay time:20-30 hours

Moar game reviews! The yugioh franchise has been a suprisingly active one. Konami releases yugioh games twice per year at least, one for PSP and the DS, more precisely, the tag force series and the world championship series. Which series is better? In the earlier games, tag force outclassed the world championship series in so many ways, 2007 and 2008 were good games, but the early tag force games were slighty better. When world championship 2009 came out, the world championship series suddenly became alot better. Tag force is still good, with tag force 4 showing alot of promise, but now with tag force 5, we can expect everything great from tag force 4 and more, right?

As with all other yugioh tag force games out there, the story is as usual, the one that follows the anime. The arc that takes place in TF 5 is the grand prix arc. Nothing special to note here, I stopped the anime after the dark signers arc, so theres nothing here I can provide.

Yup, the CG cutscenes when summoning some monsters still look good and spiffy.
 Tag force 5 follows the very common tag force system that we have seen before, and though its not that impressive by now, its a safe route for them to take. There were no unnessecary tweaks made and the game still played well. The duel system and hearts system remain untouched with almost nothing added in. For the hearts system, you can do everything you were able to do in TF 4 to raise it, talk, duel, give gifts, etc etc. Of course, fail in any of those above or give your partner lousy gifts, they get unhappy and the hearts go down, simple as that.

There are alot more characters in this game than the previous, including new minors, so theres variety when it comes to partner choosing. Plus, the area system present in TF 4 is present here too. Each area contains a set amount of duelists, and depending on the area you visit, that area may or may not have powerful duelists. Visiting satellite related areas pit you against weak duelists, while city and duel academy areas are filled with much more skilled duelists. Also, most of the in-game story characters had redone potraits, which of course look great.

Duel system remains untouched, as always.

Dueling, as always, remains unchanged. This is as it is, no complaints here, since changing dueling is changing the very way of yugioh itself. Still, giving the duel field a new look wouldnt hurt. The music and sound effects are still great though, and at least the music changes. Dueling animations are still great, the exact way they were in TF 4, but the censorship on aki's cleavage is saddening. As with dueling, tag duels remain unchanged, you take turns and switch hands and controls. Duels are the primary tool in increasing hearts and DP, which are used to buy card packs, as well as being the main focus of the game itself (Why would you even touch a yugioh game if you dont like dueling itself?). As a side note, them synchros are still dominating, which is very annoying.

Yep,everything looks great, and at the same time,exactly the same....
  If you noticed, my review wasnt very long, beacuse there was nothing new to comment about. Seriously, almost nothing changed. While the tag force 4 overhaul was great and many things changed, tag force 5 didnt really throw in anything to suprise or impress us. And as usual, tag duels and overshadowed by normal duels. Ask half the population of yugioh game players, they would very much prefer to duel normally than play a tag duel. And, as usual, the tag duel AI is pathetically stupid, as in all of the other TF games, and this ruins story duels, since they are mostly tag duel based.

Tag force 5 is still a good yugioh title for yugioh fans to pick up, but only if you are in for the gameplay. If you are looking for changes, you will be drastically disappointed. As with most of the TF games as well, if you are newcomer to the TF series, tag force 5 is a good game that will eat up a lot of your time. But if you have played TF before, more particularly, TF 4, your play time will be obviously lesser. Still, tag force 5 isnt bad, its nowhere close to that, and can still provide enjoyment for any yugioh fan.

Happy gaming.