Opening songs
OP 1-Balance kiss


I have ALOT of animes to catch up on, in terms of reviews. So I think I may have to speed things up abit. Whats more, Im watching anime at quite a constant pace nowadays (theres absolutely nothing much to do), I might even say my anime priorities are overtaking my gaming priorities, shit. Anyway, yeah, kiss x sis, your everyday comedy and everyday life anime. Why should you even bother about this show, theres really nothing interesting going on. Well, there is 1 reason why people watch this, such as myself. Who wouldnt like to see twin hot sisters fighting over thier little brother?

Ayana taketatsu hasnt been on my radar of j-pop artists until lately, so I didnt know balance kiss was sang by her. Anyway, compared to Help!!Hell side from MM!, balance kiss kinda pales out. Not that its a bad song....its just, too cutesy and pop-ish for my taste. Definetely not her best work.


To be fair, the show does not offer much. Sure its funny on a regular basis, and it does offer a shit load of fanservice (and GOOD fanservice to boot), but story wise theres nothing much going on. Its your typical harem which includes its own share of girls and ladies of big boobs/ flat chests and such. Sure there are male characters, but like most of these shows they arent paid much attention. Most of these everyday harem anime characters are pretty much the same as other counterparts of the genre, but the two sisters however...they are different. They are the 2 characters that keep the show funny and worth to watch. It always entertains me to think how the sisters will try ways to lure their brother over to thier side. Oh and that 1 teacher, shes funny, to say the least. 

Imagine if you were the brother of these twin sisters, hell yeah!
 So, the story revolves around another single lucky young man, by the name of suminoe keita. Keita, like most main characters, is an everyday normal high school student. He has friends to laugh, slack off and talk to about girl prefrences. However, keita has 2 very hot twin sisters and all his friends are jealous of him. In fact, his sisters are so hot that when they go from thier high school to keita's middle school, all the boys flock over to them. His twin sisters, ako and reko are so called "in love" with thier brother, and always try to get him to love them. Though he does on the inside, he just doesnt like to show it. Everyday, the twin sisters try to attract his attention with erotic methods, and in the episodes they each take turns to have a go at him. Of course, the anime isnt only about the 2 sisters (altough they ARE the main focuses here), there are others who want to have a go at our lucky boy keita, a freshman and her sister, a local teacher at the high school that ako and reko attend. Theres also a certain bespectaled girl who tends to pee herself (I know, what the hell) when she finds herself with keita. Its mostly coincidental, but yeah, kinda stupid.

Kiss x sis is very typical, but the twin sisters ako and reko make the show a good watch. Its entertaining to see them just take turns to grab keita's attention, or just go at each other to fight over trivial things, such as a pair of boxers (that belong to keita), or just to see who gets to sleep with him. Its entertaining to an extent, making kiss x sis not that bad of an anime. Still, there are better harems out there.