Saturday, 28 May 2011

Greatest game character: 28 May 11

Been awhile since my previous post on greatest game character. Well, its time for dante to step down and introduce another great character! Today's greatest game character is the renowned black hammer from darksiders, ulthane!

Ulthane is badass, and hes probably the only badass character in the darksiders game. Sure the game had its fair share of cool looking characters, but none of them can compare to the all so awesome ulthane. Its a shame that ulthane doesnt play a major part in the story (though he does end up crafting the armagedon blade after war collects all the shards), but if he did, the story wouldnt be as interesting, since ulthane would probably end up smashing the destroyer with his bland looking but insanely powerful hammer.

War is downright puny compared to ulthane.

Your first encounter with ulthane will probably already reveal much of his badass-ness. While you are actually sent to kill ulthane by samael, theres a slight problem. Yep, thats right, when war runs into the black hammer himself, he doesnt know whats coming. War's fight with ulthane doesnt end very well, his attacks wont pierce him, and most of war's arsenal will barely scratch ulthane. Even with war lobbing cars, sign posts and poles at the big lug, ulthane just says that flinging stones at him wont work. To even  damage ulthane, war has to go all out and enter chaos mode, in which ulthane stated that it "stung" a little.

Basically saying, war, the already powerful and cool looking guy that he is (come on he is practically feared by almost everyone in the game), had to go chaos form to fight on equal grounds with ulthane. Well its fair to say that during that time, war only had part of his power with him, but even if the war at the start of the game were to fight ulthane, he still would need chaos mode to hit ulthane. If the fight dragged, Im sure ulthane would come out on top.

Personality wise, ulthane is very likeable. He seems like a cocky fella, but for his strenght, he definetely deserves it. Hes a lone wolf, and an awesome one at that. He lives alone outside of griever's lair, forging weapons in his house, and always tells trespassers to piss off. He looks down on people, in a funny way. While war is extremely feared as one of the 4 horsemen, ulthane just calls out to him "oy, horseman, over here" casually like nothing. Also, when his fight with war is interupted by the angels, he is NOT pleased, and goes on to kill the angels with war. "Shove off, pigeons!" is all I have to say. The angels are nothing but pigeons to him, just great.

This is exactly how ulthane treats wanabes like war. 
  To say the least, ulthane is skilled with his hammer, he flings it with such force that its like a boomerang, and it able to shatter the hard ice blocks that war can destroy with his gaunlets. He is also strong enough to gap open shut doors that war cannot open. Hes also a renown blacksmith, and that before the war, he took part in the forging of the armagedon blade. This of course, makes him kinda wanted, but even as a lone wolf, no one dares to look for him, since they would probably fall under the might of his awesome hammer. He also crafts a sweet gun for war, known as the mercy, as a "reward" for killing the griver. When war threatens to shoot ulthane by pointing the mercy at him, he daringly puts his head on the tip of gun, and says that hes not afraid of death. Now THATS what I call a man.

Ulthane is one of the very few characters from such a tale that I am seriously interested in. Games like dragon age or warcraft have very little characters that appealed to me, but seriously, ulthane just reeks of awesomeness. I know that a darksiders 2 has been announced, and I seriously hope for some ulthane in that game. Great to see that games such as these still have amazingly appealing characters.

"Do I like like I'm afraid of death to ye?"-Ulthane, the black hammer