Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mecha with a twist!(Asura cryin review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Spiral (Angela)



Alright, Im back after my break on from the marvel vs capcom 3 character impressions. Today Im doing another anime review, and yesss, its asura cryin. On first look asura cryin looks like another typical mecha anime, but its actually not. It has a little bit of supernatural thrown in, with magicks, demons and whatnot. It may sound dumb to throw mechas into an anime with such themes, but still, asura cryin works, and to prove it, it has a second season.

Angela's voice will take some getting used to, but other than that, spiral is an overall good song. It sounds alot like an opera of sorts, but still manages to sound good. Hear it a little bit more and you can start to feel the song's epicness. Opening animations are alright. But as I said before, angela's voice will take some getting used to.


Seriously, I think I have been spoiling myself with nothing but good animes. Asura cryin is yet another great show. It takes place in modern japan, in a regular high school. It has ghosts, demons, cults and lots of other things mixed in, with the addition of the gigantic summonable mechas. The show's terms can be hard to understand at times, but they repeat it so many times that even you get used to it and eventually go along with the flow of the show. While most of the show is action and time spent is usually fighting off demon hordes or each other's clans, some of the episodes just show the main characters fooling around and goofing off. A mix of everthing indeed.

Tomoharu sure is one lucky boy, having 2 chicks with him all the time.

The show revolves around our main character tomoharu, which has one of the weirdest hairstyles one has seen in all anime history. Anyway, tomoharu is just your everyday teenager with 1 problem, he can see ghosts. A ghost actually, which happens to be his childhood friend misao, who died one day in an accident, and ever since then, shes been floating around tomoharu, whom can see her and talk to her everyday like shes still alive. One day tomoharu is entrusted a case by his brother, and strange shit starts happening to him. A young lady named kanaede, who can control fire, suddenly attacks him. Another society also goes after him, for that sole purpose of taking that trunk. Also, another lady, shuri, starts to approach and protect him, as well as encouraging tomoharu to open the case, while the others try to prevent him from doing so. He eventualy opens it, calling forth a great mecha known as the asura machina. From then, his life was never the same, it changed, wheter it was for good or worse.

Asura cryin is a great show that focuses alot more on the supernatural side than anything else. It also has solid action and animations when summonings of the asura machina take place. The cast of characters is very likable and while the ending was pretty much unfinished, it left quite some impact. Great show overall, it even has a second season to offer anyone who wasnt satisfied with the 1st season.