Opening songs
OP 1-High school of the dead (Kishida kyoudan)



Ok, time to start things off slow first. It will take time for me to adjust to the new editor and settings, Im currently just trying out to see if things work out for now. For today Im just gonna do an anime review, the 1st one in a long time in fact. Zombie animes are rare, Im serious. I have only seen zombie loan a long time ago, and it wasn't even that good. Zombie animes are a gem in today's ever growing anime society, and thats sad. So you can expect, with the release of HOTD, things were going to be big, and big it was.

So, high school of the dead, strangely enough it has the same name as the show title itself. Im refering to the opening see, and its pretty good. Kishida kyoudan's vocals are really awesome in this, almost like the opening to some thriller movie. Great song, kinda fitting for the show, you know, same show and all. Though we all gotta admit, the opening has some hefty fan service in it :).


I'll say it, high school of the dead aint worth the hype. Sure, it ended up being a good zombie show, but as a anime, its decent at best. I wont spoil the details, but the show is incredibly half finished, it will end off giving you the WTF thought in your mind. The show has many things, good animation, great voice acting, and the story isn't bad at all, its just the abrupt ending, and fan service, lets not forget that. Anyway, HOTD takes place in our main character, takashi's, high school. It was a day like any other, but suddenly, a crazy business man takes a bite off a teacher's arm, and suddenly, the teacher starts becoming crazy too. Soon, he starts taking bites off nearby teachers, and they all become crazy. This is so simple to imply, they all became zombies. And as one can guess, very soon, this spreads throughout the whole country, and eventually, the world.

Our main character takashi is just a run-of-the-mill teenage boy, and in the time of crisis, he grabs his 2 best friends, rei and  hisashi, to escape the zombies. They get a head start, since takashi turns out to be one of the first to notice the zombies, but to no avail, as soon later hisashi gets bitten by a zombie while trying to save rei. They head to safety, but the inevitable happens. Since hisashi was bitten, he becomes a zombie, and hesitantly, takashi kills his best friend. Soon after takashi and rei attempt to escape the school premises to locate thier family members. They are joined by fellow school mate survivors, takagi, a pink haired childhood friend of takashi's, hirano, a fat boy who is timid at times but is a maniac when it comes to guns, saeko, a 3rd year who is skilled in swordsmanship, and of course, the eye candy nurse shizuka.

HOTD is a good show on its own, but rather than making more scenes about zombie killing, they rather spend time showing the girls bathing and raping each other for fun. Fanservice is good, but they should get to killing sometime you know? Still, the fanservice is solid, so theres nothing to complain about. Overall, its worth a watch if you don't mind busty girls that love killing zombies, as well as jiggling thier own boobs. Oh and lets not forget you will hate the ending, alot.