IT ALL ENDS TODAY. Im not gonna drag with any shit, lets get started right away. Here we go, the final 12!


They just had to put him in, didnt they? Magneto was never on my "liked" list on the marvel side, so him making it in was'nt really something I would be happy for. Whats more, in the MVC 2 tourney scene, he was in the top of tiers, and was a beast. As expected of course, capcom tuned him down in MVC 3, but he is still pretty powerful, and those familiar with the infamous magneto infinite and exploit it in the game as well. Overall, he may not be that OP fker that he was before, but hes still pretty much up there in MVC 3.

+Those familiar with his infinite in MVC 2 can exploit it here.
+Easy to get in and perform combos.
+Disruptor is highly spammable and comes out quick as hell.
+Hyper grab is great on point and as an assist.

-Low health pool.


Well well, what do we have here. Spencer was totally NOT in my call list in this game, and I was definetely suprised to see him here. Luckily, his play style is great, and he didnt disappoint me at all. Spencer, being the bionic commando, relies highly on grapples. His arm allows him to swing around the field to manipulate the flow of battle to his liking. His grapples can fly off in 3 different directions, and if they connect, the opponent can expect to eat at least to painful hits. His bionic lancer is also an excellent hyper.

+Wire grapple allows him to reel in enemies for some painful hits.
+Can swing across the screen to move around.
+Good healthpool.
+Bionic lancer comes out pretty damn quick and can hit quite hard.

-Slow on the ground.
-Grapples are punishable.


And yet we have another unneeded character in the roster. Still, shes another suprise, she-hulk isnt that bad at all. Shes got solid sprint options that allow her to hit the enemy with 3 different attack variations. This can be useful to test your opponent's wit, since they wont know what attack she-hulk will pull off next. To add into her already solid options, she is able to hit the opponent with heavy strike for some good damage and a dizzy effect, you know whats coming next. Yep, free combos.

+Great options with runner's start.
+Heavy strikes makes your target's dizzy and allows you opportunities for free combos.
+Emerald cannon is extremely painful for a level 1 hyper (Provided you follow up).
+Good health pool.

-Hard to get combos in without starting off with heavy strike of runner's start.
-All her hypers are generally only good up close.


Here comes another really screwed up vermin. Do not get me wrong, zero is cool, very cool, probably one of the coolest characters in the roster, but to play against a zero player is just annoying. Zero is built for rushdown, and boy is he a great at it. All zero players tend to do a basic BnB which features him performing an air combo and ending with rekkoha. While that combo isnt extremely damaging, its easy to get caught it in and its easy for the zero player to execute it. Overall, zero has tons of rushdown options and this makes him annoyingly powerful.

+Extremely dangerous at rushdown.
+Hienkyaku helps him get in.
+Making use of zero buster practically makes him twice as dangerous as he already is.
+Sougenmu allows some crazy loops, or just increases the damage he can do.
+Beginner friendly, has easy to perform combos,most of which are quite effective.

-Low health pool.
-Super armor deliberately detroys him.


Behold, the second member of the infamous MSS team in MVC 2. I for one, loathe storm, character design and concept wise. She was never one to pique my interest in the original X-men and X-men evolution cartoon. Her being in MVC 3 never helped, in my case, at least. Gameplay wise, shes much like her MVC 2 counterpart, but a little toned down of course. Her whirlwind and double typhoon have been significantly slowed down...which is good. She isnt the monster she was in MVC 2, but like magneto, she still holds her own pretty damn well in MVC 3.

+Lightning attack can be chained.
+Flight gives her more options.
+Hail storm does ENOURMOUS chip.

-Low health pool.
-Double typhoon's startup time is ridiculous.

30.Crimson viper

Again, like some of the other characters, viper really isnt needed. I guess they needed an SF 4 rep, then in that case I can understand, but if they wanted just another SF rep, bison or cammy would have sufficed. *Shrug* I dont really like her design either. Anyway, viper plays much like her SF 4 counterpart, she can use seismic hammer to OTG, or simply hit enemies from far away. Either way, shes nothing too special of a fighter, except for the fact that she has access to specials that eat up her bars.

+Good rushdown tools.
+Seismic hammer can be timed and measured,allows for ranged damage or OTGs.
+Has focus attacks.

-Weak health pool for a character that main goes melee.
-Can be challenging to learn and perform steady combos with her.


HERE SHE COMES. Currently number one on our OP list, we have the all so scary PHOENIX! Initially, I found her interesting when revealed, and even put her on my "want to try" list. Sure she plays great and all.... but phoenix is an incredibly unique character. For one, she has very lousy health, 400k. Her damage is great, shes got lots of options, wheter it is to fight up close or from afar,and shes got a hyper that lets her heal red health. Also, shes got the game's only 5 bar hyper, which auto activates after she dies with 5 bars. She becomes dark phoenix, gaining INCREDIBLE boosts. Though her health drops at a slow,steady rate, if she decides to X factor, she can cancel that and become the ultimate killing machine, deciminating teams in seconds. It would take forever to explain her cheapness, go look her up on tournaments or league matches.

+Solid options.
+Good basic damage.
+Can teleport.
+Phoenix inferno is a very painful level one and is easily comboable.
+Dark phoenix resurrects her with full health and gives her insane boosts.
+Dark phoenix with X factor is the ultimate cheap combination.

-Abysmal health.
-Snap backs are her worse enemies.


Make way for the mayor of the world! Haggar is probably the games only soild grappler character, I mean, this man is built for grappling goodness! He has lots of different grapples and can do solid damage with all of his moves. His combos may not hit many times, but do not be mistaken, the enemy is taking loads of damage, since haggar does monstrous damage. Haggar is very close range oriented, and doesnt have much options when it comes to getting in, but he has lots of health, and that pipe gives him an extra hand when he needs it.

+Huge health pool, standing equal to hulk and tron.
+Excellent damage output.
+Grapples do great damage.
+Dat pipe!
+Lariat assist is amazing.

-Hard to get in.
-Very close range oriented, gets beat by projectiles easily.
-Not exactly fast at all.


Heres for one of the more solid marvel characters. At first glance on his reveal trailer, he looks really lame and boring, but hey, hes actually quite the badass. I mean, cap's shield techniques, spidey's swinging, hawkeye's bow skills and many more.....he sure knows how to fight. Gameplay wise hes pretty damn good. Spidey swing allows him to cover good distances and his shield charge gives him a good start to his launcher.
To add on, his aim master gives him solid variations.

+Aim master can practically be aimed in many directions.
+Easy for him to get in.
+Legion arrow hyper can be aimed at 3 different directions and can be done likewise in the air.
+Good health pool.

-Some of his specials can be rather slow or hard to time.
-SECRET MOVE pales out in comparison to wesker's counter hyper.


Argghhh, another cheap bastard. Akuma never really appealed to me, design wise and combat wise. He's basically ryu with more impressive attacks. While I dont really like him, I have to say that ryu pales out when compared to akuma. I mean, why use ryu, when theres akuma? Akuma's gohadoken comes out faster than ryu's hadoken, and his tatsu is faster and much more powerful. Akuma even moves faster than ryu! Simply think of akuma as an upgraded ryu, but with 20% lesser health.

+Tatsu is spammable and goes through many attacks.
+Has rather fast movement speed.
+Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo comes up fast as fk, just like ryu's shinku.
+Raging demon is unblockable and easy to execute.

-Low health pool.


Up for grabs in the second position for the game's cheapest character, is the almighty sentinel. Putting him in the game was a HUUUGEE mistake, now thanks to capcom's shenanigans he is everywhere. Congrats capcom! You have just made the game unbalanced. Well, they did nerf his health, but its a little too much for a nerf. Anyway, sentinel is still a huge force to be reckoned with. He has huge damage, a spammable heavy attack (which is a beam) , super armor, flight and drones. In other words, he a big gigantic package of OP-ness wrapped into 1 huge robot. And thus, this completes the MSS team everyone is so scared of.

+Excellent damage output.
+Super armor on many moves.
+Heavy attack is a BEAM that CHIPS.
+Can fly, what is he, an airship?
+Drones assists are godly.

-Nerfed to have low health now.
-Hes a big walking target.


The last and final character of the original roster is none other than hsien-ko. Once again, like many other characters, shes not really needed. A third darkstalkers wasn't really called for, but oh well. Anyway, hsien ko is another unique character to play as, but she is hard to learn and use efficiently. She can throw all sorts of different items at the enemy as projectiles, and the damage for each item varies alot. She can also walk on the air and blink around the screen. She also has her gong, which deflects projectiles, its pretty useful.

+Air walk can be useful.
+Gong is helpful against projectile spammers.
+One of her hypers give her super armor.

-Slow movement speed.
-Low health for a melee character.
-Hard to learn efficiently.

AND I AM DONE. All 36 main MVC 3 characters, in a nutshell that is. Im gonna add these to the side bar for archiving. PEACEEE.

Im taking a break for abit, Im bushed, 3 inasne posts in 3 days :X.