Let us keep the fire on! Yesterday we went through the game's 1st few revealed characters, for now, lets move on to the next 24.

Lets open up with the funky super skrull!

13.Super skrull

Super skrull is an amazing character with tons of tools. During his initial reveal trailer, he looked AWESOME. He has all of the fantastic four's powers, and thus, is no pushover. In the game hes pretty damn good, he has the game's furthest command grab, and lots of various other tools. He is a very verstile character with plenty of ways to deal with his opponent, be it form afar, or up close.

+Plenty of tools for getting around and hitting your opponent.
+Elastic slam is the game's most long reaching command grab.
+Tenderizer is highly spammable and can lead to both of his hypers.
+Great hypers with excellent coverage.

-Slow movement speed.
-Highly punishable moves.


Ah, trish trish.....Dante's companion being in the game wasn't even called for. Regardless, here she is, and shes definetely kicking ass (especially with that smexy win pose, yum yum). No one likes to fight a good trish player, screw that, even a decent trish player can very easily kick some ass. Trish has great mobility with flight, and can lay traps like no tommorow. These traps can be the deathspawn for any careless player, and combining that with many of trish's shanenigans, shes really really scary.

+Laying traps is extremely deadly.
+Air raid gives her safety while laying traps.
+Some good range with heavy attacks.
+Round harvest opens up lots of oppurtunities for combos.

-Low health pool.
-Characters with teleport can destroy her.


Oh my fking god. Gamers, prepare to meet the lousiest character in fighting game history, the "mighty" thor. Putting thor in this game was fine by me, since he was pretty OP in comics and fanboys loved him. Too bad though, he sucks, bad, probably worse than any character I have seen in a fighting game (yes, Exdeath had his uses). I have nvr, by far seen ONE good thor, online or in youtube, or in any video to be precise. To describe how FKED UP he is, a light attack from him is 2x slower than a heavy from someone else. Yes, hes slower than the likes of HULK and even SENTINEL. GAWWD. Where is your mighty thor now fanboys?

+Highest health in game.
+Good damage on standard attacks.

-Absolutely no tools for getting in.
-Requires to be very close to be able to deal efficient damage.
-Overall lousy hypers.


Behold, the mighty and fearful amaterasu. My 1st impression of this dog was that shes really badass, and she had style, the way she fought. But after playing lots of online, I grew to really hate amaterasu, theres only 3 words to reason for this. ONE BUTTON DOG. Unlike thor who was weak as shit, amaterasu is unfair as shit. Her HHHHHHHHHH...... combo spam is ridiculous. Dont think its stupidly easy to block, cause if there is input lag (which there will be most of the time), you WILL SUFFER. 99.9% of the online players' amaterasu do the H spam, and its getting really old and annoying. Plus, shes got alot of tools, coming in the spread of 3 weapon types! Two words, OP! However, without input lag she isnt that bad to play against.

+Solar flare H spam. Need I more?
+Can switch between 3 weapons to fit the situation.
+Can zip across the field easily.
+Cold star spam is another deadly thing to fight against.
+Okami shuffle is FULL SCREEN.
+Vale of mist is useful for both DHC material and assisting in air juggles.
+Tiny hitbox.

-Low health pool.
-Most of the time falls to the like of super armor characters.


Here comes the king of badass. Dormammu is the only right word the symbolise all of which that is badass, just look at him and hear its theme, they have badass written all over them! Dormammu is one sick fker, in game he is great at keepaway, and can put pressure on many characters when his purification and dark hole are used right. Also, mixing his power of the creator and power of the destructor can help create some deadly concuctions, including creating a full screen ground explotion and making the enemy not able to move!

+Keepaway skills are incredibly solid.
+Dark hole and purification are great assists.
+Stalking flare can be very deadly when used right, also serves as good DHC material.
+Can fly and teleport.
+Mixing spells can be very useful in combos or interupting enemies.

-Slow in both attacking and moving.
-Cannot hold his own to most characters in close range combat.

18.Viewtiful joe

Here we have another useless character. Adding joe in the game was just ridiculous in my opinion, and pairing him up with dormammu for reveals was just pure idiocy! Dormammu would obviously draw more attention! Anyway, joe is another low tier character in this game. He's weak, but not nearly as weak as thor, and he can hold his own if used well. Air joe is a great way to deal damage, and shocking pink can be useful when timed well. Also, all his moves can be charged to deal more damage. He also has pretty decent hypers.

+Air joe is highly spammable to do good damage.
+Good hypers that are useful in many situations.
+Small hitbox.
+Good health for someone so short.

-Pathetic range, probably the shortest melee range in the game.
-Weak damage output.
-Moves do far too little damage uncharged.
-None of his hypers do decent chip.


Woot woot, here comes the pain! X-23 at first to me, just felt like a clone, but luckily, her playstyle far exceeded my expectations, and she came to be one of my first characters that I tried out. Shes probably the sexiest female on the marvel side thus far, and she has some mad skills to boot. She Suffers from low healthpool, but is extremely quick, in both speed and move execution. Her slice attacks give her good combo potential, and she can teleport behind the enemy with mirage feint. Not bad at all.

+Quick in most situations.
+Can get in pretty easily to inflict massive hurt.
+Mirage feint is both a good escape and offensive tool.
+Excellent level 3 when successfully landed.

-Low healthpool.
-Level 3 can be a huge waste.


I seriously wasn't too keen on tron at first, I felt like her spot could go to someone else. She seemed kind of meh-ish to me, since I was an ex-tron user, Im pretty damn used to seeing her now. However, gameplay wise, they tweaked her moveset, otherwise, shes generally pretty much the same. Those who had problems against her in MVC 2 will live to deal her her insane antics again. Tron is a tank character, she has good damage, range, and lots of good combo potential. Her gustaff fire assist, is also pretty damn good.

+Gustaff fire is excellent as an assist.
+Generally big healthpool,comparable to that of haggar and hulk.
+High standard damage.
+Drill can be used to get around the field.

-Lacking in terms of speed and mobility.
-Level 1 hypers are highly punshiable.


Get ready, here comes the spider-man! Spider-man is seriously underrated. I was hyped about him being in the game, but when people play him they say he's crap. Sadly that isnt the case, hes just a little bit hard to play. Spider-man is actually a very mobile and verstile character. He can zipline across the field to get around, and has some tools that give him lots of opportunities. Spider sting to spider bite allows for a good OTG and can lead to a good air juggle, while web ball allows for instant unblockable hypers if it hits.

+Zipline gives him excellent movement.
+Web ball is great for cancelling's opponent's actions and allows for instant unblockable combos from you.
+Generally quick in terms of speed.

-Low health since he mostly plays on the melee side.
-Ultimate web throw is hard to time.


Holy shit its wesker! Wesker is an excellent character in the game, but as a wesker mainer, I would like to say something about him. OP. Yes, wesker is definetely OP material. Phantom move can be chained from ANYTHING, even a single gunshot, which comes out quick as hell. His gunshot can also be used to OTG purposes. He is extremely mobile and can deal very painful combos, due to his high standard damage. Whats more, he has alot of health, especially for someone so quick and agile. I think you overdid it, capcom.

+Great damage output.
+Chainable phantom moves allow for very gay combos and mind games.
+Gunshot are quick as hell and can lead to OTGs and phantom moves.
+Alot of health for someone so damn speedy.

-Does very badly against short characters.


Modok? Seriously? A very very bad addition on capcom's side really. Anyway, I grew to like modok, hes one of the game's funnier and more humourable characters. Defeat players with modok and you will be rewarded with a huge trolling win pose. In game modok depends solely on keepaway antics. His analyze cube can store energy to make him even deadlier. Stored energy is used to power up all his moves, including hypers. He can summon a shield , hide behind it and start spamming projectiles, yep, he can be cheap if you want him to.

+Great at keepaway.
+Shields protect him from almost every in-game projectile.
+Can fly to escape or attack from above.
+Having alot of stored energy typically boosts his damage by a huge amount.

-Gets slaughtered up close.
-A teleporter can easily destroy him.


Damn Im tired, good thing Im at the end now. Arthur is a great character to put in the game, and I bet many feel the same. In game arthur is yet again another keepaway monster. He is a known sentinel killer, since his dagger tosses go through neutralize. Anyway, arthur's ranged game goes according to presses. Do the input for dagger toss and press square another 2 times will launch 3 knives, this applies to his lance toss as well. His shield provides great coverage against melee attacks, and he has alot of options for defending himself with all his projectiles.

+Deadly projectiles that are highly spammable.
+Has tools for anti air and on the ground.
+Golden armor makes him alot stronger temporary.
+Goddess bracelet can be easily comboed from most projectiles.
+Shield is great for blocking incoming melee attacks.

-Golden armor breaks after awhile and reduces arthur's defenses.
-Low health pool.

Phew.....Last post coming up....Thats all for now...