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Pokemon Soulsilver

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

My score:8.3

(+)Pros:-Silver and gold remade in gorgeous new style,-battle system is still as addictive as ever,-includes new content,-includes up to gen 4 pokemon,-incredibly long journey all the way up to the elite four redux and the battle against the ultimate trainer,-pokewalker is somehwat innovative.

(-)Cons:-The very same pokemon formula that has been seen over and over,-if you have played the old gold or silver chances are you have seen most of this before. 

gameplay time:50 hours+

With the release of pokemon black and white, I thought I would hurry up and catch up with the releases. Today Im reviewing the last of the gen 4 games, the soulsilver/heartgold collection, on my side, the soulsilver version. Remakes arent my thing, I never played leaf green of fire red, but for the sake of playing with my good pals, I was persuaded into buying soulsilver. So here I am, stating my opinion of the remake of the original silver version, though I have played the original gold/silver games, I must say, soulsilver really impressed me, being a remake and all, it really is quite a great game.

Story wise....theres really nothing much to say here. Pokemon always had similar stories, and soulsilver is no different. You play as a random trainer who is chosen to be given one of 3 startes by the good professor, and you set off on your own journey to fill up the pokedex given to you, as well as persuing a dream to become the pokemon master. You travel from town to town, catching pokemon and beating gym leaders, as well as being confronted occasionally by your rival and the persistant team rocket. Eventually you beat all 8 gym leaders and then fight the elite four, beat the champion, and you have fufilled your dream as being the pokemon master. Same old same old, though there is quite alot of stuff to do even after the elite four, but still, same old same old.

Yes! Contain the beasts with your magical captivating balls!

Pokemon soulsilver is pretty damn similar to every other pokemon game there is out there. You basically either fight or capture. In the wild, you encounter tons and tons of different kinds of pokemon, up to the gen fours. Against wild pokemon, you either beat them to death and get nothing but EXP, or capture them, get their pokedex entry and gain access to using them. Capturing them is the obvious answer, thats what the game is about anyway, but of course you are free to beat them to death if you already caught them before. Capturing is self explanatory, you lower a pokemon's HP, and throw a pokeball, ta-da, you've caught a pokemon. Of course, not all pokemon are so easily caught, you may need to try a few more times, or inflict status effect such as sleep or paralyze.

The battle system is still great,it even lets you fight 2 v 2 battles.

Battling is once again, self explanatory. The battle system in pokemon has always been one of the simplest in all of gaming history, but it sure is addictive, especially if you are dead set to grind your pokemon to level 100. Your pokemon get excess to 4 moves, and you use them tackle your enemies, stragetically of course. Weakness and resistances are present in all pokemon games, and these play a huge factor in battle. Still, its very simple, a water pokemon takes more damage from leaf and thunder type attacks and a bug type pokemon takes more damage from fire types and flying types.

 Knowing your types help alot, especially against gym leaders and the elite four. There are also tag battles, where 4 pokemon face off against each other in a 2v2 fight. This has been introduced before, but its great to have them back in soulsilver. But battling endlessly isnt for naught, the most satisfying part of the game is seeing your pokemon get stroner, gain new moves and evolve, these are what make pokemon games so great. I mean, how satisfied can you feel when you see your helpless magikarp finally evolve into an overpowering gyrados?!

Wut? You dont see this happening everyday....
 Soulsilver may be a great game, but it doesnt stop it from being the same as every other pokemon game out there. The formula is getting old, and they keep recycling it like its nothing. If only nintendo would come up from with something new and mind bending that would shake us pokemon players, sadly that wont be happening soon, since black and white wasnt that mind bending. Whats more, if you are like me, and played gold or silver before, this wont be as fun as a fresh new pokemon game (though it can still be fun).

Honestly, during the time hwen I played soulsilver, I was already raging for a proper sequel, and was ranting that remakes were shit. Thankfully, soulsilver is great, and while its something we have seen before, the great system and new tweaks give it something to boast about. For fans, soulsilver is a great buy, for newcomers, its even more worth the buy.

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mecha with a twist!(Asura cryin review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Spiral (Angela)



Alright, Im back after my break on from the marvel vs capcom 3 character impressions. Today Im doing another anime review, and yesss, its asura cryin. On first look asura cryin looks like another typical mecha anime, but its actually not. It has a little bit of supernatural thrown in, with magicks, demons and whatnot. It may sound dumb to throw mechas into an anime with such themes, but still, asura cryin works, and to prove it, it has a second season.

Angela's voice will take some getting used to, but other than that, spiral is an overall good song. It sounds alot like an opera of sorts, but still manages to sound good. Hear it a little bit more and you can start to feel the song's epicness. Opening animations are alright. But as I said before, angela's voice will take some getting used to.


Seriously, I think I have been spoiling myself with nothing but good animes. Asura cryin is yet another great show. It takes place in modern japan, in a regular high school. It has ghosts, demons, cults and lots of other things mixed in, with the addition of the gigantic summonable mechas. The show's terms can be hard to understand at times, but they repeat it so many times that even you get used to it and eventually go along with the flow of the show. While most of the show is action and time spent is usually fighting off demon hordes or each other's clans, some of the episodes just show the main characters fooling around and goofing off. A mix of everthing indeed.

Tomoharu sure is one lucky boy, having 2 chicks with him all the time.

The show revolves around our main character tomoharu, which has one of the weirdest hairstyles one has seen in all anime history. Anyway, tomoharu is just your everyday teenager with 1 problem, he can see ghosts. A ghost actually, which happens to be his childhood friend misao, who died one day in an accident, and ever since then, shes been floating around tomoharu, whom can see her and talk to her everyday like shes still alive. One day tomoharu is entrusted a case by his brother, and strange shit starts happening to him. A young lady named kanaede, who can control fire, suddenly attacks him. Another society also goes after him, for that sole purpose of taking that trunk. Also, another lady, shuri, starts to approach and protect him, as well as encouraging tomoharu to open the case, while the others try to prevent him from doing so. He eventualy opens it, calling forth a great mecha known as the asura machina. From then, his life was never the same, it changed, wheter it was for good or worse.

Asura cryin is a great show that focuses alot more on the supernatural side than anything else. It also has solid action and animations when summonings of the asura machina take place. The cast of characters is very likable and while the ending was pretty much unfinished, it left quite some impact. Great show overall, it even has a second season to offer anyone who wasnt satisfied with the 1st season.


IT ALL ENDS TODAY. Im not gonna drag with any shit, lets get started right away. Here we go, the final 12!


They just had to put him in, didnt they? Magneto was never on my "liked" list on the marvel side, so him making it in was'nt really something I would be happy for. Whats more, in the MVC 2 tourney scene, he was in the top of tiers, and was a beast. As expected of course, capcom tuned him down in MVC 3, but he is still pretty powerful, and those familiar with the infamous magneto infinite and exploit it in the game as well. Overall, he may not be that OP fker that he was before, but hes still pretty much up there in MVC 3.

+Those familiar with his infinite in MVC 2 can exploit it here.
+Easy to get in and perform combos.
+Disruptor is highly spammable and comes out quick as hell.
+Hyper grab is great on point and as an assist.

-Low health pool.


Well well, what do we have here. Spencer was totally NOT in my call list in this game, and I was definetely suprised to see him here. Luckily, his play style is great, and he didnt disappoint me at all. Spencer, being the bionic commando, relies highly on grapples. His arm allows him to swing around the field to manipulate the flow of battle to his liking. His grapples can fly off in 3 different directions, and if they connect, the opponent can expect to eat at least to painful hits. His bionic lancer is also an excellent hyper.

+Wire grapple allows him to reel in enemies for some painful hits.
+Can swing across the screen to move around.
+Good healthpool.
+Bionic lancer comes out pretty damn quick and can hit quite hard.

-Slow on the ground.
-Grapples are punishable.


And yet we have another unneeded character in the roster. Still, shes another suprise, she-hulk isnt that bad at all. Shes got solid sprint options that allow her to hit the enemy with 3 different attack variations. This can be useful to test your opponent's wit, since they wont know what attack she-hulk will pull off next. To add into her already solid options, she is able to hit the opponent with heavy strike for some good damage and a dizzy effect, you know whats coming next. Yep, free combos.

+Great options with runner's start.
+Heavy strikes makes your target's dizzy and allows you opportunities for free combos.
+Emerald cannon is extremely painful for a level 1 hyper (Provided you follow up).
+Good health pool.

-Hard to get combos in without starting off with heavy strike of runner's start.
-All her hypers are generally only good up close.


Here comes another really screwed up vermin. Do not get me wrong, zero is cool, very cool, probably one of the coolest characters in the roster, but to play against a zero player is just annoying. Zero is built for rushdown, and boy is he a great at it. All zero players tend to do a basic BnB which features him performing an air combo and ending with rekkoha. While that combo isnt extremely damaging, its easy to get caught it in and its easy for the zero player to execute it. Overall, zero has tons of rushdown options and this makes him annoyingly powerful.

+Extremely dangerous at rushdown.
+Hienkyaku helps him get in.
+Making use of zero buster practically makes him twice as dangerous as he already is.
+Sougenmu allows some crazy loops, or just increases the damage he can do.
+Beginner friendly, has easy to perform combos,most of which are quite effective.

-Low health pool.
-Super armor deliberately detroys him.


Behold, the second member of the infamous MSS team in MVC 2. I for one, loathe storm, character design and concept wise. She was never one to pique my interest in the original X-men and X-men evolution cartoon. Her being in MVC 3 never helped, in my case, at least. Gameplay wise, shes much like her MVC 2 counterpart, but a little toned down of course. Her whirlwind and double typhoon have been significantly slowed down...which is good. She isnt the monster she was in MVC 2, but like magneto, she still holds her own pretty damn well in MVC 3.

+Lightning attack can be chained.
+Flight gives her more options.
+Hail storm does ENOURMOUS chip.

-Low health pool.
-Double typhoon's startup time is ridiculous.

30.Crimson viper

Again, like some of the other characters, viper really isnt needed. I guess they needed an SF 4 rep, then in that case I can understand, but if they wanted just another SF rep, bison or cammy would have sufficed. *Shrug* I dont really like her design either. Anyway, viper plays much like her SF 4 counterpart, she can use seismic hammer to OTG, or simply hit enemies from far away. Either way, shes nothing too special of a fighter, except for the fact that she has access to specials that eat up her bars.

+Good rushdown tools.
+Seismic hammer can be timed and measured,allows for ranged damage or OTGs.
+Has focus attacks.

-Weak health pool for a character that main goes melee.
-Can be challenging to learn and perform steady combos with her.


HERE SHE COMES. Currently number one on our OP list, we have the all so scary PHOENIX! Initially, I found her interesting when revealed, and even put her on my "want to try" list. Sure she plays great and all.... but phoenix is an incredibly unique character. For one, she has very lousy health, 400k. Her damage is great, shes got lots of options, wheter it is to fight up close or from afar,and shes got a hyper that lets her heal red health. Also, shes got the game's only 5 bar hyper, which auto activates after she dies with 5 bars. She becomes dark phoenix, gaining INCREDIBLE boosts. Though her health drops at a slow,steady rate, if she decides to X factor, she can cancel that and become the ultimate killing machine, deciminating teams in seconds. It would take forever to explain her cheapness, go look her up on tournaments or league matches.

+Solid options.
+Good basic damage.
+Can teleport.
+Phoenix inferno is a very painful level one and is easily comboable.
+Dark phoenix resurrects her with full health and gives her insane boosts.
+Dark phoenix with X factor is the ultimate cheap combination.

-Abysmal health.
-Snap backs are her worse enemies.


Make way for the mayor of the world! Haggar is probably the games only soild grappler character, I mean, this man is built for grappling goodness! He has lots of different grapples and can do solid damage with all of his moves. His combos may not hit many times, but do not be mistaken, the enemy is taking loads of damage, since haggar does monstrous damage. Haggar is very close range oriented, and doesnt have much options when it comes to getting in, but he has lots of health, and that pipe gives him an extra hand when he needs it.

+Huge health pool, standing equal to hulk and tron.
+Excellent damage output.
+Grapples do great damage.
+Dat pipe!
+Lariat assist is amazing.

-Hard to get in.
-Very close range oriented, gets beat by projectiles easily.
-Not exactly fast at all.


Heres for one of the more solid marvel characters. At first glance on his reveal trailer, he looks really lame and boring, but hey, hes actually quite the badass. I mean, cap's shield techniques, spidey's swinging, hawkeye's bow skills and many more.....he sure knows how to fight. Gameplay wise hes pretty damn good. Spidey swing allows him to cover good distances and his shield charge gives him a good start to his launcher.
To add on, his aim master gives him solid variations.

+Aim master can practically be aimed in many directions.
+Easy for him to get in.
+Legion arrow hyper can be aimed at 3 different directions and can be done likewise in the air.
+Good health pool.

-Some of his specials can be rather slow or hard to time.
-SECRET MOVE pales out in comparison to wesker's counter hyper.


Argghhh, another cheap bastard. Akuma never really appealed to me, design wise and combat wise. He's basically ryu with more impressive attacks. While I dont really like him, I have to say that ryu pales out when compared to akuma. I mean, why use ryu, when theres akuma? Akuma's gohadoken comes out faster than ryu's hadoken, and his tatsu is faster and much more powerful. Akuma even moves faster than ryu! Simply think of akuma as an upgraded ryu, but with 20% lesser health.

+Tatsu is spammable and goes through many attacks.
+Has rather fast movement speed.
+Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo comes up fast as fk, just like ryu's shinku.
+Raging demon is unblockable and easy to execute.

-Low health pool.


Up for grabs in the second position for the game's cheapest character, is the almighty sentinel. Putting him in the game was a HUUUGEE mistake, now thanks to capcom's shenanigans he is everywhere. Congrats capcom! You have just made the game unbalanced. Well, they did nerf his health, but its a little too much for a nerf. Anyway, sentinel is still a huge force to be reckoned with. He has huge damage, a spammable heavy attack (which is a beam) , super armor, flight and drones. In other words, he a big gigantic package of OP-ness wrapped into 1 huge robot. And thus, this completes the MSS team everyone is so scared of.

+Excellent damage output.
+Super armor on many moves.
+Heavy attack is a BEAM that CHIPS.
+Can fly, what is he, an airship?
+Drones assists are godly.

-Nerfed to have low health now.
-Hes a big walking target.


The last and final character of the original roster is none other than hsien-ko. Once again, like many other characters, shes not really needed. A third darkstalkers wasn't really called for, but oh well. Anyway, hsien ko is another unique character to play as, but she is hard to learn and use efficiently. She can throw all sorts of different items at the enemy as projectiles, and the damage for each item varies alot. She can also walk on the air and blink around the screen. She also has her gong, which deflects projectiles, its pretty useful.

+Air walk can be useful.
+Gong is helpful against projectile spammers.
+One of her hypers give her super armor.

-Slow movement speed.
-Low health for a melee character.
-Hard to learn efficiently.

AND I AM DONE. All 36 main MVC 3 characters, in a nutshell that is. Im gonna add these to the side bar for archiving. PEACEEE.

Im taking a break for abit, Im bushed, 3 inasne posts in 3 days :X.

Let us keep the fire on! Yesterday we went through the game's 1st few revealed characters, for now, lets move on to the next 24.

Lets open up with the funky super skrull!

13.Super skrull

Super skrull is an amazing character with tons of tools. During his initial reveal trailer, he looked AWESOME. He has all of the fantastic four's powers, and thus, is no pushover. In the game hes pretty damn good, he has the game's furthest command grab, and lots of various other tools. He is a very verstile character with plenty of ways to deal with his opponent, be it form afar, or up close.

+Plenty of tools for getting around and hitting your opponent.
+Elastic slam is the game's most long reaching command grab.
+Tenderizer is highly spammable and can lead to both of his hypers.
+Great hypers with excellent coverage.

-Slow movement speed.
-Highly punishable moves.


Ah, trish trish.....Dante's companion being in the game wasn't even called for. Regardless, here she is, and shes definetely kicking ass (especially with that smexy win pose, yum yum). No one likes to fight a good trish player, screw that, even a decent trish player can very easily kick some ass. Trish has great mobility with flight, and can lay traps like no tommorow. These traps can be the deathspawn for any careless player, and combining that with many of trish's shanenigans, shes really really scary.

+Laying traps is extremely deadly.
+Air raid gives her safety while laying traps.
+Some good range with heavy attacks.
+Round harvest opens up lots of oppurtunities for combos.

-Low health pool.
-Characters with teleport can destroy her.


Oh my fking god. Gamers, prepare to meet the lousiest character in fighting game history, the "mighty" thor. Putting thor in this game was fine by me, since he was pretty OP in comics and fanboys loved him. Too bad though, he sucks, bad, probably worse than any character I have seen in a fighting game (yes, Exdeath had his uses). I have nvr, by far seen ONE good thor, online or in youtube, or in any video to be precise. To describe how FKED UP he is, a light attack from him is 2x slower than a heavy from someone else. Yes, hes slower than the likes of HULK and even SENTINEL. GAWWD. Where is your mighty thor now fanboys?

+Highest health in game.
+Good damage on standard attacks.

-Absolutely no tools for getting in.
-Requires to be very close to be able to deal efficient damage.
-Overall lousy hypers.


Behold, the mighty and fearful amaterasu. My 1st impression of this dog was that shes really badass, and she had style, the way she fought. But after playing lots of online, I grew to really hate amaterasu, theres only 3 words to reason for this. ONE BUTTON DOG. Unlike thor who was weak as shit, amaterasu is unfair as shit. Her HHHHHHHHHH...... combo spam is ridiculous. Dont think its stupidly easy to block, cause if there is input lag (which there will be most of the time), you WILL SUFFER. 99.9% of the online players' amaterasu do the H spam, and its getting really old and annoying. Plus, shes got alot of tools, coming in the spread of 3 weapon types! Two words, OP! However, without input lag she isnt that bad to play against.

+Solar flare H spam. Need I more?
+Can switch between 3 weapons to fit the situation.
+Can zip across the field easily.
+Cold star spam is another deadly thing to fight against.
+Okami shuffle is FULL SCREEN.
+Vale of mist is useful for both DHC material and assisting in air juggles.
+Tiny hitbox.

-Low health pool.
-Most of the time falls to the like of super armor characters.


Here comes the king of badass. Dormammu is the only right word the symbolise all of which that is badass, just look at him and hear its theme, they have badass written all over them! Dormammu is one sick fker, in game he is great at keepaway, and can put pressure on many characters when his purification and dark hole are used right. Also, mixing his power of the creator and power of the destructor can help create some deadly concuctions, including creating a full screen ground explotion and making the enemy not able to move!

+Keepaway skills are incredibly solid.
+Dark hole and purification are great assists.
+Stalking flare can be very deadly when used right, also serves as good DHC material.
+Can fly and teleport.
+Mixing spells can be very useful in combos or interupting enemies.

-Slow in both attacking and moving.
-Cannot hold his own to most characters in close range combat.

18.Viewtiful joe

Here we have another useless character. Adding joe in the game was just ridiculous in my opinion, and pairing him up with dormammu for reveals was just pure idiocy! Dormammu would obviously draw more attention! Anyway, joe is another low tier character in this game. He's weak, but not nearly as weak as thor, and he can hold his own if used well. Air joe is a great way to deal damage, and shocking pink can be useful when timed well. Also, all his moves can be charged to deal more damage. He also has pretty decent hypers.

+Air joe is highly spammable to do good damage.
+Good hypers that are useful in many situations.
+Small hitbox.
+Good health for someone so short.

-Pathetic range, probably the shortest melee range in the game.
-Weak damage output.
-Moves do far too little damage uncharged.
-None of his hypers do decent chip.


Woot woot, here comes the pain! X-23 at first to me, just felt like a clone, but luckily, her playstyle far exceeded my expectations, and she came to be one of my first characters that I tried out. Shes probably the sexiest female on the marvel side thus far, and she has some mad skills to boot. She Suffers from low healthpool, but is extremely quick, in both speed and move execution. Her slice attacks give her good combo potential, and she can teleport behind the enemy with mirage feint. Not bad at all.

+Quick in most situations.
+Can get in pretty easily to inflict massive hurt.
+Mirage feint is both a good escape and offensive tool.
+Excellent level 3 when successfully landed.

-Low healthpool.
-Level 3 can be a huge waste.


I seriously wasn't too keen on tron at first, I felt like her spot could go to someone else. She seemed kind of meh-ish to me, since I was an ex-tron user, Im pretty damn used to seeing her now. However, gameplay wise, they tweaked her moveset, otherwise, shes generally pretty much the same. Those who had problems against her in MVC 2 will live to deal her her insane antics again. Tron is a tank character, she has good damage, range, and lots of good combo potential. Her gustaff fire assist, is also pretty damn good.

+Gustaff fire is excellent as an assist.
+Generally big healthpool,comparable to that of haggar and hulk.
+High standard damage.
+Drill can be used to get around the field.

-Lacking in terms of speed and mobility.
-Level 1 hypers are highly punshiable.


Get ready, here comes the spider-man! Spider-man is seriously underrated. I was hyped about him being in the game, but when people play him they say he's crap. Sadly that isnt the case, hes just a little bit hard to play. Spider-man is actually a very mobile and verstile character. He can zipline across the field to get around, and has some tools that give him lots of opportunities. Spider sting to spider bite allows for a good OTG and can lead to a good air juggle, while web ball allows for instant unblockable hypers if it hits.

+Zipline gives him excellent movement.
+Web ball is great for cancelling's opponent's actions and allows for instant unblockable combos from you.
+Generally quick in terms of speed.

-Low health since he mostly plays on the melee side.
-Ultimate web throw is hard to time.


Holy shit its wesker! Wesker is an excellent character in the game, but as a wesker mainer, I would like to say something about him. OP. Yes, wesker is definetely OP material. Phantom move can be chained from ANYTHING, even a single gunshot, which comes out quick as hell. His gunshot can also be used to OTG purposes. He is extremely mobile and can deal very painful combos, due to his high standard damage. Whats more, he has alot of health, especially for someone so quick and agile. I think you overdid it, capcom.

+Great damage output.
+Chainable phantom moves allow for very gay combos and mind games.
+Gunshot are quick as hell and can lead to OTGs and phantom moves.
+Alot of health for someone so damn speedy.

-Does very badly against short characters.


Modok? Seriously? A very very bad addition on capcom's side really. Anyway, I grew to like modok, hes one of the game's funnier and more humourable characters. Defeat players with modok and you will be rewarded with a huge trolling win pose. In game modok depends solely on keepaway antics. His analyze cube can store energy to make him even deadlier. Stored energy is used to power up all his moves, including hypers. He can summon a shield , hide behind it and start spamming projectiles, yep, he can be cheap if you want him to.

+Great at keepaway.
+Shields protect him from almost every in-game projectile.
+Can fly to escape or attack from above.
+Having alot of stored energy typically boosts his damage by a huge amount.

-Gets slaughtered up close.
-A teleporter can easily destroy him.


Damn Im tired, good thing Im at the end now. Arthur is a great character to put in the game, and I bet many feel the same. In game arthur is yet again another keepaway monster. He is a known sentinel killer, since his dagger tosses go through neutralize. Anyway, arthur's ranged game goes according to presses. Do the input for dagger toss and press square another 2 times will launch 3 knives, this applies to his lance toss as well. His shield provides great coverage against melee attacks, and he has alot of options for defending himself with all his projectiles.

+Deadly projectiles that are highly spammable.
+Has tools for anti air and on the ground.
+Golden armor makes him alot stronger temporary.
+Goddess bracelet can be easily comboed from most projectiles.
+Shield is great for blocking incoming melee attacks.

-Golden armor breaks after awhile and reduces arthur's defenses.
-Low health pool.

Phew.....Last post coming up....Thats all for now...

Its been awhile, really. Marvel 3 has already been out for 2 months, and it has more than served its purpose. Kinda sad, actually. I have been hyping this game since April last year, its sad to see it go like that. The game was great, roster took awhile getting used to, but it was fun. The game was, suprisingly, more balanced than marvel 2, but it still has its OP characters.

Before I actually tackle my review on the game, Im going through all the in-game characters, all 36 of them. Im not doing DLC characters....since I could not be bothered to spend $7 on either shuma on jill, its kind of a ripoff, in my opinion. So yeah, all 36 characters, spread in 3 posts, 12 characters per post....Yep, its gonna be long. I will be starting with the characters on release, so it starts with....

1. Wolverine

Starting off we have wolverine. Back then, I described wolverine as an over-rated guy that wont die, and was generic as hell for only being a guy with 2 claws with no real special ability (besides his crazy healing factor) . He is a mascot so its only normal for him to appear in this game, and every MVC game to com, IF they are going to be made. Also, hes pretty damn gay in this game to boot.

+Very fast.
+Has easy repititive combos for noobs to abuse.
+Spamming drill claw is CHEAP and helps get into combos.
+Solid hypers,less berserker charge.
+Good health for being so speedy.

-Lousy range.
-Complete lack of projectiles.


Another generic loser. Ryu is the main character of the street fighter series, and is already one of capcom's mascots. Everything ranging from his design to fight style bores, why would people even bother using him when theres akuma, whos basically a badass ryu with more options??!!? Like wolverine he is a mascot, so he would be sure to appear in eveyr MVC game to come. In this game, hes beginner friendly, so many people tend to use him online. When used well, he can be quite a monster.

+Very simple and effecttive BnBs.
+Overall solid hypers.
+Shinku hadoken comes out incredibly quick, can punish assists.

-Quite slow.
-Not many options when it comes to getting in.
-Lousy range.

3.Iron man

Iron man is for the win, hes my favourite marvel character, but in this game, hes probably low tier. I dont understand why they would make him low tier *shrug*. Its not that his unplayable, but he takes skill to play if you do not intend to spam unibeam, hes one of the harder characters to use. Though when used well, I guess he can be strong as well. Dont see many of him online, and even if I do see him, those players just spam unibeam.

+Unibeam is highly spammable.
+Flight mode allows extended combos.
+Proton cannon is an excellent hyper with lots of potential for DHC and hyper team combos.
+Iron avenger is one of the best level 3s in the game.

-Very hard to get into combos,despite his mobility.
-Probably only good from a distance.


Morrigan is pretty fking sexy, but is quite hard to play in the game. Shes another veteran to the MVC series, so I guess having her in is another must. In the game however, she suffers from no dashes at all, and in exchanged she is given hovers. Morrigan can be hard for beginners to play, but like many characters, once mastered she can be a force to be reckoned with. Morrigan players online can be very talented as well.

+Dark harmonizer for one of the game's best assists.
+Flight modes gives her alot more options.
+A well placed astral vision makes her very dangerous.

-Hovering can be hard to manipulate.
-No dashes make her less mobile than most characters.


People say hulk sucks before the game was even released, and I was one of them. He was another marvel character I didnt like, being able to lift mountains and all, thats pretty far off. Anyway, hulks gets the last laugh in this game, hes a monster, he does friggin high damage, and is probably the game's character that does the highest standard damage. He has super armor on his heavy attacks to boot.

+Super armor on heavy attacks.
+Does monsterous damage.
+Has alot of health.

-Lousy mobility.
-Very hard to fight back when pinned from afar.
-Gets eaten alive by speedy characters.


Chris is a protoganist from the resident evil series, and him being in the game was quite a suprise. But now, hes turning out to be quite a solid character. His close quarter combat may leave quite alot to be desired, but his keepaway game is excellent. With his wide range of guns, grenades, and othet zoning options, chris is a excellent at keepaway. His grenade hyper provides excellent coverage as well, even if the 1st hit is dodged, the 2nd is still coming from above, forcing your opponent to block.

+Excellent keepaway.
+Very good health considering his playstyle.
+Magnum moves do great damage.
+Grenade hyper is slow but is great for covering yourself.

-Hard to maintain combos at close range.
-Not the speediest character.


Deadpool is great, a fan favourite that was on high demand and eventually made it into the game. Whats better than a merc with a comedic personality? In the game hes excellent as well, having both good melee and range games. With his guns and grenades, keepaway isnt hard for him. And if he manages to pull of air combos, he can otg with katana rama and finish with a super. A very verstile character, if I am to say so myself.

+Good keepaway antics.
+Not too shabby at melee attacks as well.
+Good hypers,both suited for different occasions.
+Able to teleport in a pinch.

-Teleport blows up on third use.
-Low health if you decide to go melee.


Dante is probably my favourite character in the game, and I can pretty much guess that is the case for most other players as well. Hes a stylish demon hunter with lots of weapons, and the capcom devs decided to input his DMC 3 move list into the game, which isn't a bad choice, considering the hit that it was. He is the character with the most special moves in the game, totalling to a grand total of more than 40 moves, most of which can cancel into each other. He also has probably the game's cheapest teleport.

+Landing only one hit allows for lots of move cancels and can lead into painful combos.
+Great teleport that always puts dante behind his opponents.
+Very beginner and button mash friendly.
+Has a ton of options.
+Million dollars is combo-able into most of his attacks.

-Low health since hes mostly built for melee.
-Predictable, since hes used alot online.

9.Captain america

HAH. I simply loathe this son of a bitch, he has the worse character design EVER. Im pretty sure I said that before, but I felt like I had to say it again. Cap may have a fancy shield, but that doesnt stop him from being a loser. In game however, he isn't bad. Shield toss can be annoying when spammed, though its ntohing compared to his charging star, which goes through projectiles. Many say cap is a great counter for projectile characters, and I would agree.

+Charging star goes through projectiles.
+Shield toss is a great harrassing tool.
+Hyper charging star is very combo compatible, also works as great DHC material.
+Cartwheel can be used for mind games.

-Loses out in terms of speed to most other melee combatants.


Yay! Eye candy for the win. Felicia is another character from the darkstalkers series, and her being in this game wasn't really necessary, but I did grow to like her, so its all good. In game felicia is pretty good, better than morrigan, as I have seen. She can casually walk through attacks like nothing, and she has a pretty small hitbox too, giving her great combatibility.

+Rolling buckler can cancel into alot of better moves.
+Delta kick allows her to zoom around the screen.
+Able to walk through attacks.
+Clinging on walls allow her to avoid some projectiles with ease.
+Small hitbox

-Low healthpool.
-Low standard damage.

11.Doctor doom

Doom is another regular to the series (cant recall if hes in the 1st game, but he should be), and is one of the popular characters in the tourney scene in MVC 2. Hes at least toned down in this game for balance issues. He sucks on point, but like many other characters in the game, people use him stricly for plasma beam spam or hidden missles assists, which is one of the best assists in the game.

+Hidden missles for one of the game's best assists.
+Photon shot and molecular shield have huge coverage.
+Excellent keepaway.
+Has rather good health for a turtling and keepaway character.

-Melee combos can be rather hard to execute.
-Lousy level 1 hypers.

12. Chun li

Chun li is a beast. Her melee game is top notch, and she her lightning legs can be abused for some nasty damage. She is my hatest character to face among the street fighters. A good chun li can deciminate most melee fighters. Though I dont really like this character to begin with, her speed and damage make her one hell of a scary opponent. Paired with the fact that shes the only character with TRIPLE jumps, she really one gal most wont want to fight.

+Great melee game in the forms of fast attacks and lightning legs.
+Lightning legs assist provides good coverage.
+Has TRIPLE jumps.
+Kikouken can be timed to be extremely useful at times.

-Low health pool.

Now THAT was long. More to come, though that will take awhile......

Monday, 18 April 2011

Half minute hero

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:9.0

(+)Pros:-Great fast based gameplay,- lenghty campaign for a game based on 30 second objectives,-4 different gameplay modes add a variety of objectives,-incredibly cracky humour from each and every mode,-story is inevitably enjoyable and entertaining,-immensly memoriable and will not soon be forgotten,-hero 300 is a great way to end an epic game.

(-)Cons:-Too easy once you grasp the concept.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours

School has started, and its time for me to start moping......Well, theres a reason why I chose such an awesome game to review today, its to boost my spirits! Half minute hero, or dubbed yuusha 30 in japan, is a very nostalgic game for some people, due to its 8-bit graphics. Fortunately, it is insanely fun as it is nostalgic, because half minute hero is simply one of the best games I have ever played. Not just on the PSP, but compared to my entire gaming life, half minute hero stands with all the other awe-inspiring games along with the persona series and great final fantasy titles such as final fantasy 7. It may very damn well be the 2nd best PSP game out there......right behind dissidia: final fantasy (then again, this is all my opinion). Fortunately, unlike most RPGs that get butchered, half minute hero got great reviews all around. Awesome!

Half minute hero's plot is probably its best feature. The story talks about a random traveler, who is about to beat a regular evil lord, but the evil lord gained a spell that would destroy the world in 30 seconds. The hero, unable to locate the castle and beat the evil lord as an overall in just a mere 30 seconds, failed. Fortunately, he is saved by the time godess, who lends him her power. In exchange for gold, she can wind back the 30 seconds! Together, the duo went around trying to rid the world of evil lords. Later, the story branches into the future as you control and evil lord who is trying to save his lover, a princess trying to fight for her kingdom , and a random knight, who happens to be revived by a priest. All stories tie together, altough they take place in different timelines, and string together an overall epic piece of a story that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Join the hero as he saves the world in a mere 30,
earning money and beating the big bosses at the same time!

Half minute hero's gameplay is innovative as hell, and probably has not been done before in any game. Everything is based on the 30 second rule. The most in-depth would be hero 30, in which you play as the hero and move around the overworld, beating enemy random encounters, leveling up, earning money and buying equipment, all of which will help in beating the evil lord at the end of the level. Of course, you have to do all of this in 30 seconds, which is high nigh impossible, thats where the time godess comes in.

Everytime you think time is running short, you can go to a nearby town, find her statue and pay her some money to rewind the 30 seconds. Why would she want money in exchange to save the world? This for, you see, the time godess herself is one greedy chick, she wants to milk every cent she can out of you. In every one of the levels in the lenghty hero 30, you will be lending assistance from the time godess, as she constantly turns back time to help you.

Summon an army of beasts to slay your enemies in evil lord 30.

Of course hero 30 isnt all there is to this masterpiece. There are other modes as well, all of which are equaly great and fast paced. Theres evil lord 30, where you play as a "good" evil lord, where the same 30 seconds concept applies. As an evil lord, you summon minions at your disposal to take out those that stand in your path. Theres princess 30, in which you play as an arrogant princess who rides on her knights and shoot away enemies like in a classic top view shooter. Theres knight 30, which is the most interesting of the 3, to say the least. In knight 30, you play as a fallen knight, who has to escort a priest. The preist is being chased by countless monsters, and as a knight, you have to protect the priest, either by defeating the monsters, or getting the priest away from trouble so he can cast his spell of destruction, which takes 30 seconds to cast, but destroys all enemies.

All of these modes, after completed, will unlock the ever so epic hero 300, where things finally end in an epic way. You have 300 seconds to finish the final mission, but you cannot use the time rewind function, and have to go through a long way to beat the boss. And if you are not satisfied after that, theres the optional hero 3 to do, for those elitists out there. You have to do everything as you did before, but in 3 seconds!!

The pampered princess shoots through hordes of monsters in princess 30.

Half minute hero is almost perfect, each and every mode is fun to the max, be it commanding monster hordes in evil lord 30, plowing through enemies with a flurry of arrows in princess 30, or defending the priest from crazy creatures in knight 30. Half minute hero will delight you in everyway, but each of the modes share a common mild factor that degrades the game. The bosses, they are there, they threaten to blow the world up almost every godamn second, but when it comes to beating them down, no strategy is needed, you just plow through them like any other enemy. I would say that giving the boss fights a bit of depth wouldnt hurt.

Half mnute hero is awesome as a game. Its pretty damn innovative, and the story is epic as it is entertaining. Giving it less than a 9 on my end would be tyranny, seing as how this game has impacted my gaming experience, I'd say it has a special place in my heart as one of the best games in the world.

Happy gaming!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Castle crashers

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.2

(+)Pros:-Great campaign filled with levels and levels of fun,-4 player co-op is a blast,-lots of different playable characters and weapons,-frequent boss fights make the game more anticipating,-variety of areas and enemies help stray the game away from repitition.

(-)Cons:-Not as fun alone,-battle can be slightly repititive.

gameplay time:10-20 hours

Downloadable games nowadays are pretty common. Both PSN anf XBL provide tons and tons of downloadable games, perhaps its the future generation of gaming. Just look at the PSP-GO, the whole damn things itself runs on downloadable. Luckily for us gamers, downloadable games aren't bad at all, with many great titles, such as today's castle crashers, these games prove to be as entertaining as disc games. Castle crashers may look like any ordinary 2D side scrolling beat'em game, but combine that with up to 4 player co-op, great character customization, a lenghty campaign, and tons of mini games, you get one hell of an addicting game. Castle crashers is a strong title, and stands to be one of my favourite downloadable game up to date.

Castle crashers' story is near inexistable, but its there. The game doesnt really need a complicated story anyway. You play as a bunch of knights, and are going on in your everyday lives as per normal, when one day a dead knight's corpse comes rolling down a stairs into the knights relaxing chamber. All knights go to arms, and rush to battle, including the knight( or knights if you are playing co-op) you control. When you finally reach the scene, most of the other knights are already dead, and a villian can be seen stealing the king's royal crystal. To make matters worse, the 4 princesses get kidnapped. As a knight of the castle, you are to rescue the 4 princesses and recover the crystal, before the kingdom is doomed!

Beating on abominal snowmen has never been this entertaining.

Being a 2D side scrolling beat em up, you can expect castle crashers' core gameplay to be simple, and it is. All you do is run around fields and beat on hordes of enemies, and when you are done, an arrow on the screen appears, designating you to move to the next area. Its kinda old school, but it works. In battle you can wack your opponent, cast magic, use items, lob arrows at your opponent, and many more. Luckily the game adds in a few tricks for you, to prevent things from getting too boring. For example, there are many playable characters, in which you get only 4 at the start.

Each character has a different starting weapon and different magic attacks. But how each character proceeds on depends all on the player. After a few kills here and there, your character can level up, and you can add stats for that character after each level. The stats system isn't very complicated or special, but its lets the player decide. Be it a monster wrecking strength maniac or a powerful magic master, you choose what your character becomes. And playing aside 3 other players, each with thier own way of playing, makes the game a huge blast.

Look at em dead bodies.

In castle crashers, theres alot to go around. As mentioned before you can distribute stats to whatever way you like, these are mainly for weapons and playstyles. There are loads of weapons in castle crashers, and each weapon have different attributes and stat requirements. Like how a staff requires magic and a hammer requires strenght, it all applies here. There are lots of weapons to choose from, giving players more freedom.The game isn't stingy to throw stages at you too. There are alot of levels in castle crashers, and the scenery changes alot.

You will be visiting lots of areas, including swamps, deserts, factories, volcanic areas and even snowy mountains. And each of these areas have thier own share of weird looking enemies, as well as bosses, which I may add, appear quite often. Bosses are a good way to seperate the game from the tedious minion killing, which can grow boring after you do it for huge amounts of time. Bosses are fun and obviously require different strategies to be dealt with, unlike the usual button mashing to beat minions. Aside from the main game, there are many other mini games to entertain you. Volleyball is lame, but at least its there, arena allows you to battle your comrades. Playing these minigames help relax after a long day of battle.

The game is more fun and hectic when played with friends, as you can see.
 Castle crashers sounds great, but thats only provided that you have friends. Alone, you might not experience the most of what castle crashers has to offer, and it might even bore you. Beating all the mean bosses out there and having win those princess battles by default....really isnt interesting. Its highly recommended you play with at least 1 other player. Battle is also repititive at times, as mentioned before, fighting enemies is just a matter of button mashing, and you will be doing this throughout the whole game, which can get old..... good thing the game has many other factors affecting battle that stray away from mashing.

For a downloadable game, castle crashers is great. It potrays a good side scrolling adventure and emphasizes on the co-op factor, making it and intense blast to play, especially with comrades by your side. If you're one of those players that hunt for downloadables, castle crashers is indeed, one game not to be missed.

Happy gaming.