Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (Arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:-Solid combat,-very beginner friendly,-good long play for just one token,-giant characters are a good concept

(-)Cons:-Limited character choices,-battle is relatively too slow paced at times,-Ai is too simple

Gameplay cost:1 token(Worth)

Oh ho it has been awhile people. Chinese new year this year was pretty meh-ish and I only earned like 200+bucks compared to last year's overwhelming 350. Still, can't really complain with relatives passing away, its common practice to not give red packets when that happens. Anyways, been a long time since I have done an arcade game review, simply cause I havent been going to arcades lately and that the one near my area is pretty sucky, hasnt been updated for a looong time. Well TVC was found at an arcade further from my place, played it a few times, and heres my verdict.

Token wise this game only costs one. Altough this is the basic price for most fighting games in arcades, tatsunoko vs capcom takes this one as worthy. The game is pretty long, though its not blazblue's standard of long, it still is at least 7-8 stages long, and has a cheap ass last boss. The fightning is rather slow paced, so matches willl take quite awhile. All in all, it should last you about 5-10 mins per playthrough, provided you dont screw up.

The gameplay is Tatsunoko vs capcom, is easy yet fun. Its kinda like marvel vs capcom, but more slow paced and instead of 3 characters, you can only pick 2. With the 2, you can tag in and out, as for the reserve character, you call him or her out for assists. Its alot like marvel is a way but sometimes its also not, the fighting is alot more slow paced, and alot less hectic. Assists cant be spammed the way the could be in MVC. I guess this is kinda a good thing, since tier whoring fags loved that is MVC2.

Tatsunoko is an anime company I dont know much about, the only show I watched from them would be casshen sins, which I only watched till episode 3. Im not too familiar with the tatsunoko cast but the capcom cast I know pretty much most of them. Theres ryu ,chunners,alex from street fighter, morrigan from darkstalkers, soki from onimusha, megaman volnut, roll and quite a few more. The game controls arent too hard, you get 3 attack buttons and 1 assist button. Its a fairly simple control scheme so you can pretty much win with any character if you know a move or two. I personally use Ryu and morrigan, for all of my plays of this games (which so far exceed 10). From what I can see the game is at least balanced, more balanced than MVC2. The last boss was well....typical. All last bosses were supposed to be OP.

While the console version of TVC was superior and had quite alot of fighters, the arcade ones had suprisingly little fighters. I placed my coin into the machine wanting to use zero, but to my suprise such a tiny character select screen poped up, revealing only about 15 or so characters. For a game where you have to pick 2 guys thats pretty little. The fighting is rather slow paced, too slow paced for me. I'd rather a more fast paced game like soul calibur or something. FInally its the AI, its so easy that even spammers can win. Damn, the only stage where people will seriously die at is the boss.
TVC is fun, I can see why the console version conquered. The arcade version is simply inferior, it has too little fighters, and without the accessibility to change difficulties, you will have too easy of a time here. If you have a wii, its highly suggested you get TVC, but if you dont, you dont really have a choice but to settle with the arcade version at hand, which is good at its own way, but lacking in characters.

Happy gaming.