Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Space invaders:Infinity gene

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Constant evolutions provide tons of new stuff,-extra challenge missions after finishing the game,-incredibly fast paced shooting keeps you on your toes,-high variety of boss types,- looks alot more advanced than you think it would be,-3D perspectives are kinda cool,- lots of user variety with the big selection of ships.

(-)Cons:-lots of cheap deaths,-the fun ends too soon

gameplay time:Below 10 hours( short)

Old school gamers should have played space invaders back in the day. Newer gamers should have at least HEARD of it. But luckily, its very safe to say, infinity gene is the shit, old and newer gamers alike will find this game awesome. Regardless of not wheter you played space invaders before, infinity gene will trigger your lust for space shooters ever more than ever. Its just too bad that this is one of the shortest games I have ever played, still, its just tons of fun.

Space invaders was never one to have a story, infinity gene is no different. You just play through 5 levels of chaotic shooting, with the inclusion of a level 0. Each level is filled with up to 6 stages. Multiply that its about over 30 stages. The theme in infinity gene is evolution, and thats pretty much all that the game ever promotes, thats pretty awesome, and the game impliments it very well.

Being a space shooter, most will expect space invaders to be like some of the old school arcade plane games. You'd be wrong though. Sure it starts very slow and old school, playing as it did back is the super nintendo days, but then the word EVOLUTION pops up and the whole things revamps into a much more advanced look. Compared to lots of space ship shooters, infinity gene looks amazing. The layout is perfect, the presentation is superb, and there sure are lots of different kinds of enemies, big and small alike. Adding on to the extremely fast paced gameplay, you've got one extremely exciting game ahead.

In infinity gene, there are lots of different kinds of ships for you to use to battle the endless waves of enemies coming at you at each of the different levels. Though you start off with a straightfoward firing pattern ship, you later unlock alot more ships with bizarre attack styles. Theres a ship that fires homing lasers, one that fires wave type patterns, one that generates damaging forcefields upon impact, and even one that generates sabers for melee. There are quite alot of ships, and you unlock them upon clearing levels and gaining evolution points to evolve. You unlock various things while evolving, ranging from BGMs to secret redo and challenge missions. Also, this game has tons of bosses. Since there will be roughly like 30 levels or so, there are around 20 or so bosses. No I am not exagerrating, thats how many bosses this game has. While the early ones were easier, they will be popping up at later levels as normal enemies. Crazy right? But thats what makes the game all the more intruiging.

Infinity gene is TOO SHORT. Yes there are 30 levels and all, and you will be dieing and retrying in most of the stages, but still, with a game this fun, you would'nt expect the game to end so soon. Plus the redo missions and unlocking of new stuff via evolutions, I would say this game gives you 10 hours tops, maybe a little bit more. Following that are the small issues of cheap deaths. Though these arent particularly bad and promote more trial and error, it gets annoying later on. You die by ramming into buildings cause the game moves you too fast, or die from enemies which you thought were part of the background. It can get old.
As a PS3 game, I'd say space invaders:infinity gene is worth your money, though its a fairly short experience overall. If you enjoyed space invaders back in the day, this may be your chance to experience space invaders in a whole new perspective. If you are one of the newer generation gamers such as myself, you will find this to be a refreshing new experience, one that we missed when the old space invaders launched.

Happy gaming.