Saturday, 27 November 2010

Top 5 badass villians(anime) 27/11/10

Its been awhile hasnt it? I totally forgot about this( along with some of the other blog projects) due to me trying to catch up with reviews, no time for these side stuff. Blame school, I have been really busy lately. As usual, spoilers ahoy, and here are today's top 5.

From: Darker than black: Ryuusei no gemini

1st up ranking 5th in the list today is Hei from the 2nd season of darker than black. Many will be confused, I'll explain.

"What the fark? Isn't hei the good guy in season 1 and a good guy in season 2 too?" Well thats mainly true, but the Hei I want to focus on here is the 2nd season's Hei, more particularly episode 1 and 2's Hei, before he started to travel with suou.

Whats so memoriable is, the "good" Hei we have been seeing for the entire season 1 is doing bad stuff here. In episode 1(or 2), Hei is seen killing the father of our heroine, suou. Also, later he kills april, who is doing nothing but just acting as suou's gurdian. Right off the bat Hei kills off 2 of the main character's most treasured family members, right on! He deserves to be here just for that few moments.

From: Angel beats.

4th in the list today is...."god". Well not really, he doesnt have a name, and the only suitable name I could come up for him is "god" since he was behind all the shitty incidents at the end of the series itself.

As I said this guy isn't god, its jus something I came up for him. Towards the end of angel beats, shit gets real, shadows start appearing and start attacking battlefront members. People are getting eaten, and they are turned to NPCs, this means the shadows dont target NPCs, only the battlefront members.

During the long assualt by the shadows, many were sacrificed, and as a final plan, many of the members decided to "rest in peace", to avoid any more being turned to NPCs. At the very end, after many disappeared, the person yuri found behind the big bad "final boss" door was none other than this namless guy. He gave a cool ass speech, and though he said he wasn't the "true mastermind" its pretty obvious hes the guy who set it all up. That was pretty bad, and he did give one hell of a badass speech.

From: Needless

Next up is Aruka from needless, ranking in 3rd today. One of the many female characters in the show, and also the most impacting one.

Needless has many great villians to offer, but aruka takes the spot today. She is the elder sister of none other than cruz, our main character. At the start of the show she helps him escape and pretends to sacrifice herself. Later on she appears as one of the simon corp and even as one of arclight's elite four.

She even had a mask to hide her identity( altough it was pretty obvious). During battle she tells cruz that she regret not killing him earlier, such coldness! She has also pretty badass powers. Agniswatas is a pretty badass fire, and it scored the 3 opponents up against her alone, one of them even being a fire user. Shes definetely the strongest on our list today.

2. Izaya orihara
From: Durarara

2nd position today goes to mister izaya orihara, the sly informant from durarara.

Izaya has a pretty bad reputation in ikebukuro. Practically, he has bad reputation around the most of the show's featured cities and areas. Being an informant he cant possibly do that much bad right?

Wrong. Izaya is one sly fella. He never does the dirty work, he lets information do it for him. During kida's past conflicts against the blue squares while in the yellow scarfs, the one who sold him out was izaya. Who employed celty for countless jobs? Yeap, him, and she doesnt even know he has her head, even at the end of the show he still has it. Also for the yagiris, he was the one who made things sticky and made namie into his pawn. Finally, the show's final arc about the yellow scarf and dollars conflict was mostly his doing for Kida's rashness too. Oh yeah, he's also Shizuo's rival. The only thing in the show that wasnt his doing was probably the mass slasher gang against shizuo.

1. Sasori of the red sand
From: Naruto:Shippuuden

I hate to say this, but today's number 1 villian is from naruto:Shippuuden, and hes none other than sasori of the red sand.

Needless to say I have stopped watching naruto due to its extreme dragginess, but I could never forget this one sucker. I mean, this guy is even cooler than zabuza, which is probably one of THE coolest bad guys in all anime history, not like most wanabe villians in this show( namely itachi, orochimaru and some others).

Im rating sasori here namely for his badasstitude. During the sand village invasion, he partnered with deidara and tried to capture gaara. Though he was left at the side for the main part, he was the one to beat kankurou when he went after the pair. He was the creator of the puppets kankurou used, and he totally OWNED him with his badass scorpion tail. Also later with the fight against chiyoba( one of the strongest characters in the show considering she is one of the sand village legends) and sakura, he put up a 10-ish episode long epic fight. That fight opened my eyes, and is probably my favourite fight in the series, I wont spoil it, go watch the damn thing.

Thats all for now, peace.