Thursday, 4 November 2010


gamespot score:8.0( great)

my score:7.7(good)

(+)pros:-variety of enemies to kill and defeat,-good boss fights,- exploiting TMD moments is an absolute blast,- seeker is one of the best weapons in all of gaming history,- online play totally kicks ass,- difficulty is just right,- upgrading of weapons add more strategizing in future battles of what weapons to use,- good multiple endings

(-)cons:- campaign is rather inferoir to online,- some slight glitches,- annoying voice acting

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

Singularity. A game I DID NOT want to buy AT ALL. This was my brother's purchase, he was dead set on getting this game, so yeah I jus played along. So here it is, singularity. I must say this game is not very popular, since the servers over here are practically dead, its always the same few players over and over, and they are pretty damn high leveled. Its a pity though, given the game's great online play, more people shud be getting this to jump into online. Anyway, get ready for one very generic 1st person shooter review.

The story of singularity is pretty okay. You star as captian reiko, you are going on a mission to a deserted island with your very own team of soldiers. While traveling to the island the platoon is hit with a devastating EMP blast while on thier helicopters, and all crash onto the island. Naturally, as any shooter with such a story would have it, you are the only survivor, and while navigating thorugh the area, you realize one of your teamates is still alive, and start traveling towards him. In your travels you learn about E99, and the orgin of the island, while experiencing your very 1st time travel back in time. You later come to understand the power of E99 and the existance of the TMD( time manipulation device), and the people who are after it.

Singularity is your very generic 1st person shooter game, with a TMD thrown in to make things less boring. Just like every FPS you get weapons and start shooting the shit out of your enemies, be it the E99 mutated freaks or russian soldiers who are just after your TMD. You get some guns, which you can upgrade to make stronger, and some guns which cannot be upgraded and are only for one time use. Some of these are the shotgun, valykrion rifle, pistol and many more, which include a sniper which can slow down time when zoomed. Its cool, but its quite typical now that I have seen it in so many games. You also of course, have your TMD, which has the ability to age people to death and do other various things, such as age or revert items, or turning people into mindless zombies.

Now let me get to the game's core and great feature, its online. Online play is basically simple, you get your basic run of the mill modes, deathmatches and whatnot. But whats fun about the online is tat during matches, you can choose your classes and weapons before going into battle. For both humans and creatures, you have both many varieties to choose from. While both sides have classes that heal team mates, each have thier own special class abilities. Humans have classes that allow them to reflect melee damage, they have classes that allow them to cast impluse, to fling opponents away. Creatures have classes that allow them to take control of humans, allow them to be invisible and some big ass class that basically does painful damage and tanks alot of hits. Online macthes are a blast, as humans you stick together and cover each other's backs. As creatures you camp at different areas and lay ambushes. It never fails to walk up front to anticipate creature attacks as a blitzer, or go sneaking up on your enemies as a phase tick, then take control of them.

Singularity does fall short, mostly in terms of the campagin. Compared to the online, the campiagn is just a mere speck. The campiagn falls short in many ways, puzzles ( they are boring as hell, simple as fck, and I see no point to them), story( its kinda predictable), and others. Most are the glitches. You can walk thorugh some boxes or walls, and go undamaged when triggering mines. You can also get shot while behind walls, cool huh. These only happen during campaign though so dont worry about these hampering your online fun. Also, the voice acting is kinda bad, especially doctor barisov. Though there arent many characters in the game with voices, they mostly suck. The only one with a decent voice is your crewmate at the start of the game.
Singularity is a very generic shooter, with a slighty lousy campaign and a great online mode. Overall, its a good experience if you can overlook the campaign. Packed in with loads of online experience, online play is what one should be looking for in a shooter such as this.

Happy gaming.