Moar marvel vs capcom 3 news yesterday! The reveals were hype and eveyone went absolutely nuts! There were about 4 reveals, Im gonna skim through them real quick.

For the marvel side's number one, we have she-hulk. She looks hot in her character artwork, but other than that, shes really a stupid choice, just like X-23. Nothing more than a hulk clone, though her gameplay roughly differs from hulk, she is more of a beatdown character. She has pretty good damage, a pretty stupid running animation, 1 retarded super and a stupid level 3 hyper. I really dont see the point of adding her in. I would prefer me some miss marvel.

Zero looks like a really good choice. Then again, Im a huge MMX fan and am a bigger zero fan, of all versions( MMX,MMZ,MMZX). I really hoped for aile from ZX, but the MMX zero is fine to me. He looks really powerful ( in fact, too powerful, somewhat dante tier), with combos that look unbreakable, and some insane teleporting prowess. Also so far he does have a butt load of special moves from the gameplay videos. Though I must say his level 3 hyper looks plain, hes an overall solid looking character.

Up for DLC here is shuma gorath. Shuma was fun in MVC 2, I dont understand all the shuma hate around the web, I think hes a solid choice. But since hes for DLC I dont suppose he will be ready to play right off the get-go. Will look foward to using him.

Also up for DLC is jill from RE. Many dont like her new look, same here, the old ones were better. But still, liking the nina williams look, and with that red thing in her chest, I suppose thes a villian in the game.
Thats it for now, hoping for more to be revealed.