Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Top 5 badass villians(anime) 12/5/10

I saw IGN doing that 1 thing about the top 100 villians...thought it was pretty cool. So i'll make a project out of that, making top villiany stuff, but it deosnt limit to games...I'll throw in anime villians as well. And I apologize yet again cuz Im too lazy to do a review today. Okay here are todays 5. The order of the villians are from last to 1st, so the last one will be at the top.....something like that.


From: To aru kagaku no railgun

Tesla is pretty bad. She appears kind enough at 1st, not revealing who she really is to the group of 4. She bailed kirihara out of jail to let her pursue her mission to make her past students awake from thier slumber. Well her mission was to actually steal those kids from kirihara and create the ultimate poltergeist event.

Anyway she abuses the sound programme that makes all espers' powers unavailable for awhile, by giving it to the skill out as the prototype, and further developing it for her final plan, to erase all forms of resistance. She battles misaka twice, with the last time being the final episode.

Shes also the granddaughter of some mad badass scientist who started the level 6 shit.


From: Bleach

Anyone who sees ulquiorra for the 1st time will think hes cool. Well most of them anyway. He is cool, in a way, but kinda cocky. Well thats good to see in a villian, especially one who is so strong.

He appears quite a number of times in the anime already, each time making sure he beats up ichigo real good. He totally owns ichigo the 1st time they cross blades, almost killing him off. Even with the hollow mask he could hardly do any serious damage to ulquiorra. Now in the anime, the 2nd fight is taking place, and ichigo can at least coop up with ulquiorra's fighting style, and are both duking it out. Ulquiorra just did his ressurection.

What makes him so bad is that hes always standing in ichigo's way, hes that large obstacle that prevents ichigo from rescueing orihime.

3. Prince schneizel

From: Code geass, Code geass R2

Schneizel is one cunning motherfucker. His trap which so easily caught lelouch in made it reveal to the entire order of the black knights that zero is actually lelouch. With that one move schneizel easily made lelouch's foundation in the black knights which he built for so long crumble and make them betray and go after him like desperate hounds.

Even after stripping lelouch of the title "zero", he hasnt got enough. When lelouch took the throne after killing the emperor, he was dead bent on killing him. In the final epic battle schneizel was a badass to hide in his impenetratable sky fortress, and give the switch to activate freya with nunally.

It took lelouch awhile to take schneizel down, but the battle before it was one heck of a fight, and the moves that schneizel takes in the series sure make him rather memoriable.


From: Shaman king

Hao is cool, and evil. Being yoh's borther and all, he is the ultimate bad guy in the show. The biggest baddy indeed. He does bad things from thrashing angels to having his very own group of baddies, with him as the leader.

Hao is very powerful, known to be the strongest, if im not wrong. His spirit, the spirit of fire, did in the ashes of thousands. He is so bad that people are already trying to kill him since birth, but only to fail. Even his father, known to be mentor to yoh, failed to beat him and got burnt miserably.

He is one of the best villians I have seen, his mercilessness is brutal and he never lets up, one heckuva bad guy, thats what he is.

1. Pride

From: Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Today's top is pride from fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Pride is puuuurrreee evil, and not to forget that hes possibly the strongest homunculus ( cant really compare him with wrath in terms of strenght, since both of them are so strong).

Pride is strong. Very strong. He lurks deep in the tunnels and trashes the brigg's soldiers like no tommorow. Even the father of the elric brothers has seen his share of difficulty whilst escaping from pride in the tunnel. He also fights a ton of guys, including ed, before the promised day. Even when so many people are against him, he manages to fend off for himself.

Pride is also top for a reason, his actions. Hiding from the furher's wife that he is actually homunculous, eating up glutonny and kimblee for his own selfish gains.... 's yap he's bad alright.

Thats all for now. More to come.