Opening songs-OP 1: super driver

genre:comedy,slice of life


Finished quite some time ago, but didnt review it :p. Anime reviews totally slipped my mind, so apologies there. So....melancholy of haruhi suzumiya S2...a disappointment. Yeah it is, I aint kidding. 1st showed kicked ass,2nd one kinda disappoints. It fails to show it the way it was before. And then theres the endless 8! FUCK THE ENDLESS 8, its the dumbest anime arc ever to hit the face of the earth!!!! The later episodes werent bad too, its such a pity.

Song:super driver(opening 1)
Artist:Aya hirano

Nothing to say here, I love aya hirano. Her songs and voice acting are awesome. Super driver is no exception. This is a great song that stays beating in your head after hearing it a few times. Full version is great too, go download it, Im sure its not too hard to find. And like the 1st series' opening, opening animations are quite solid, so yeah.


This is going to anger haruhi fans, but this show isnt good. I swear if you havent watched it, dont. If you want to watch it, skip episode 3 to 8 or 9. Cast is pretty much the same from 1st season, but the show doesnt live up to its name. Plot is pretty much still about harhuhi's existence as a "god". There isnt much explanation of this is the show itself, and it kinda stinks. Not that it really mattered since this show is actually more about comedy, but I wanted to at least hear abit more from koizumi or the other 2 girls.

Okay haruhi suzumiya 2 starts off after season 1. It continues telling kyon's tale of nothing-ness as he hangs out with his not so ordinary club with his not so ordinary friends and his demanding brigade chief. Spoilers okay? The plot isnt much like 1st season, altough they still spend numerous episodes doing nothing, 1st season had much explaining about the other brigade members' backgrounds, 2nd season had none. Okay maybe this is possibly since the viewers should already know enough about them, but .....its all the endless 8. The reason why I am so diappointed with this endless 8. Its the repeating of the same episode 8 times. Cool right. So...8 episodes of the same thing over and over....and the way they solve it is so ridiculously easy that one cant help but think " So thats the solution?????". Imagine the pain of repeating the same many times..... I mean like 2 times is okay, but 8? Come on, get serious. The end episodes are pretty good so they saved the show from getting below 5.

Im disappointed in this show, and Im sure half the world is. This show could have been so much better, and yeah, seriously, fuck the endless 8.