Friday, 7 May 2010

Plants vs zombies RE

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.5

(+)pros:-lots of well designed zombie enemies and plants,- huge amount of usable pants allow many different in depth strategies,- easy to learn and play,- difficulty is just right,- fun for players of all ages,- lots of in game activity even after the game is cleared.

(-)cons:- not too hard until pretty late in the game,- some mini games may not appeal to all.

gameplay time:50 hours+(long)

Redo review again...yawn. I so wanna do something new but must as well get old stuff over and done with before I start anything else. So heres plants vs zombies, a game for PC. I get many comments on 1st look. Its lame, childish, idiotic. But after I let them try it they all say, "hey, pass me this game". Yap this game is great and can last any average player a shitload of time.

Plants vs zombies has no story, oh well actually it does, but its kinda minor. So yeah, you are the owner of...your house, and one day there's zombies trying to eat your brains, and they come from your front yard. RAAWWR. So as a defense, you plant your special...plants to help defend you. What can plants do? Apparently in this game, plants are zombie killing machines, shooting peas, spikes, posion spouts, cabbages, name them. So to protect yourself, you go through levels of hell, in your front lawn, backyard and roof, to defend yourself from the mad brain eating zombies.

Plants vs zombies is a tower defense game, a fairly easy one to understand at that. Sun is the income in this game, and you need it to build plants. You get sun from the sky, or from sunflowers. With sufficient sun, you build ur zombie killing plants, such as pea shooters, melon pults, cactuses....mostly anything. These are your basic zombie killing plants, shooting them until they die. Other more interesting plants, such as cherry bombs or the chilli, are like build and die. You build them, they self destruct and take any surrounding zombie with them. Its damn cool, and helps you in a pinch. They are also support plants, like the torchwood, making any pea that pass through him go ablaze and do more damage when the pea collides with zombies. Of course we have the defenders, like the walnut, tallnut and the oh so usefull pumpkin.
Since your plants can be eaten by zombies once they go close enough, these guys block thier way, and they have to eat them 1st, of course, the nuts have plenty of hp to spare.

As you can see there are plenty of plants to strategize and think through for using. To add more to the mix, there's night life too. At night, you get access to mushroom type plants, since sun doenst fall from the sky at night, mushrooms are customized so that they are cheap and easy to purchase. And like the wacky plants, mushrooms have thier own spcecialties, which is mostly foaming up poison for the zombies. Other varieties of levels include the backyard, the backyard at night, and the rooftop. Thats 5 types of scenarios, including the lawn at night and the lawn in the morning. And for each scnenerio you get different plants and opponents. Example, at the backyard you have a pool, so you need liliypads to put plants on, and seashrooms, specially made for the water. At the roof, you need pots to place plants on. For enemies, you get ladder zombies for roofs and scuba zombies for the backyard pool, and many more.

Theres alot of plant strategies for one to test and experiment, but the in-game campaign wont get to that soon. You dont get access to many plants early on, and you unlock them stage after stage. Nothing against this, its pretty okay, but since you dont get many strong plants early on, the levels are easy, most of the "huge waves" can be settled easily with a cherry bomb or two. The best part of the game is the survival mode"endless" after you clear the game. It lets you survive for waves and waves until you ultimately get overrun by masses of insane zombies. Another clear game extra are minigames, though some are generally quite enjoyable, some may no appeal to all players.
This is an overall great game. Dont let the childish-ness fool you, its actually an good tower defense game that provides players with lots of in-depth strategies and loads of different enemy formations to make even veterans have problems.

Happy gaming.