Thursday, 20 May 2010

bleach heat the soul 5

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)pros:- good amount of playable characters,- team attacks are nice,- quite alot of in game content,- easy to learn and pick up,- different tasks and objectives add more meaning to main campaign.

(-)cons:-fighting is extremely linear ,- many alternate costumes are the same,- missions from story mode can be annoying for those who cant understand jap too much.

gameplay time:10-20 hours( below average)

Well after quite a delay, here starts bleach heat the soul combo. Today Im starting with bleach heat the soul 5, quite an old game now, say 2 years? Can roughly remember quite alot from the game, characters, play modes etc. This was my 1st bleach heat the soul game, and expected quite alot since it was "all the hype" back when I was in school in 2008. After playing I must say that this wasnt that convinced of it being that great. It was good, and lasted me a short time, but my friends were like all over it..... Anway, heres the overview.

Japanese blah blah blah, dont know the story and shit. However, according to the campaign, missions go from ichigo getting hollow mode until nel vs noitoria, adult nel of cuz. It doesnt take long for one to play the whole campaign, since it only has the major fights within the arcs taking place, etc. ishida and renji vs syazel apollo, rukia vs alaneilo( cant remember to spell his name), and the very major ichigo vs grimmjow.

Gameplay in bleach:HTS 5 is incredibly simple. You get a your HP bar and some sort of "mana" bar which I presume is reiatsu. To fill it up you either charge it for keep attacking your enemy, when 1 bar is filled, you get to do a special move, when a few bars are filled, you get to do a different more powerful special. Yeah yeah simple, you also get to do team fights, 2 v 2. In 2 v 2 gameplay has slightly more depth, offensive, defensive assists kick in. Each character has thier own special assist kind, and doing enough of those allows for a team special. Certain special teams have thier own special attack and animation, etc bankai ichigo and bankai hollow ichigo, adult nel and nnoitoria, hitsugaya and kusaka....others will just be a combo of thier 2 specials.

Bleach: HTS has a fairly big roster, aside from these 31 chrs, there are more when you unlock them via appendix. Each character has thier own moves and specials and assist types. But aside from that, the play style of the game remains mostly the same. Unlike games like tekken or blazblue, bleach :HTS probably wont have crazy combos, air juggling or stuff like that, its just wack wack and wack away. And yeah characters mostly dont look too different like in the show, all wearing thier shinigami clothes and stuff. Altough females chrs get a 3rd alternate costume, the chinese dress, and ichigo and some guys get the school uniform alternate costume. If you ask me its all a conspiracy, cuz all the special costumes look the same too, not like each character gets like thier own special costume.

Well HTS as I said has linear combat, and you will be seeing it alot. Theres quite a lot of content in the game, and though the campaign isnt especially long, many of the fights have ulterior tasks and objectives. And for us non-japanese understanding folk, we wont usually understand these objectives, and have to trial and error. Its part of the progress. Also, after you clear the game, theres a new mode that allows you to fight teams of 2, each of these are the special teams, like I said above, thier specials have different animations. There are lots of pairs to figth, and these will take you awhile.
To tell you honestly, HTS really doesnt have much. The fighting is linear, but fun, you will get into it quickly and like it, but the fun wont last very long, since theres not much to do after you clear every thing this game has to offer to you, free play will be jsut a bore. But overall if you're a bleach fan, you can piece something out of this and have quite a good time. If you're new to the series you can still find at least 1 or 2 characters you will like and stick to them. Overall its a good game.

Happy gaming.