Wednesday, 10 February 2010

best game character:10 february 10

Oh yea. I have had written about so many best game characters. There was FF7 's poster boy cloud, the world ends with you's crazy math genius minamoto, persona 4's detective female ace naoto, mana khemia' emo kid vayne, devil survivor's evil mastermind naoya and the latest( which was 3 months ago) king of iron fist jin kazama. Today on our list is the so far weirdest of them all! Here's hero from half minute hero.(kinda ironic)

In the game half minute hero, hero is one of the 4 playable characters, and is obviously the main character. His story mode is the 1st hundred years of the 500 year goddess era timeline. His gameplay mode is the longest and you're supposed to use him to help stop EVIL from casting the 30 second end -the-world spell. Sounds lame but hero is actually kinda cool. Though the game is always in 8 bit graphics he may look ruined but actually the 8 bit graphics is kinda what makes the game stand out. His actual portrait is pretty cool.

See? Told ya. Hero was a wanderer which went to a king's palace one day and was asked to defeat an evil lord which wanted to cast a spell which could end the world in 30 seconds. He obviously failed, and was saved by the goddess of time, which ultimately gave hero the power to reset time, at a cost. Thus the weird looking clock he is holding... I guess. Hero goes around saving the world, trying to stop the one who is going around teaching other evil lords about the world ending 30 second spell. Well after supposedly close to 100 years, he still couldnt find that person, and thus he asked the time goddess to.... spolers ahead....... I warned ya.

To freeze him in time.

Yes he would rather be frozen in time so that one day when the world was in mortal danger he would be awakened to save the world again. Now this... is a heroic and very honourable act. Also when he returns 400 years later to save the world from endless doom, his reappearence,though quite funny, is epic as hell.

Spoilers end.

Yea since you can customize him he fights with any weapon you equip him with, but defualt he uses a sword, as in the drawing above. Nothing special, he has no special techniques what so ever, but he is still cool.

Hero is indeed, a hero. His couragoeus and honourable acts deserves him the title of best game character. Though pixelated into 8 bit presentation in game, he is still one epic guy.