Saturday, 20 February 2010

My favourite artists(japanese)

Well today Im gonna talk about my taste in music. For awhile now I have been watching animes and you know, I eventually fell in love with openings and endings. So today Im stating my favourite japanese artists in terms of rank.

1. Mami kawada

Mami kawada is awesome! My favourite japanese artist and singer of many good songs for good anime such as shakugan no shana and to aru majutsu no index. Shes the singer that has the most number of songs with her name on my playlist.

favourite songs

Masterpiece(To aru majutsu no index)
Joint(Shakugan no shana 2)
Jellyfish(To aru majutsu no index)


Access is pure cool. Thier song hitomi no tsubasa, is my favourite japanese song of all time. Its just too bad that they only made 2 songs( of which I know). Perhaps they have an album or 2 already? I will go search one day.

favourite songs

Hitomi no tsubasa(Code geass)
Doubt and trust(D.gray man)


Fripside is a new band, cause I dont think they sang any longs very long ago. But the moment I heard flower of bravery from the anime koihime musou I knew I would like the band. They also sang the 2 openings for the recent To aru kagaku no railgun anime.

favourite songs

Only my railgun( To aru kagaku no railgun)
Level 5 ~judgelight~( To aru kagaku no railgun)
flower of bravery( Koihime musou)


Another great singer. Kotoko has such a great voice compared to many japanese female singers. Her voice is just so.... alive. She has a great array of songs too, including the opening song for blazblue:calamity trigger!

favourite songs

Ao-iconoclast(Blazblue:calamity trigger)
sociometry(Shakugan no shana 2)
Face of fact~resolution version( Baldr force EXE resolution)


Ah Flow, extremely popular for thier great songs. They sang songs for quite a lot of shows. I personally think they are a good band, along with many others of course. My favourite among thier songs is world end from code geass R2.

favourite songs

World end( Code geass R2)
Go!!( Naruto)
Word of the voice( Persona trinity soul)

6. Stereopony

From what I am guessing this is one of the new bands as well. They have quite a few songs, but I only like 2, which is good enough since those 2 songs are absolute masterpieces.

favourite songs

Tsukiakari no michishirube( Darker than black 2)
Namida no mukou ( Gundam 00 2nd season)

7. Uverworld

Yeap you saw this coming. I mean who can not like Uverworld. They make great songs, but they have haters I heard, I dont know why... Well its not like theres any band in the world with absolutely no haters! Well here are fav songs from them.

favourite songs

D-technolife( Bleach)
Hakanaku mo towa no kanashi( Gundam 00 2nd season)
Colours of the heart(Blood +)

8. Yui

Many will know Yui. Why? She sang for 2 killer shows, bleach and full metal alchemist brotherhood. Her songs are pretty nice, especially her recent hit again from full metal alchemist brotherhood.

favourite songs

Again( Full metal alchemist:brotherhood)
Rolling star( Bleach)
Life( Bleach)

9.Nami takami

The famous gundam girl!!! She sang a lot for the gundam shows from before. She also sang for D.gray man, making her quite a popular one. Nothing else to say but Nami takami FTW.

favourite songs

Sanctuary (Kiba)
Brightdown( D.gray man)
Realize ( Gundam seed)

10. Orange range

My 10th favourite japanese singers and last of today's list! Orange range is a band with more than one singer, I guess thats quite normal but thier songs are very messy with more than 2 or 3 voices popping out in between one another, but, thats what makes their songs nice!

favourite songs

O2( Code geass R2)
Asterisk( Bleach)
Viva rock( Naruto)

Well thats my top 10 favourite artists. In my book I had to think alot since I liked Ali project and L.M.C alot as well but they couldnt squeese into top 10 for me. Well since I am watching lots of korean MVs now I may do one like this for korean singers some other day.

Liking big bang and 2 ne 1 alot. SNSD is not bad too.