Opening Songs
OP 1 - Coolest! (CustomiZ)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Goodbye To Lost Days (SuneoHair)

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 12

The feeling when you go up against the coolest kid in class and feel stupid for even THINKING about challenging him. That's pretty much "Sakamoto desu ga?" in a nutshell. It is a full blown comedy show all about a protagonist who acts so stupid to the point where he looks like an absolute genius. Basically, its so f**king stupid its good, something similar to that of "Baka Test" back in the day. However, if you're looking for a fulfilling experience with a story and growing characters, "Sakamoto desu ga?" doesn't quite provide that. Instead, its just a show filled to the brim with tons of little stories surrounding the various side characters and their quirky little experiences with our fabulous protagonist. In a way, the show doesn't really get anywhere, but what's here is entertaining if watched in small bursts, only because of how ridiculous it gets at times. If you just want some comedy and quirky fun, "Sakamoto" is the guy for you.

The art of sitting on thing air...

The opening theme sounds way crazier and metal than it need to be. The lyrics are totally uncalled for in contrast with the music, but the song's badass either way. The opening theme is "Coolest!" by CustomiZ. Its a very heavy and powerful song packed with fast music and loud vocals, its my kind of song, but I surely didn't expect to hear it in something like "Sakamoto". The ending theme however, "Goodbye To Lost Days" by SuneoHair, is a slow ballad with relaxing vocals...the complete opposite of the opening theme. Again, not my cup of tea.

Rating: 7.5/10

For what it is, its enjoyable while it lasts. You'll remember it for its ridiculousness, but honestly, its not really something that you'd recommend to everybody. Its good for the memes and it does have some really good episodes, but for what its worth, some of the jokes are easily hit or miss. Hell for the most part, its just about doing ridiculous things, and sometimes that just doesn't sync with everyone. There are also plenty of scenarios that stray away from the ridiculousness and just try to be serious...those don't do too well honestly. Also, since the main focus is on Sakamoto and nobody else, the entire show just ends up being nothing but mini comedy episodes one after another with no real character buildup, which I feel like the show really needs especially during some of the more "serious" moments. But when the show DOES go full retard, it excels in flying colors (the group mixer episode with Sakamoto singing a foreign song is still my favorite), and those are the moments where you should look forward to going forward into this show.

...Only in Sakamoto.

High school student Sakamoto is the coolest kid in class. Nobody knows why, but he is. Everything he does is extremely showy and he simply oozes style in anything that he does. He is extremely popular with both the men and the ladies, though he also attracts a lot of unwanted attention because of that. Welcome to high school, where being targeted means getting attacked by thugs and gangsters, this is what Sakamoto has to deal with everyday. However, instead of fighting back, he acts in ways so ridiculous that even his opposition can do nothing but admit defeat, or even fall prey to his nonsensical ways and get sucked into the groove. Despite being cool, he is also very mysterious, and nobody knows anything about him...which is pretty much why almost every girl wants to get in his life.

"Sakamoto desu ga?" is a simple, ridiculous show that might not be for everyone, however for what it is, its a fun watch nonetheless. I strongly suggest giving this a go if you enjoyed the likes of "Baka Test", though expect no fan service in this one.