Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Hundredth Clone (Hundred review)

Opening Songs
OP 1 - BLOODRED (D-Selections)

Ending Songs
Too many to count*

Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Harem

Episodes: 12

How fitting for the name of this anime to be called "Hundred", seeing as one thing is true about it: There are about 100 other harems out there that do or accomplish the same thing as this one. That's not to say that "Hundred" is BAD....its just flat out standard stuff. This caliber of harem is something that you can easily find anywhere in the anime world, its certainly nothing to write home about. Considering the story, characters and setting here, its blatantly quite normal at this point of time. "Hundred" is simply another harem to add to the mediocrity pile. Its decent, but there is really no reason to pick this one over the many other GREAT harem shows out there. Seriously though, harem shows have recently been quite disappointing and generic of late, and "Hundred" falls into that group. However, if you know what you're getting yourself into and just want another harem to add to your collection (kinda like me when I watched this one), then you can go ahead, because "Hundred" isn't exactly horrible, its just a very standard affair that you've before time and time again...

No harem is complete without our busty high school girls
in bikinis playing in the beach.

This show has the audacity to go for an idol-anime kind of thing where it has multiple ending themes despite being such a short show, with each ending theme having the main voice actresses to sing a song that's used for 2-3 episodes tops, before they change it. Not going to bother giving those a look here, all of them sounded pretty generic...just like the opening theme "BLOODRED" by D-Selections. Its pretty generic for a sci-fi harem opening theme, but I won't lie that, its quite catchy. The upbeat and techno-ish music, the flourishes during the chorus...its not bad, making for an overall enjoyable opening theme.

Rating: 7.0/10

It manages to be quite a safe show for me. I mean, for a harem, sure its something that I've seen before a million times, but its still not a BAD harem. There are definitely worse shows out there, and "Hundred" actually manages to not suck that much despite having one of the most cut and paste opening segments I have ever seen in a harem. Characters are not that well built up except for maybe the main 2 heroines because of how rushed the series tends to be, and the fan service scenes are very...safely done. Its usually cliche stuff that you've seen elsewhere, accidental heroines falling onto the protagonist, panty shots, so on and so forth, nothing really new here. The action scenes however, are not too bad. "Hundred"'s strongest point is the variety of different slayer types in the show, with decent action scenes to back them up. However as usual, it staggers towards the end to deliver a mediocre conclusion, but again, its not the worst.

What did you expect? How else are we going to get the
main heroine to hate our protagonist?

Kisaragi Hayato is one of many youths planning to attend the marine roaming ship island Little Garden and join their military academy to learn how to use Hundred, a weapon made to defeat Savage, monsters that have suddenly appeared all around the world. Being kind of a rising star prodigy with high hopes, he feels reluctant to enroll into the academy at first, and even skips out on his welcoming party. He runs into his childhood friend Emile Crossford, and they attend the opening ceremony together, with the Queen of the academy Claire Harvey making the opening speech. Claire is the strongest Slayer on board, which makes sense that she gets this privilege. The girls planning to throw Hayato a welcoming party are late to the ceremony as Hayato himself snuck away from them, and Claire decides to expel the girls. Hayato steps in, saying that expelling them is ridiculous. Claire, surprised that someone actually dares to step up to her, attempts to expel Hayato to, but it all turns into a duel between Claire and Hayato, with expulsions and pride on the line...

"Hundred" is indeed one of the many hundreds of harem titles out there that don't do anything too special to draw much attention to it. There is of course potential to it, but its held back by typical harem tropes and cliches without any sort of interesting plot developments. Its probably another one of these LN adaptations that won't get any more attention, which is sad to see.