Opening Songs
OP 1 - Checkmate! (MICHI)

Ending Songs

ED 1 - Hey! Calorie Queen (Ayana Taketatsu)

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 12

Every now and then comes a show like "Dagashi Kashi", a show that you know, will go absolutely nowhere the moment you lay your eyes on its very first episode. If you're looking for a compelling romantic comedy series with top notch character development and interactions, this is not the place. Instead, we get another light hearted, enjoyable little cupcake of a show that's pretty much just here for you to crack a chuckle at while you ogle at some boobs. In a way, just like the very theme of the show itself, "Dagashi Kashi" is very much like a fun little snack, it doesn't last very long and its not really packing in volume or lasting impression, but for its run time, its's fun. It's probably not difficult to forget about this one, but at the end of the day, it's just another simple comedy show that's fun while it lasts, It's filled with fan service, stupidity and tons of charm; I am okay with that.

Gotta get that dagashi...

As a simplistic, happy-go-lucky little series, the songs that "Dagashi Kashi" pack are pretty much self-explanatory. "Checkmate" by MICHI is an energetic opening theme that captures the spirit of the show well. The ending theme is "Hey! Calorie Queen"by Ayana Taketatsu, who is also the seiyuu for Hotaru, the main heroine of the show. It certainly fits perfectly with her singing the ending theme here, it's full of quirk and charm, though it sounds a little bit too cute-sy for my tastes.

Rating: 7.5/10

"Dagashi Kashi" is simple, good fun, nothing more, nothing less. Every episode is split into 2 halves, with each half having its own little bit of a story (minus maybe the opening episode and the fnal episode). The entire show delves into the history of dagashi, or simple put, Japanese sweets. Every episode has a little piece of dagashi put into the center as our characters attempt to do silly stuff as they indulge themselves in the sweets. Its a formula that's pretty much overused for the entire show, though they do try to keep it fresh as the cast does some pretty ridiculous things for simply "eating along" for some candy. Oh, and sprinkle in some fan service here and there, since our main heroine does have a pretty amazing rack. There isn't really a full, coherent story here, you're meant to watch the show in small bursts and enjoy the varied episodes about dagashi history. Also, the character cast is rather small, but what's here is pretty amusing, as our characters tend to be quite....colorful.

Now that's just dirty!

Kokonotsu is an aspiring young man who aims to be a manga artist. Unfortunately for him, his dad, Yo, is an owner of a dagashi shop. It's a shop that mainly sells sweets and cheap candy...not something that you can necessarily make a living out of nowadays...well, at least. Yo wants his son to take over his shop, but Kokonotsu doesn't ever want to, as he's after all, aiming to be a manga artist. One day, a girl of his dreams enters his life; this girl is named Shidare Hotaru. The Shidare company is a very successful group that thrive on sweets, and they want to recruit Yo into their team. However, Yo won't leave his shop unless Kokonotsu takes over. Without much of a choice left, Hotaru chooses to stay behind in the countryside town, spending her days educating Kokonotsu and persuading him into taking over the family business. When Kokonotsu's crush and childhood friend Saya finds out about this girls, things just start to become a whole lot more wacky.

"Dagashi Kashi" is not a show that'll swoop you off your feet, but instead, it's one that'll gradually capture you with its quirky charm from start to finish. Because of its simplistic nature, almost anybody can enjoy it, but its fan service might not appeal to everyone. It's one of the more popular shows of 2016, and I can see why.