Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pervertic Post 13: 3D/CG Waifus

When it comes to having virtual waifus, you can't just stick to the world of 2D. The land of 3D/CG has plenty to offer when it comes to breeding beautiful, virtual women of all types, and it's today where I will dive into these 5 fabulous ladies in all their 3D/CG glory.

Stealing hearts since Tekken 5.

Name: Asuka Kazama
From: Tekken Series

Don't look down on this chick, this bountiful high school girl will kick your ass to and forth the street with ease. Asuka is pretty much the sexiest girl in the "Tekken" cast in my opinion, sporting an owl glass body with large breasts and sexy thighs. Her sleeveless attire and tight shirt only seem to further amplify her sexiness, and let's not forget about her win poses! Oo-la-la! And since we can dress our girls up in "Tekken" with a different bunch of outfits, its quite difficult to not get her on your list. Still, considering that "Tekken" has plenty of beauties (Alisa, Nina, Christie, Lili....among many others), it's really quite difficult to choose...

The one and only.

Name: Kasumi
From: Dead Or Alive Series

There's really not much to say about Kasumi, she's smoking hot ever since she made her debut. She's pretty much the face of the DOA franchise, showing up in every game since her debut. Let's not forget that she, alongside Ayane, are the 2 confirmed girls to appear in every "Dead Or Alive: Extreme" games, not only because they are sexy as hell, but because people would flip out in a fan service game without these 2. Kasumi is simply angelic, almost like a seductive angel that seduces you without knowing it. Let's not forget that in the latest DOA, you can pretty much put her in whatever outfit you want, ranging from kimonos to revealing dresses to swimsuits and even school uniforms.

Remake Lara is seriously sexy.

Name: Lara Croft
From: Tomb Raider (Remake)

Lara Croft has always been a super sexy pick and a definite waifu for many nerds around the world, especially in the old days. It's without a doubt that the old Lara was most definitely a bountiful bombshell with that ridiculously sexy body of hers, but the one I have to pick has got to be Lara from the more recent remakes. This Lara, while her body is not AS ridiculous, is sexy enough, and she's got a lot more expressive face that I can get behind. I also like that she's a through and through survivalist that guns the hell down of anyone in her way. New Lara definitely has more spunk to her, and I like that.

Girl you looking real fine.

Name: Isana
From: Knights Of Sidonia

Now Isana may be kind of a doozy here. Early into the series, Isana is introduced as a genderless character, a type of human that adapts to whatever gender he/she wants to be as they see fit. The thing is that when they choose a gender, they can no longer go back. As she develops feelings for Nagate, her body changes permanently to that of a female, and a smoking hot one at that. Sporting probably the biggest bust size among the students since her transformation and an hour glass body figure, Isana takes the cake for the hottest girl in the show. Also, she is so easily flustered, which is f**king amazing.

Any day now, we'll get to see her boobs pop out
of that insecure shirt. Any day now...

Name: Lady
From: Devil May Cry Series

It's really not too strange to see Lady on this list, is there? Ever since her appearance in DMC 3 it was seriously quite hard to chart her off as potential non-waifu material. Her appearance in DMC 4 finally sealed the deal, where we get to see her in all of her HD glory....and boy is she glorious. Scantily dressed in a revealing open shirt with belts and white, short shorts, this woman sure knows how to impress. Now it's only a matter of time before her eventual re-appearance again in a future title....