Opening Songs
OP 1 - Secret Arms (Ray)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Gardens (Mami Kawada)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 14

It never ends, doesn't it? At this point I'm not even surprised anymore: "To Love Ru" is simply one of those shows that will never go away as long as the fan base remains intact. If there's demand for it, there'll definitely be another season. I won't lie, more "To Love Ru" will make me a happy man, that's for sure. With the second season of "Darkness", it brings us even closer to the eventual reveal of Lala's mother (please make it happen in full anime glory)! With more new characters, more ecchi filled scenarios and more screen time with our favorite girls of this harem with a long anime heritage, "To Love Ru Darkness S2" pulls out all the big guns, bringing the ecchi levels to new heights. Those looking for fan service will be more than happy to know that this show somehow manages to be even MORE pervertic than the last season, which is downright insanity. Without further ado, Rito has more boobs to fondle, asses to grab, and panties to dive his face into. All hail the harem lord and king of pervertic accidents!

More Yami and Mea...I can't exactly say no to that, can I?

"To Love Ru" opening theme songs have been somewhat improving in my opinion, especially with "Secret Arms" by Ray here. It'll never have an opening song that's fast or rock heavy due to the nature of the show, "Secret Arms" is as good as it gets with its smooth tempo and good vocals. The ending theme is "Gardens" by Mami Kawada, who is sadly retired at the time of this post. I've always been a fan of her faster paced songs in "Shakugan No Shana" and "Index", which "Gardens" sadly is not. Still, its a slower paced song that's better suited for an ending theme.

Rating: 8.0/10

I won't be ashamed to say it: I very much enjoyed myself with "To Love Ru Darkness S2". Considering the scale of things here, it's extremely hard not to, as a show that delves on having its fan service to be one of its biggest selling points, it does a great job. Hell I still do believe that when it comes to these fan service shows, "To Love Ru" is still THE best franchise to do it, outside of maybe "High School DxD". How Rito spends time with the girls and how his everyday life simply continues to unfold really doesn't get old, despite this being the 4th entry in the franchise. With even some much needed screen time on other girls that usually don't show up (Kujou Rin) and the new character, Nemesis, there's really nothing that's being left out here. "To Love Ru" has always been awfully quirky with its romcom comedic moments, like how Rito frequently causes upskirts, or how he nosedives face first into some random girl's panties...its all here and it skyrockets to insane proportions. The ending arc is even surprisingly well done, with a nice amount of detail, character progression and background story on one of the franchise's most popular but under-developed characters, Yami.

Well, we all know this shit is going to happen eventually.

Taking place directly after the events of the first season of "Darkness", Momo still grows increasingly insistent of making her bat shit insane harem plan come into fruition. Trying to force her ideals onto Rito to become the king of Deviluke and have multiple wives...of course, for that to happen he has to marry Lala first. With Mea now finally being more on the "good" side, there are fewer things interrupting Momo's plans now...until a new sinister presence shows up. Meet master Nemesis, the mysterious voice that has been keeping contact with Mea up till now. Out of nowhere, she suddenly decides to appear in her physical form. She sends Mea on another mission to screw around, and now, Rito suddenly has to worry about the darkness project that happens to be the background story of Yami...

With even the release of an OVA episode that's incredibly high in terms of fan service volume, it's almost confirmed that we haven't seen the end of "To Love Ru".The manga is STILL growing strong, and artist Yabuki Kentarou shows almost no signs of slowing down. Well then, here's to "Darkness" season 3, my fellow weebs!