Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Seiyuus - Young Stars & Brilliant Performers

We'll start off the post with the woman with the cutest voice among today's picks. Ai Kakuma is nothing short of a seiyuu that meets the demands. The is more than capable in voicing both the cute girls and the sexy women. She's got both in her resume, but if you ask me, I'd always go for the sexy ones, because she does a pretty damned good job in those. All in all, she's got a versatile voice. If you'd want to go super cute, she's done Hakua (If Her Flag Breaks), Nina (Aldnoah Zero), Kurase (Shokugeki No Soma) and Rurutie (Utawarerumono). If you want lewd, she's done that before with the deranged Dullahan in "Monster Musume". If you want a matured beauty, she's done a teacher in Roseweiss (High School DxD Born). Julis (Asterisk War Series) is pretty much the regular main heroine as far as her roles go, but for me, I like her kuudere voices. I'm talking Est (Blade Dance Of Elementalers) and Sento Isuzu (Amagi Brilliant Park), with the later being one of my favorite waifuus of all time.

Characters from left to right

1st row - Hakua (If Her Flag Breaks), Nina (Aldnoah Zero), Kurase (Shokugeki No Soma), Lala (Monster Musume)

2nd row - Rurutie (Utawarerumono), Roseweiss (High School DxD Born), Est (Blade Dance Of Elementalers)

3rd row - Sento Isuzu (Amagi Brilliant Park), Julis (Asterisk War Series)

Here comes the breeding horse! Asanuma is one seyiuu I can respect and get behind, this dude actually started off as a script writer more than anything else, and sometimes, he's so good that he gets seiyuu roles for main characters in certain shows. This multi-talented guy is pretty good at what he does, and despite his age (he's 40 this year), he gets the job done on some young/bishonen characters, sounding pretty damned fabulous. He's done his fair share on the older dudes, like old uncle Takeru (Minami-Ke) or the big brother figure Susanoo (Akame Ga Kill). His strength lies in the younger characters IMO, with a hot blooded pretty boy like Maehara (Assassination Classroom), the popular, caring best friend in Takeru (Accel World), the "Big Sister" male character in Nagi (Rakudai Kishi No Calvary) and the flirtatious pretty boy Taro (Ookami-san). Of course, his 2 best roles in my opinion are none other than the godlike Izayoi (Mondaiji) and the breeding horse, hilarious as f**k protagonist Tsuda (Seitokai Yakuindomo).

Characters from left to right

1st row - Maehara (Assassination Classroom), Susanoo (Akame Ga Kill), Nagi (Rakudai Kishi No Calvary), Takeru (Minami-Ke Series)

2nd row - Taro (Ookami-San), Izayoi (Mondaiji), Takeru/Cyan Pile (Accel World), Tsuda (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

Kaito Ishikawa is pretty good, I'm not going to lie. For someone his age, you can call him a young star within the voice acting industry right now. I mean, he's been getting main roles when he was as young as 19! Hell, nowadays, he's pretty much become one of the staples for voicing protagonists in most animes. I won't lie, he does the job well, and his slightly deeper voice makes for a great casting choice for the more hot blooded and serious main characters. He's got the sinister and serious Nine (Zankyou No Terror), the conflicted Fidel (Star Ocean 5), the hot-blooded Nero (Devil may Cry 4:SE), the oblivious protagonists in Harutora (Tokyo Ravens) and Moroha (Seiken Tsukai No World Break) and the young yet somewhat mature hero in Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt). He's done plenty of supporting characters as well, ranging from the conflicted Mitsuo (Golden Time), to the brash young man Kimizuki (Seraph of The End), the responsible class representative Lida (My Hero Academia), and of course, star cyborg Genos (One Punch Man).

Characters from left to right

1st row - Mitsuo (Golden Time), Nine (Zankyou No Terror), Kimizuki (Seraph Of The End), Fidel (Star Ocean 5)

2nd row - Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt), Genos (One Punch Man)

3rd row - Nero (Devil May Cry 4:SE), Harutora (Tokyo Ravens), Moroha (Seiken Tsukai No World Break), Lida (My Hero Academia)

Well shit, Mikako Komatsu is pretty freaking adorable in real life too. Komatsu here has a hell lot of adorable girls in her roles, though like most, she has a great array of choices to choose from in her list of voiced characters. By default, she's got a really tricky voice to rate, I say that because 2 of my favorite characters that she has voiced are Hotaru (Aoharu X Kikanjuu) and Saika (Yahari Series)...both of which are trap characters. God dammit. Well, other than those 2, she has done an array of other cute girls, ranging from the slightly cold Shiina (Gourmet Girl Graffiti), the super normal girl gone mech pilot in Inko (Aldnoah Zero), the arrogant master chef Taki (Shokugeki no Soma), the blunt fighter Rose (Tales Of Zestria) and the girl who is much older than she looks, Izzy (Taboo Tattoo). Then there's Neko (K Series), who is sexy as hell, but has very low sex appeal in how she acts, shame. Speaking of sexy, she's also voiced the deadly Ginger (Gangsta) and the blue haired bombshell in Tsugumi (Nisekoi Series).

Characters from left to right

1st row - Shiina (Gourmet Girl Graffiti), Ginger (Gangsta), Inko (Aldnoah Zero), Taki (Shokugeki No Soma)

2nd row - Tsugumi (Nisekoi Series), Hotaru (Aoharu X Kikanjuu), Izzy (Taboo Tattoo), Rose (Tales Of Zestria)

3rd row - Saika (Yahari Series), Neko (K Series)

I'm surprised it took me such a long time for me to mention her in one of these posts, honestly. Yuko Kaida is nothing short of amazing, and she's been in the industry for quite awhile too, dating back as long ago as during the "Bleach" era. Anyway, Yuko kaida is another one of those seiyuus that voices the more mature characters, call her "one-san", if you would. She's got plenty of sexy women who fir the elder sister archetype, and while some are typically much cuter than others, she's more suited to the more mentor-ish woman role. She's got Elizabeth (Freezing), Claire (Resident Evil Series), Einheria (Bravely Default Series), Garack (Snow White With Red Hair Series), Sumire (Black Bullet) and Yomikawa (Index Series), all of which are pretty much elder-sister type characters of some sort. Then there's Rosa (Final Fantasy 4), who's basically a young wife and Momoka (Ookami-San), the closest thing we have to a cute, high school girl character. Lastly there's everybody's favorite from her, Kido (Mekakucity Actors), the badass leader of the Mekaku City Den.

Characters from left to right

1st row - Elizabeth (Freezing), Rosa (Final fantasy 4), Kido (Mekakucity Actors), Momoka (Ookami-San), Claire (Resident Evil Series)

2nd row - Einheria (Bravely Defauly Series), Garack (Snow White With Red Hair Series), Sumire (Black Bullet), Yomikawa (Index Series)