Ibuki Kido

As one of the relatively newer female seiyuus, Ibuki Kido's got quite a bit laid out for her. While she doesn't have that many characters under her belt now, its quite easy to see her get more as she goes. At the moment, she's just this little adorable, cute-sy girl who voices characters that have relatively high pitched voices. If anything, she's great for cute characters, only okay for anything else. However, if its for that cute and petite character, her voice fits right in. We're talking Kasumi (GJ Bu!), Nanami (If Her Flag Breaks), Claire (Blade Dance Of Elementalers) and the adorable as hell Chinami (Golden Time!). Of course, she has that try hard girl spirit in her debut "Idolm@ster" role in Kana (Idolm@ster Movie), and she does sound kind of hot as Rinka (Tokyo ESP). Amami (Re-Kan!) is her take on a ditsy main heroine, and my favorite role from her is Akiko (OniAi), who is simply just an adorable bro-con with insane fetishes.

Characters from left to right

1st row - Kasumi (Gj Bu!), Amami (Re-Kan!), Kana (Idolm@ster Movie)

2nd row - Nanami (If Her Flag Breaks), Chinami (Golden Time!), Claire (Blade Dance Of Elementalers)

3rd row - Rinka (Tokyo ESP), Akiko (OniAi)

Kouki Uchiyama

The man with an incredibly "protagonist esque" voice. It was almost as if he was made to do these types of main characters. Let's start with the obvious ones, the ones who sound incredibly generic and get all the ladies. He does well on Ichika (Infinite Stratos), and honestly he's also quite good as Raku (Nisekoi), especially with the way he sounds so clueless as times, befitting of these MCs. Then we have the slightly more troubled protagonists, especially the ones he does in video games. I love his performances for Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II) and Neku (The World Ends With You), they are so full of personality, its hard not to like'em. Then there's the slightly cocky Alis (Sunday Without God), the enigmatic Goldov (Rokka No Yuusha) as well as two of his, personally, great rolls, the narcissistic Kanie (Amagi Brilliant Park) and charismatic Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater).

Characters from left to right

1st row - Goldov (Rokka No Yuusha), Ichika (Infinite Stratos), Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater), Alis (Sunday Without God)

2nd row - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), Kanie (Amagi Brilliant Park), Neku (The World Ends With You), Raku (Nisekoi)

Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi is one of those guys whose voice greatly varies from character to character. Its certainly not a stretch to say that from time to time, I still can't tell which character is being voiced by him. Sure, the time for him voicing main protagonists is past, but for what he is, he still puts out some great sounding characters. Speaking of main characters, he's got his famous Lloyd (Tales Of Symphonia), who sounds extremely cheerful for his range, and he's got Kenji (D-Frag), who's always screaming and busy being hilarious as heck. Gakuto (Prison School) is also always screaming, but on a different degree that falls to almost near insanity. The rest of his other roles lie in the badass category, be it the fist totting Kenshi (Fist Of The North Star), the strong, independant gay man in Braht (Akame Ga Kill), the mercenary R (Jormungandr) or the silent soul reaper Hisui (Bleach). Finally, he's got Amon (Tokyo Ghoul), who's the most businessman like of his roles, but also one of his best ones.

Characters from left to right

1st row - Amon (Tokyo Ghoul), Kenji (D-Frag), Hisui (Bleach)

2nd row - Lloyd (Tales Of Symphonia), Kenshiro (Fist Of The North Star)

3rd row - R (Jormungandr), Braht (Akame Ga Kill) Gakuto (Prison School)

Noriko Shitaya

She has certainly done a lot more than this, but I haven't watched or played much media in which I can hear her magnificent voice. Noriko Shitaya's voice is really kind and soothing in most cases, leading her to be a seiyuu that I think would fit very well for those big sister characters. Sure enough, she's got plenty of those in her category, and by god are some of them very, very sexy. First of all, she does well as a plain old girl that craves for discovery in Violet (Trinity Universe), and she's also great as Rydia (Final Fantasy 4). As big sister characters, she's got the sexy, clumsy teacher in Maya (Infinite Stratos), or the ditsy, onee-san figure with a lethally sexy body in Haruko (Maken-Ki). Then she goes full insane as Kyoko (Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?), which is a nice change. Her best and probably most well known voice however, would be for Sakura (Fate Series). Oddly enough all we've seen of her...she sounds very passive and normal, I can't wait for her to do Dark Sakura in the "Heaven's Feel" route.

Characters from left to right

1st row - Maya (Infinite Stratos), Haruko (Maken-Ki!), Kyoko (Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?), Violet (Trinity Universe)

2nd row - Sakura (Fate Series), Rydia (Final Fantasy 4)

Yumi Uchiyama

I'll take more hot girls any freaking day. Yumi Uchiyama's more on the deep side for voicing young, bishojous, but of course, she's excellent in what she does. Like many others, more than having to recognize her voice in an instant, Uchiyama's voice is quite hard to tell apart and she is quite versatile. However, IMO she does best voicing strong girls that sound tough as nails, with my favorites being Irene (The Asterisk War) and Erika (Mahouka). Sure, she sounds quite tough as Irene, and more cheerful as Erika, but she brings out her cute side. With Yuma (Strike The Blood), she sounds quite tomboy-ish, which is also good in this case for sounding versatile, same with Ruri (Nisekoi) who's quite a kuudere, or with Mio (Sabagebu) who's quite haughty. Then we have her sounding young as Fu (Yuki Yuna Is A Hero), and she shows that she can be extremely cute with Mare (Overlord), or simply a sexy onee-san type character with Shiki (Nanana's Buried Treasure).

Characters from left to right

1st row - Mare (Overlord), Irene (The Asterisk War), Ruri (Nisekoi)

2nd row - Mio (Sabagebu!), Shiki (Nanana's Buried Treasure), Fu (Yuki Yuna Is A Hero)

3rd row - Erika (Mahouka), Yuma (Strike The Blood)