Opening Songs
OP 1 - Prison Of Love (Kangoku Danshi)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Our Sinful Hymn (Kangoku Danshi)

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 12

Well, here we are with another show that has a surprising amount of guts. I mean, just by looking at the promotional art for this show, you'd just expect it to be some kind of a sick, pervertic show. Well, you aren't wrong, not in the slightest. At its best, "Prison School" is....extremely erotic. Its dirty, its f**king dirty, its not something you'd want to watch in front of others that lead perfectly normal, non-otaku lives, nope, not at all. If you watched this show on public transport on the way to work on your phone, you'd probably be met with some really, REALLY sorry eyes, that's how different this show is. Its level is so much higher than that of normal ecchi anime, but that's alright, in a way, that's part of "Prison School"'s charm. Its a show that really doesn't hold ANYTHING back, and if you're watching this one for fan service and some really sick comedy, then you're in for a treat. However, if you aren't hardcore, you probably won't be getting the most out of this one;

Yeah, the female leads are sexy, but that's the most you'll get.

Both opening and ending themes are performed by Kangoku Danshi, which is made up of the seiyuus of the 5 main male characters. For a "hardcore" show like "Prison School", they really went all out, especially with the opening theme, making it a lot more metal than it should. In this case, it fits incredibly well, and I think in terms of aesthetics and theme, its one of the better openings in 2015. Its incredibly hardcore as well, and I like that. The ending theme, "Our Sinful Hymn" is similar, its not a boring, slow song, but instead a slightly edgier tune. 

Rating: 7.5/10

It's certainly not a show everyone, but with that in mind, if you're the kind that can stand witnessing this level of fan service and juvenile writing, then you'll probably find "Prison School" to be an incredibly expressive anime. The art direction and character designs are fantastic, a massive amount of detail and work is put into the entire show. The fan service, which is the main point of this show, is insane. Unlike "High School DxD" which goes full retard with its nudity, "Prison School" doesn't go that far, but the acts in which some of the characters are willing to go which may count as..."soft core hentai". Or in some cases, disgusting, but to its credit, its one of the very few shows that manage to go THIS far. I never thought "Prison School" could be adapted into an anime because of its risque nature, but here we f**king are, and the anime doesn't pull much of its punches in showing you how much boobs, panties and blood it can shove into your face. The main genre of the show is comedy, and honestly, it does it well only by making the most out of its highly ridiculous situations, nothing else. Its hard to describe it, but if you're in it to see a bunch of guys suffer in hilariously ridiculous ways with tons of obviously intentional, "out of this world" fan service shoved in, then you're going to have...quite a time.

Kiyoshi, this is only the beginning.

Kiyoshi is just a regular high school freshman with a...very lucky situation to be in. Him along with 4 other young men have been admitted into Hachimmitsu Private Academy, a school that used to be an "all-girls school" until it started accepting males at the beginning of their current school year. Being the only 5 girls surrounded by a multitude of other girls, its like a dream come true, though it soon becomes clear that they're not quite welcome. After an attempted peaking operation on bathing girls went wrong, all 5 of the guys were quickly captured and prosecuted, bearing the hatred of every single girl in the academy. To make matters worse, to pay for their crimes, they were quickly banished into the school's new built "prison" function, in which the 5 guys had to serve their time in there for a month before they were restored back to being regular students. However...on top of the student body stands the student council, which consists of 3, elegantly deadly ladies who have dedicated themselves to snuffing these guys out. Unfortunately for our 5 dudes, its these 3 exact ladies who will be delivering punishment to them while they serve their time in this prison. So much for an awesome start to their high school life...

"Prison School" is just f**ked up and probably won't be a show that many people will enjoy. Still, its rather unique, and I do enjoy the character design and art direction. The fan service is overdone, but I doubt there will be those who enjoy it. If you're  masochist, this will probably be your 10/10 anime. A season 2 is around the corner, I'll be looking out for that.