Thursday, 21 January 2016

Missing Bishonens (K:Missing Kings Review)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Different Colors (Angela)

Genre: Action, Drama, Magic, Science Fiction

Episodes: 1 (Movie)

So....anybody still remember this one? "K" was a show that was kind of good back then, and at the time, it was quickly announced that a movie and 2nd season were both green lit (which I assume is this, along with "K: Return Of Kings"). It really took them awhile, but here we go. "K:Missing Kings" is the supposed sequel of the original "K", and its quite a doozy. It doesn't really answer or solve everything that the original posed us with its honestly unsatisfying ending, and it really only sets itself to build up whatever's left that's going to be solved in season 2. In other words, its one giant cliffhanger that's setting us up for "K: Return Of Kings". That's actually fine, because "K: Missing Kings" looks every bit as good as the original, and maybe even better at times, there is undeniable quality here. However, what we got to see here in terms of story and overall a little bit underwhelming, considering that the movie is only slightly more than an hour or so, since a lot of time is spent on the opening animation and ending credits.

Eh, pretty boys as usual, get used to it.

Like with most or all movies, "Missing Kings" does not have an opening theme. Instead, we get an ending theme sang once again by the wonderful duo of Angela. "Different Colors" is yet another slow but powerful song from them that fits "K" rather well, though this time, since its used on an ending theme, there's not much to really feel about it. Its still a good song though

Rating: 7.5/10

So let's jump straight to it. As always, "K" looks great and manages to stay that way throughout. No hiccups or anything, it's just stylish, cool and great looking all the way. For a direct sequel to the original though, not much is revealed about the story, and as mentioned before, its all just a buildup to season 2 so there's nothing much that actually feels like actual "progress" at all. Even worse is the fact that the series has way too many characters to showcase in a single movie. What the movie does do right however, is showcasing the powers and abilities of whatever characters that were present in the action. We got to see a lot of action from Kuroh and Misaki, as well as a new character called Yukari, who seemed to be kicking all sorts of ass in the movie. Fight scenes are well done and we even got to see one character undergo a massive change in preparation for the 2nd season, and that's Anna. She sure had a whole lot going for her in this movie. Also, the Blue king's faction, it felt like they were almost completely cut out of this one, they didn't have all that much to do during the entire movie....

Anna got pretty badass quickly.

Following the events of the original, Shiro disappeared after he figured out his identity as the silver king. Kuroh and Neko split up, searching the entire Japan for Shiro, but to no avail. They meet up with their previous school mate, Kukkuri to catch up, but soon after, Kuroh and Neko are approached for help by Rikio of the former Red Clan. He's with Anna, and the 2 of them are pursued by members of the Green Clan for unknown reasons. Kuroh and Neko butt in, only for Kuroh to be confronted by one of the Green Clan's strongest members, Yukari. Apparently, Yukari and Kuroh both studied and trained under the same master in the past. The 2 do battle, with Kuroh ending up with a lost. With Anna's safety in jeopardy, Rikio calls upon another former Red Clan mate, Misaki to rescue her. In the mean time, the Blue Clan also prepare for their own course of action. Being the only 2 members of the Silver Clan, Kuroh and Neko go about this with their own methods.

"K:Missing Kings" ends on a note telling us that there's going to be more, and that "more" is none other than "Return of Kings". I'm going to give that one a shot too, but as a stand alone experience, "Missing Kings" is alright. It goes without saying that those who didn't watch the original won't be getting a lick out of watching this, so beware.