Opening Songs
OP 1 - Song Of Hope (ULTRATOWER)
OP 2 - Rising Rainbow (Misokkasu)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Spice (Tokyo Karan Koron)
ED 2 - Sacchan's Sexy Curry (Seiko Omori)

Genre: Action*, Comedy

Episodes: 24

There's "One Punch Man", there's "Shirobako"...then there's this. 2015 has been a wonderful year for anime, and here's another one to show for it. "Shokugeki No Soma" is a wildly popular cooking anime based its manga counterpart, which is also decently popular on its own. I can say this: holy titties. This is probably the closest it gets for a hype as f**k cooking anime that constantly has you on the edge of your seat. "Shokugeki No Soma" is shounen as F**K, no matter what ANYONE says. But seriously, who cares? Its probably a lot more badass than many of the action/adventure animes that I've seen this year. Its oozing with awesomeness, it stares you right in the eye and dares you to watch it. And watch it you shall, for you shall discover one of the finest delicacies of the anime world in 2015 if you do. "Shokugeki No Soma" is packed to the brim with fun, intensity and tasty, tasty food. If you've got the gall, its time to get on and into the kitchen, where greatness awaits!

Yes...this is a f**king cooking show.

The first opening is "Song Of Hope" by ULTRATOWER, which is a rather slow and easy going song. It lacks any sort of punch or "oomph", but for a cooking anime, I guess it works...until the second opening at least. "Rising Rainbow" by Misokkasu is f**king amazing and probably one of my top picks for opening of the year, because of how intense it sounds! Its opening animations is also one of the most badass and nostalgic things EVER, showcasing all the characters and making the whole damn thing look like an action anime. Needless to say, I f**king love it.

Rating: 8.5/10

If there was any doubt that 2015 would not's one that'll prove that theory wrong. "Shokugeki No Soma" rocks in so many ways that its so extremely hard not to fall in love with it and sings it praises. Sure, it falls into the category of "high school fantasies", but it does so many things right and manages to be different enough with its cooking theme to not be that cliched. Sure, at some points you'd mistake its plot for a typical fighting anime with a typical cocky as hell main character, but remember boys, this is a COOKING show. It takes an extremely unique spin of a certain boy's high school life and turns it into an academic, cooking nightmare for him....and its perfect. There are a ton of amazing characters and straight out epic cooking duels that'll just make you crave for more...just as you would crave for more good fights in a good fighting anime. "Shokugeki No Soma" never does pull its punches and introduces a ton of different, exotic foods that'll make you...surprised, to say the least. And of course, comedy and fan service are top notch. If there's anything to keep you occupied while characters are having epic cook-offs, its having both hot girls and guys alike strip to the rhythm of the food that's doings wonders to the insides of their mouths and their taste buds. Well, it definitely adds to the atmosphere and ridiculousness factor.

A great way to start episode 1 if you ask me!

Yukihira Soma runs a local family diner along with his godlike chef of a father, Yukihira Joichirou. Together they form the Yukihira diner, which attracts customers on a regular basis. Father and son regularly have cook offs against one another, with the customers as their judges, to see whether or not Soma has managed to surpass his father. 15 year old Soma just cannot catch a break as he breaks his 489th loss to his father. One day a local agency comes to the diner to discuss a pressing issue, they want to buy the diner so that they can take it down and build a building of their own. Soma declines, saying that they will never close the shop down as long as they can satisfy their customers. The next day, the very same people drop by, trashing the entire place and putting all their fresh ingredients to waste. They then ask Soma to make them some food, which he does through some improvisation. After impressing them and driving them out, his father then suddenly springs a piece of news to Soma. He's going to be leaving the country and closing the diner for a couple of years, and Soma is to attend a private culinary academy called Totsuki. Soma reluctantly attends, not knowing the wonders and dangers of the life ahead of him.

"Shokugeki No Soma" is easily one of my top picks of 2015. It's brilliant implementation of a tournament styled cooking anime constantly keeps viewers on its toes and its exciting to discover each and ever character's specialty cooking style. Its great concept, stellar presentation and overall intense cooking battles will be sure to keep you entertained to the very end.