Opening Songs
OP 1 - OVERLAPPERS (Qverkett)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - You Gotta Love Me (Kato Fuku)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slife Of Life, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

If you aren't sick of typical rom-coms by now here's another one that'll get you riled up in your panties. "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" takes your everyday normal high school harem/slice of life hybrid anime and throws in some supernatural powers to make it stand out. Jokes on them though, because this has been done before. Over, and over, and over, and over. Still, that doesn't make it any less charming if you're willing to give it a shot. Despite what you think, "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" is a very comedic, light hearted experience, and the powers might as well be there just for show, because there's not a lot of fighting going on as you would expect. In fact, think the powers as none other than additional flair thrown in to spice up the slice of life blow them out of proportion. In that sense, "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" succeeds, and manages to suck us into that light hearted atmosphere easily. While the show does throw in some battles with supernatural abilities here and there, its the standard school life elements that carry it through.

Cosplaying girls are always welcome.

The opening theme is "OVERLAPPERS" by Qverkett. Its a simplistic and energetic song that'd fit well in most high school themed anime. There's nothing really special or too great about it, but it works well here, since the anime is rather light hearted, it doesn't need too much of a punch to its opening theme song. The ending theme song, "You Gotta Love Me" by Kato Fuku, is a catchy, cute-sy, and fast paced song. Not that I'd expect much from it as an ending theme, but its actually quite nice to listen to, and I found myself bopping my head to it now and then.

Rating: 7.5/10

There's nothing particularly amazing about it, but that's alright. That's actually part of its beauty. For the most part, "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" is highly consistent in delivering its content. As a harem romance comedy anime, there's efficient character development, comedy, and light hearted fan service to keep it going strong throughout. The main characters are all likable, which is a KEY in harems, because as I mentioned, if your girls suck, there's goes a good chunk of your appeal. The overall feel of the characters in "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" works, even the out of place bunch of power users that include Tomoyo's brother, they're pretty cool. While the comedy isn't over the top, it manages to keep a steady pace throughout and more importantly than not, its consistent. Character interaction is well done, and the voice work is good for the most part (though I preferred the drama CD cast, guess we gotta give way to the newer seiyuus). Its a pleasant experience overall without too many surprises, but I guess that's fine if the show manages to stay good throughout.

Yeah, its best not to screw around with Sayuri.

Andou Jurai is your everyday normal high school student with a massive chunibyou complex. His chunibyou levels are over the top, so much to the point where his friends in the literature club come to expect and not take him seriously. One day, as he goes on about super natural powers as usual, with nobody paying him any special heed, a light starts to glow in his hand. Without any warning, the light flashed out, and engulfed the entire clubroom, giving all of them supernatural powers. Time skips 6 months later, and the club members are having their monthly super power check. Tomoyo gets to stop time, Chifuyu gets to create matter out of nowhere as long as she imagines it, Hatoko has complete control over the elements, and Sayuri can return anything to its state beforehand. While everyone gets broken, overpowered abilities, Jurai gets the ability to summon a black flame in his right hand...that's it. The flame is lukewarm, it doesn't do any damage when thrown at somebody, in other words, its completely useless. Thus begins Andou's life with the literature club members as they cope with everyday life...with a twist.

"Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" doesn't have the extreme comedic sense as something like "Baka Test". It doesn't go full out with a serious action based story like "Shakugan No Shana" or "Campione". Instead, it gives us a nice blend of everything, while it's light hearted nature may not be for everyone, deep down, "Inou Battle Within Everyday Life" is just another slice of life anime done  well.