Amagi Brilliant Park

Let's be honest, they are basically one cohesive unit.

There are plenty of characters to like in "Amagi Brilliant Park", ranging from the almost kuudere Sento Isuzu, the insane animal mascots to the narcissist Kanie. However, the characters I liked the most were the 4 faeries. Muse, Sylphy, Kobori and Salama are absolutely wonderful as characters, and while individually they don't really stand out too much, its when these 4 are together they shine the brightest.

I personally loved the episode where the 4 of them had to work together to cover for each of their weaknesses the most. These girls have explosive personalities when put together: One girl who's always trying to cheer on the rest of the group (though she might be a bit annoying to others unknowingly), a dimwitted happy-go lucky girl, one who's always trying not to screw up, and one who doesn't really give two f**ks about anything, but still tries not to drag the others down.

My personal favorite is Salama, but I'll have to give credit to the rest of the group as well. Sylphy's hilarious, and Kobori's quite adorable. I'd say that these 4 really deserved a lot more screen time than they initially had, and while the rest of the characters shared an unbreakable bond of camaraderie between each other, these 4 really take the cake for being the most tightly bond.


Oni-sama, bitches.

Tatsuya is one hell of a badass motherf**ker. I've probably said it over 9000 times, but this guy ignites my inner shounen so f**king hard because he's seriously just THAT awesome. I mean, sure, he might be a cardboard kuudere character personality wise, but have you SEEN the shit that this guy pulls off? For a protagonist, what he's capable of is simply quite criminal, and its because of the stuff that he can do that I love him as a character. Not because of his personality, but because of how insanely awesome he is.

Tatsuya just does not give a f**k. He shows little emotion, but he does care quite a fair bit for his friends. He looks out for them and helps them at times, but nothing comes close to his love for his little sister, Miyuki. Have you seen him pissed off at the guy who tried to mess with Miyuki's CAD? Yeah, this guy is calm and collected the whole anime, and he destroys everyone. Imagine him pissed off trying to kill everyone...yeah, its not going to be a pretty sight. Just because he does not show much emotion does not mean that he does not FEEL for his comrades, that much is true.

Besides, Tatsuya is only the way he is because of the fact that he was tempered with as a child to become to ultimate spell caster badass magician of everlasting doom, they had to take out his emotions to input some awesome-juice into his brains. The only thing that was left was his love for Miyuki. I'll stop flaunting over his feats, I'm sure I've said enough in my "Overpowered Main Characters" post, the stuff that Tatsuya can do is not to be sniffled with. Most importantly, it's freaking amazing to see him do all these stuff. Still, I'll admit that it'll be nice to give him a worthy opponent, it's going to get old watching him stomp everyone.

Gatchaman Crowds

Hajime ~tsu

"Gatchaman Crowds" has some pretty sweet characters. Joe's cool, Pai's one awesome panda man, and OD is just swag as all f**k. However, we gotta agree that Hajime's just the most adorable, nonchalant, and likable high school girl to have ever existed in a long time. She's pretty much what I'd want as a female protagonist in an anime like "Gatchaman Crowds". She doesn't care, she puts violence as a second option, and because of that, her bright personality shines through as one of her best weapons.

When Hajime first joined the Gatchaman, she solved the alien problem by befriending one of their kind, instead of killing it and fueling their hatred. Because of her, she solved the problem of the otherworldly threats with ease. And also, with her bright personality, she brought flair to the team. While most of the moody, boring as f**k gatchaman members brushed her off as just another annoying girl, she managed to shine through some of them at first, at least. OD liked her from the start, and Sugune started to loosen up a bit since her arrival.

Of course, it was when Berg Katze found her interesting where things started to spiral into a whole new matter of things. She willingly put herself in danger to help others, and her crazy as shit plan to appear before the public and advertise the Gatchaman actually worked. It made the other Gatchaman members realize how important they were, and gave them something to fight for. I love Hajime, she's one of my favorite female high school girls in the current anime meta.