Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

This guy has been gaining so much fame ever since he made his breakthrough when he was given the "big role" of Kirito in "SAO". Well, he's got one of the more distinguishable voices amongst the male seiyuus, that much I am sure of. He's quite good for voicing protagonists, and as we can see, most of his roles are of main characters! Though in his defense, these guys have VERY varying personalities and they sound different enough. We've got the famous Kirito (SAO), the very regular/easily bashful guys in Sorata (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou) and Godou (Campione), or the overly serious Akashi (M3:The Dark metal). He can also do pervertic guys like Arata (Trinity Seven) or Rabac (Akame Ga Kill), crazy, battle hungry sons of bitches like Jio (Blade Dance Of Elementalers), or a calm, cool composed young man like Ichijo (Mahouka). Also, he can channel his inner shouta idol with Shota (Idolmaster Series). Finally, my favorite role of his, Sora (No Game No Life), who's a badass, funny, cocky, scheming bastard of a guy.

Characters from left to right  

1st row: Rabac (Akame Ga Kill), Shota (Idolmaster Series), Akashi (M3:The Dark Metal), Arata (Trinity Seven)

2nd row: Jio (Blade Dance Of Elementalers), Sorata (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou), Ichijo (Mahouka), Godou (Campione)

3rd row: Kirito (Sword Art Online), Sora (No Game No Life)

Yoshino Nanjou

Here we are! Yoshino nanjou is not only a potent seiyuu with a brilliant voice, she's also the vocalist of the famed musical duo Fripside. She sings REALLY well, and to think that she can do great character voices as well! Her voice is pretty versatile, as the characters that she can do range from a variety of different types. She's really good with the middle school/high school girl archetype. She can go super cute with girls like Miyuki (Minami-Ke), she can play a seductive girl with Kudo (Baka Test Series), a kuudere loli villain girl with Shirabe (Senki Zesshou Symphogear G). She can play a semi rich girl/ojou sama type character with Eli (Love Live Series) or Maaya (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). She' also does well with the "damsel of distress" with Maria (Canaan). Little Queen (Tales Of Graces F) is a great villain who sounds innocent enough. My favorite of her roles is Nio (Akuma No Riddle), the crazy evil girl assasin who plays her cards at the end.

Characters from left to right  

1st row: Miyuki (Minami-Ke Tadaima), Kudo (Baka Test Series), Shirabe (Senki Zesshou Symphogear G)

2nd row: Maria (Canaan), Eli (Love Live Series)

3rd row: Maaya (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Nio (Akuma No Riddle), Little Queen (Tales Of Graces F)

Ayane Sakura

Ayane Sakura is also another seiyuu who's built her popularity not too long ago. For a "new" seiyuu who's only been in the business for a meager few years, she's got quite a few characters under her belt. More importantly though, she's another versatile one, as she's able to do characters of different types no problem. Like most female seiyuus of her age though, she's more adept at voices high school girls, in which she has no problem doing. Tsundere girls? She's got them covered with Kaisei (Uchoten Kazoku) and Suzuka (Tokyo Ravens). Kuuderes? She's got at least one with Linne (Under Night In Birth). She's also good at voicing girls with "strong voices", like Silvia (Dragonar Academy) and Mika (Psycho Pass II). Foreigners like Arisa (Love Live Series) are included, as well as a super shy moe archetype in Gasper (High School DXD New), whose also a guy. Super happy main heroines like Akane (Vividred Operation) and Merry (Yumekui Merry) also suit her well. Finally, we have a funny, teasy girl in Levi (Trinity Seven), a role which she's fairly new to.

Characters from left to right  

1st row: Kaisei (Uchoten Kazoku), Arisa (Love Live Series), Suzuka (Tokyo Ravens), Gasper (High School DXD New)

2nd row: Linne (Under Night In Birth), Silvia (Dragonar Academy), Mika (Psycho Pass II), Levi (Trinity Seven), Akane (Vividred Operation), Merry (Yumekui Merry)

Nao Toyama

Nao Toyama is ALSO a rather new seiyuu, coming in at only 23 years old this year (holy shit). Anyway, I do like her voice, its so cute! I think it suits the moe/tsundere characters very well, and while she excels most in those character archetypes, she showed that she can do a variety of other types just fine. She can do kuudere characters like Vatista (Under Night In Birth) and Kayo (Sabagebu). Regular high school/cheery girls like Yukiho (Love Live Series), Chiho (Hataraku Maou Sama) or Kanon (The World God Only Knows) are also up her ally. Himiko (Nobunaga The Fool) is just mixture of pure cheerfulness and seriousness. Little Sister Maid (Maoyu) is PURE loli moe. Chitoge (Nisekoi) is 100% tsundere, and I guess Yui (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) has a little bit of tsundere in her as well. Liselotte (Trinity Seven) is a new favorite of mine from her, as she's a seductive, playful and naughty girl, a character archetype she has never done before. And damn, she does SO WELL with that voice.

Characters from left to right  

1st row: Vatista (Under Night In Birth), Yukiho (Love Live Series), Himiko (Nobunaga The Fool), Little Sister Maid (Maoyu)

2nd row: Kayo (Sabagebu), Chitoge (Nisekoi), Kanon (The World God Only Knows)

3rd row: Chiho (Hataraku Maou Sama), Liselotte (Trinity Seven), Yui (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

Takuma Terashima

Not really the most versatile voice actor out there, but he has a very, very sexy male voice, that much I can assure you. Even as a guy, yes, I do think his voice is sexy. His characters do feel somewhat "same-y", but he does a good job making his characters sound good. I think he does well voicing the calculative, scheming bastard in Shiroe (Log Horizon), but he does a bunch of others as well. He can go funny guy with Kubo (Baka Test Series) or Aoki (Kokoro Connect). He can be a generic NEET protagonist with Shintaro (Mekaku City Actors), or a complete, fabulous, chuuni bastard in Kiryuu (Inou Battle Within Everyday Life). He's also a gangster badass delinquent in Wolf (Blood Lad), as well as a super star tsundere guy in Toma (Idolmaster). His most different character is probably Leo (Mahouka), since he's playing the big, tough guy who uses more brawn than brains, for once. 

Characters from left to right  

1st row: Wolf (Blood Lad), Shiroe (Log Horizon), Shintaro (Mekaku City Actors), Leo (Mahouka)

2nd row: Kubo (Baka Test Series), Toma (Idolmaster Series), Aoki (Kokoro Connect), Kiryuu (Inou Battle Within Everyday Life)