She just doesn't give a f**k.

Name: Ravness
From: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Been awhile since we admired virtual women, so here we are with a character from a game that I've played donkey years ago. Ravness was pretty much the eye candy of "Tactics Ogre". In a game with fully armored females all around, Raveness stood out well with her girly armor and constant "damsel in distress" scenarios. Comparing her with most other females in the game was like comparing a teenage girl to a model. Ravness is hot, and it proves that girls don't NEED to be scantily clad to be attractive. I loved me my ninja Ravness, killing everything she hit with a single turn. I treat my ladies well and make sure they are overpowered :)

I don't know how that outfit is supposed to protect her from bullets,
but its freaking sexy.

Name: Sinon
From: Sword Art Online II

Sinon is everyone's new favorite eye candy character in "SAO II". I mean, Asuna is still the hottest pick among fans, but Sinon really climbed the ranks in season 2, and I can see why. While she has a rather regular build for an anime girl, her outfit is SEXY. I mean, LOOK AT THAT SHIT. Its like she's trying to attract attention. That super revealing tight fit top that shows off her cleavage and hips, her super short, tight shorts. plus those boots and jacket...she's just asking for it. Honestly, as a guy, I love her outfit, and it actually makes her hot. I really like her personality too (minus the sore loser part), a girl that acts strong and becomes really cute when flustered.

Ahaha...yeah, I'm not sure that's an appropriate way to dress.

Name: Seras
From: Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

I like big boobs, I think you know that by now. I love them in real life, I love them in my virtual reality. EVERYONE likes boobies, and Seras brings that to "Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?" SPECTACULARLY. Her killer body combined with her killer personality (literally) makes her my favorite character in the series, and this combination is one of my favorite archetypes in games or anime. The fact that she doesn't get flustered too often is even better, and how she always wears revealing outfits while not giving any f**ks just makes me like her more. However, when she DOES get flustered, oh my, she becomes even sexier, as if that's even possible. If you've seen her in her maid or bunny outfits, you know what I mean.


Name: Matoi Ryuko
From: Kill La Kill

Ryuko is a really strong character as a protagonist. A female protagonist at that. She's an incredibly well received character and I can see why. The thing is, she is both a strong character, AND a hot one at that. Ryuko is SEXY, and its further amplified when she dons Senketsu to do battle. I mean...just LOOK AT HER. Her outfit reveals almost everything from her underboob to her waist area. Her crotch area is EXPLOSED, and her boobs are covered by mere straps. Yeah...combine the fact that she always jumps around during fights, you get...a lot of fanservice. Since the anime's fan service is focused around Ryuko in the first place, this all works towards her favor. And, she DOES get embarrassed, no matter how used she is to this outfit, its always worth to see her blush.

Yay for 14 year olds with totally matured bodies!

Name: Himeragi Yukina
From: Strike The Blood

Himeragi is one hell of a sexy 14 year old. Yes, no matter how you look at it, she's too hot to be 14. Come on, at least make her 17 or something, SHE'S TOO MUCH OF A JAIL BAIT! Anyway, Himeragi always clinging to Kojou is just her doing her job. Unfortunately for her, she's a girl who is easily flustered, and is pretty much doomed to be Kojou's blood slave. How she always gets sucked by Kojou and her getting all sensitive never gets old. Plus, she always changes outfits, way too many times actually, to showcase her sexy body. We get many fan service scenes featuring her in them, so its only natural that we all get to like her.