Opening Songs
OP 1 - Ready Go! (May'n)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Akazukin-chan Goyōjin (Otogi8)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 12

Just when you think high school girls can't get any more tsundere...

"Okami-San & Her Seven Companions" isn't exactly a very original type of anime. It's not really one of a kind, just look at the genres and you'll know, this is the kind of thing you see everyday. However, not being the most original thing ever doesn't mean that its bad. In fact, its far from it, "Okami-San & Her Seven Companions" is one of the most entertaining animes that I've seen in quite awhile. It's not exactly cool, arousing, incredibly fantastic or tear jerkingly emotional either, it just ends up as something entertaining. The same things that make all good animes good apply here: likable characters and a good story (or at least a semi-good story). While not everything is fully explained and we don't really cover too much of the "Okami-San" universe in this one season, its substantial enough for us to enjoy ourselves as viewers.

Yep, there're girls here, lots of them.

If you do enjoy May'n's work, then you should be pleasantly surprised here, because as an opening song, "Ready Go!" is not something that you think May'n would sing. Its not a bad song on its own, but I'm more used to May'n's more explosive and exciting tunes, this sounds something right out of a high school idol anime. The ending theme is "Akazukin-chan Goyōjin" by Otogi8, which consists of the seiyuus of the main female characters. Its your typical affair of a cutesy ending theme with tons of transitions here and there, nothing too special really.

Rating: 7.5/10

As I mentioned earlier, "Okami-San" really doesn't have anything too special, new, innovative or different from most anime. It's just an entertaining affair overall, and its pleasant to watch, from start to finish. The characters grow on you easily, even though most of them have little to no character development, its still easily to fall in love with some of them, just because they're either so silly or work so well together (Urashima and Otohime, Otsu and Majo). Some are great on their own though, and its really hard not to like them. I particularly like the president the most, he has the swag. Lack of character development on almost ANYBODY can be a little disappointing (Ryoshi is still half a pussy at the end), but it doesn't take away from the experience too much. The action is serviceable, the comedy is alright, and while it is a little half assed on many ends, the romance IS there. It all works well together, so you can't really complain. If you like your standard affair of a bunch of high school students kicking ass together, you'll like this one.

How tsundere can a girl get?

The story focuses on a strong willed, delinquent like high school girl known as Okami Ryouko. She dresses different from all the other female students, she walks like a punk, she acts like one, and everything about her spells "gangster". She's a badass girl, and many try not to get too involved with her. She and her best friend, Ringo, both work for the Otogi bank, a service bank that acts as a club up front. It involves solving the problems of others, and then accumulating the favors for that individual so that they will have to repay the favor to the Otogi bank some time in the future. One day, Okami goes up against a thug in an alleyway and almost gets stabbed, but the thug's hand gets hit by a stone, allowing Okami to successfully defeat him. She wonders who helped her out, and later on, she gets confessed to by a timid boy known as Ryoshi. After many complications, Ryoshi joins the Otogi bank to win Okami's favor. When she found out that Ryoshi was the one to distract the thug the other day, she starts to trust him. Thus begins the start of a lovely (or not so lovely) relationship!

"Okami-San & Her Seven Companions" is enjoyable at its best. Lovely characters and clever writing make the other "not-so-strong" points less noticeable. Lack of proper or good character development can be rather disappointing, but when all is said and done, this is an anime that is hard to dislike. Since the light novel already came to an end...maybe its time for a second season? Or how about adding Okami Ryouko as a character in "Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax"?! She's under the "Dengeki Bunko" imprint, after all.