Opening Songs
OP 1 - Database (Man With A Mission)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Your Song (Yun*Chi)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Episodes: 25

As if the online virtual reality stuff would come to an seemed like the likes of ".Hack" and "SAO" weren't quite enough. "Log Horizon" is an anime that would seem like a ripoff of those before it, solely because of one thing: it borrows the unique identity and concept of virtual reality, where the characters get "sucked" into an online game and have to live as their avatars. While it IS a fact that "Log Horizon" is another one of those anime, its also true that it is VASTLY different from "SAO" OR ".Hack". Instead of talking about the likes of an incredibly powerful main character that can solo 10-20 other players at once or talking about a compelling story, "Log Horizon" is perhaps the closest representation of what we have to modern day MMORPGs and their communities. Needless to say, if you like MMORPGs and how they actually run, "Log Horizon" is a pretty impressive run through the eyes of an avid MMORPG player.

Presenting to you: the most fun guild in any MMORPG.

Now lets talk songs, sucker. "Database" by Man With A Mission is one of the most intense, heart pumping songs I've heard in awhile, especially featured in anime. While I wouldn't say that it completely aligns with the theme of the anime or its overall feel, its an awesome song nonetheless. Plus, database seems to complement well with an anime that's about virtual reality. "Your Song" by Yun*Chi is the ending theme, and while the opening song was intense as hell, the ending song is really the opposite. It feels too...normal, soothing even, at times. Its not to my liking, but that's just me.

Rating: 8.0/10

"Log Horizon" was a blast, for the different reasons though. Its not ridiculously emotional like "SAO" or ".Hack". For the matter, its not even as action as the both of them, but its was still great. Why? Because its different, so different that its familiar. Familiar in a sense that it relates so much to modern MMORPGs, so much that its honestly a little bit scary. Instead of fighting against other players in a contest of pure strength or having an incredibly overpowered main character, we admittedly have one that is rather weak, and that's the beauty of it. "Log Horizon" has a very likable protagonist, one that doesn't make you go "Damn, this guy is cool!", but more rather "Damn, this is one sick bastard...". Not just our protagonist, the rest of the cast is surprisingly likable as well, making the entire ride a complete thrill. To top it off, the plot for the individual arcs are magnificent...there's not much else you can ask for.

These 3 make a beast of a party.

Shiro is a regular university graduate who likes his games, especially "Elder Tale", an MMORPG that he has been playing his games. One day, after a certain major patch to the game, all players in "Elder Tale" who logged in were "sucked" into the game. It was like virtual reality, the characters were all trapped in their avatars, and everything around them seemed so real. Shiro, known as Shiroe in game, understood the situation completely, and immediately contacted his best friend, Naotsugu. Together, they met up with their level 90 characters (level cap at the time) to discuss about what happened. In the midst of their discussion, they were interrupted by an assassin throwing stones at them. They confronted him, only to realize that that assassin is an acquaintance of Shiroe's...but the assassin had a female voice. Seems like the player was a girl, and she requested an appearance change potion from Shiroe. After changing to her normal self, she introduced herself as Akatsuki, and the 3 of them braced the new world of "Elder Tale". The new world that experienced the phenomenon known as the apocalypse... 

With the end of that, I was a little bit sad that I had part ways with such an enjoyable anime. However, with the announcement of a second season, I was more than just a little bit excited. Among the current anime based on virtual reality, I would say that "Log Horizon" is the most accurate when we're talking about modern MMORPGs.